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Charlaine Harris Book Signing in NYC Photos


Photo Credit: ©2011 N.Bezar

A huge thank you to N.B. for waiting many many hours today online at the Barnes & Noble in NYC! Why was she on line for so long? Well to secure a great seat to see Charlaine Harris for her book release and signing for “Dead Reckoning” that’s why!  The event was not till 7 pm but fans started lining up before 1 pm. Fans of the Sookie Stackhouse books have been patiently awaiting the release of the eleventh book in the series “Dead Reckoning” which released today. Ms. Harris kicked off her book tour in New York City tonight and will be traveling through most of the US. Here are the great photos she took for the site! Can’t wait for the write up. Again thank you so much.


©2011 N.Bezar

Love this photo of Ms. Harris peering over the podium! (perhaps B&N needs to get a smaller podium?)


©2011 N.Bezar

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