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True Blood Season 4 Filming on Location Photos UPDATED




True Blood season 4 filming photos surfaced! Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin were seen rehearsing scenes for season 4 of True Blood episode 4.10 in a parking lot. The full gallery can be found at the link:

‘True Blood’ Hunk Ryan Kwanten Gets to Work | Splash.


Episode 4.10 is titled “The World’s a Mess, It’s in my Kiss”. The filming for this episode also included some interior shots and we did see the vampires of the show involved. These scenes above were in the daytime so we do not see those characters involved (or do we perhaps?-there were some production notes which showed the use of prosthetics for burns!)

Another image from the same filming has surfaced and this one shows Sookie and Lafayette running as fast as they can.: (huge thanks to FB Bookies!)Just what is going on for them in this scene?


True Blood Set Visit with Alan Ball Auction

There is a charity auction that is ending soon that will benefit the Independent Filmaker Project (IFP). The auction being held on Ebay includes meeting Alan Ball, creator and executive producer of True Blood, and a tour of the sets of the HBO show in West Hollywood, California. There is no guarantee that True Blood will be shooting when the winning bidder visits the set.  The item expires July 31, 2011. The two person package does not include any travel of accomodations. The winning bidder and gues are responsible for arriving at the agreed upon destinatino at the agreed upon date and time.

The auction is set to end on December 2nd 2010. Happy bidding! click here for the auction: