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True Blood Season 3 Finale Viewer numbers


Photo Credit: HBO 3.12

True Blood’s season 3 finale reached 5.4 million views at 9 p.m. . This figure is only 60,000 viewers shy of the figure from the week before for episode 3.11 “Fresh Blood”.

For the season , True Blood averaged a series high gross audience. This figure includes the TV plays, DVR views and HBO on demand consumption of 12.7 viewers.

Eric Scenes from True Blood Season 3 Finale


Photo Credit: HBO 3.12

Happy Monday! Hope all are not suffering with a “fangover”. The end of True Blood’s Season 3 was last night. Alexander Skarsgard  fans will have to wait until June for new Eric Northman scenes. Until then enjoy the video below (thanks to alexskarsgard.net!) which contains the Eric scenes from the finale.

True Blood Season 3 Finale screen caps


Photo Credit: HBO 3.12

SPOILERS—HBO aired the True Blood season 3 finale 9/12/10. Fans are left with many questions. Yet I know I am glad that a few were FINALLY addressed. (a certain mission was FINALLY revealed!). The images below are certain scenes from tonight’s episode. This image below is the final view fans will have of Eric Northman until season 4 premieres June 2011. WAITING SUCKS!


Even with quite a bit of cement on his visage, Eric Northman can still strike quite a pose!

Many fans are wondering what the heck is up with this doll in the house Hoyt rented for he and Jessica:


More to come on Monday!

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Here are some images for the season 3 finale:

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Hoyt scene with momma Maxine:

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Sam cooking for Tara

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Michael McMillian Signing of Lucid at Collector


Photo Credit: ©2010 B.Henderson

Michael McMillian Signing of Lucid at Collector.

Michael McMilian was signing copies of his comic “Lucid” today 9/11/10 at Collectible Comics store in Winnetka, CA. He was very nice to all the fans and we chatted a bit about True Blood. Yes the Reverend Steve Newlin will make an appearance on True Blood’s season 3 finale but no news yet on whether he will be back in season 4.

The link above contains info on the signing and also links to the great comic book store where the signing was held. I highly recommend a visit to the store for any fans in the California area. The store also has an online store for those fans who are unable to make a visit in person. thanks again to Michael for spending time with us today. The second issue of “Lucid” is due out later this month. The gallery below contains the photos I took at the signing.

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True Blood Season 3 Finale Video and Photos Tara and Sam

Only a few more days for the Season 3 finale! HBO released another trailer for the finale. This one features Sam cooking breakfast for Tara. I love Sam and Tara. However, just what the heck does this cooking session have to do with the finale! Ok yes I want some more follow up to the Russell and Eric baking session! Oh well. Waiting still sucks. The video is below:

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True Blood Season 3 Finale “Evil is Going On”


Photo Credit:HBO episode 36

Just another reminder that there will be no new True Blood this Sunday. The season 3 finale will air on 9/12/10.  SPOILER ALERT- the episode synpsis is below:

Episode Synopsis: TRUE BLOOD “Evil Is Going On” Season 3 Episode 12 (Season Finale) – Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) grapples with his conscience while plotting his perfect revenge against Russell (Denis O’Hare). Fed up with being “vampire crack,” Sookie (Anna Paquin) considers a new life without Bill (Stephen Moyer) – or any other vampire. Tara (Rutina Wesley) discovers some surprising news about Sam (Sam Trammell), whose rage resurfaces upon learning of Tommy’s (Marshall Allan) latest transgression. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) finds a new calling after warning Crystal’s (Lindsay Pulsipher) family about an impending drug raid. Plagued by visions, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) turns to Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) for help, and learns his boyfriend has more to offer than companionship. Hoyt (Jim Parrack) hopes for a future with Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), spurning Maxine’s (Dale Raoul) pleas to wed Summer (Melissa Rauch). Written by Alan Ball; directed by Anthony Hemingway

The galleries below contain spoiler images. The first gallery contains the newest images released by HBO this past week. The last gallery contains the spoiler images which were leaked in June. (they are all starting to make a lot more sense )

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True Blood Season 3 Finale and Images

Photo Credit: HBO

Only one more episode of True Blood season 3 left! It will air on September 12, 2010. HBO posted the trailer for the finale below: SPOILER ALERT—

Images in the gallery below are from the trailer above. I still can’t believe that the season is almost over! It seems like yesterday that I was seated in the Arclight theater waiting for the season 3 premiere! (ok that was in June!) Where does the time go? Waiting for Season 3 is definitely going to “suck”.

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True Blood Season 3 finale Thoughts

Fans were able to catch a preview of the season 3 finale of True Blood after episode 3.11 aired on HBO. The title for the season 3 finale is titled “Evil is Going on”. The finale is listed as being directed by Anthony Hemingway. Mr. Hemingway  also directed season one episode 9 titled “Plaisir d’Amour of True Blood.

The trailer below is a recap of episode 35 “Fresh Blood”

Now fans are clamouring that “Eric is dead/finally dead” on the forums. The ending scene for episode 3.11 shows Eric handcuffed to the King in the sun and yes they are burning.
safaritbs03-11eclipp002The spoiler  images released  in June are starting to make a lot more sense. Even though they do show a badly burned Eric I don’t think Eric will be eliminated from the show. Just my opinion of course and also Alexander is slated to film for season 4. (and Alan Ball has stated on a few occations that season 4 is a big season for Eric)
It looks as though there may be a pattern to the season finales for True Blood. Again all my observation.

Season 1 ending-Bill went out in the sun to save Sookie from Rene.

Season 2 ending-Sam is sacrificed/killed by maenad and Bill saves Sam by giving him a lot of his blood.

Season 3 from trailer–Eric is handcuffed to the King to have him burn up but I think Eric has already discussed it with Bill to have Bill somehow stop Eric from completely burning. During the trailer for the finale it also shows the Queen at Bill’s home . Image below:


Photo Credit: HBO

Am I seeing a pattern here where we have Bill to the rescue every season ending? Just curious what are some other’s viewpoints. True Blood source posted the finale trailer on youtube link is below:

True Blood season 3 finale trailer

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