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True Blood Episode Screencaps “Somebody That I Used to Know”

True Blood aired their eighth episode for season five tonight. The episode description stated:  At Authority headquarters, the Chancellors revel in the afterglow of recent events; Eric gets a message from Godric; Bill is shaken by a distant memory. Helped by Claude and his sisters, Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents’ deaths, with shocking results.

An emotional Luna tries to walk in Sam’s shoes.

Hoyt’s new pals bring him a present; Lafayette leads a séance to purge a curse; J.D. ups the stakes of his fight with Alcide.

The screen caps for the episode are below and on this page link here: 

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True Blood Season 5 Trailer 2 HD Video and Screencaps

HBO posted a higher quality video trailer 2 for True Blood season 5. Video and screencaps below.  SPOILERS don’t look unless you want spoiling. We get to see Russell Edginton post un-cementing and a few other interesting scenes!

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Inside the Episode True Blood Episode 46 Burning Down the House

162The fangover for True Blood fans after last night’s episode is epic (at least for me). HBO just posted the Inside the Episode video for 4.10. Interesting to hear Alan Ball describe Sookie’s realizations and how it impacted Eric Northman.


True Blood Burning Down The House Screencaps

058Another new episode of True Blood finally aired! The gallery below contains the screencaps from the episode. Yes fans only 2 more episodes left. I will be sad to see the end of this season for sure! It has been fun seeing Eric Northman this season with and without his memory! Waiting really sucks!

The page on this site will also have the images: CLICK ON READ MORE FOR The gallery: Continue reading

True Blood New Episode Are you Ready For More Burning Blood?

dsc_0108In less than an hour True Blood fans will finally have a new episode to enjoy! Episode 45-“Burning Down the House” looks like it will be full of action. I added some more rehearsal photos from filming that was for this episode. The gallery below contains those images showing Alexander Skarsgard, Kristine Bauer van Straten and Stephen Moyer in full vampire mode. Waiting has really sucked for me. I saw the rehearsal and filming for this in June and have been anxiously awaitng the airing of the actual action. Images are spoiler in nature!

UPDATE: Looks like we have to wait till next week! The preview trailer for episode 4.11  did show the action in the image above (but from a longer distance:


I still say that Eric might be offering up himself in exchange for Sookie. When I watched the rehearsals neither Sookie nor Marnie were on the street. This is what it really looked like. (it’s amazing what they do in editing!)

So yes WAITING SUCKS! What will happen. (ok I know what will happen) More in speculations. Here’s a hint: Pam will take matters into her own hands.


The screencaps for the promo trailer for 4.11 are here:

There are other images as well on the page on this link:

Are You Ready for New True Blood Episode Tonight?

Waiting always sucks for True Blood fans. At least the new episode 4.10 #46 will be shown tonight. The Nest posted some images on their Facebook wall that show some images from one of the promos shown above SOURCE:

This gives me more hope that there are “lingering” effects to the amnesia spell. It looks like the spell has been broken in the image above. I wrote my speculations for this episode and had the feeling that yes there will be some small effect on Eric post spell break. UPDATE: I believe that Sookie is also sad in the image above  worrying about her special Fae powers that probably caused a lot of damage on a spelled vampire at the Tolerance Meeting. Maybe she is afraid that she might hurt one of the vamps she cares for   by accident (waiting sucks) The review here states “Sookie will use powers she has not used before” So I definitely think she is going to show a lot of power and yes will break a spell (and in the process I think will kill one of the spelled vamps)

UPDATE: I will be adding more images to the gallery on this page every hour (hopefully) before tonight’s episode airs tonight! I also have some for next week’s episode as well (I think they are for some of 4.11). Yes teasing and waiting sucks! the other photos from the rehearsals are in the posts here:

Filming Fun Fangover

Main Street mayhem:

This image from the filming led me to believe that as well as what Alex in character was saying in a later scene in the rehearsal.

Eric is definitely post amnesia. I still think he is offering himself up for Sookie.

I will post the uncropped image later today before the episode. I don’t want to set off a huge fan war (which would be a bigger one that the witch versus vampire war)

Waiting still sucks but here are a few more photos to whet the appetite:

Vampire "Kirsch" on the ground with King Bill

Another image showing Pam in a bit of “protection” mode with Eric (love their relationship on the show):

Pam is in "protect" mode here I believe.

Gallery below has new images from the rehearsals:

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True Blood Episode 46 Trailer Screencaps


Next week’s episode of True Blood looks like it will be another crazy one! Episode 46  is the tenth episode for season 4. The video trailer is found here on the site:

The gallery below contains screncap images from that trailer. Don’t blink or you might just miss something. Spoiler in nature ! The image above is very interesting. Looks like the Fae may be back in Bon Temps! Also King Bill does take a “shot” at Eric. Sookie is going to be using all her powers to keep Eric and Bill alive it looks like from the trailer. Waiting still sucks!

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True Blood Vamp Season in the Sun Episode Recap

4-07082   True Blood aired episode 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” on Sunday night and it was a doozy. True Blood fans probably never thought they would see so many of their favorite vampires awake during daylight hours. This episode did look like season 4 might be the vampire season in the sun! It did not bode well for one of vampires and the episode ended with one of the fan favorites seeing the sun for the first time since she was human. Click on READ MORE for the recap and HBO Video: Continue reading

True Blood Episode Mayhem Me and the Devil

True Blood’s fourth season is in full swing and the fifth episode “Me and the Devil” was shown last night. Here is a video recap of what HBO posted for the episode. (note just a highlight video-see if you can see what is driving me crazy about the episode)

Grossout Moments


Mickens Meltdown

Yes the episode starts right off with Tommy Mickens being strangled by big ole bad daddy Joe Lee. Tommy finally did learn something the year he was away from the awful parent. He learned to play dead and gain some time to surprise daddy and beat the man to death. Ma Mickens playing the dutiful abused spouse goes to Joe Lee’s rescue and gets the wrong end of the pipe Tommy was swinging. No surprise there that we would soon see a shifter killing a family member.  Luna practically gave us this scenario in the episode last week where she mentions how a skinwalker can take on any form including humans. (but the price was to have killed a family member who was also a shifter).

So yes RIP to the Mickens parents. At least the gore in this part was kept to a minimum. We do see Tommy covered in splattered blood but are spared some huge sprays and gross out moments. Those are saved for later on when we do see how Sam and Tommy “bury their parents”.  Who knew that ‘gators loved marshmallows? Apparently Sam Merlotte did. We also do finally get confirmation that good ole Sam did kill 2 people back in his “dark days”.

I could not help but feel sorry for Tommy. He had been a victim his whole life of horrible abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to only provide love and care. All that pent up anger led to the attack. Tommy truly did not mean to kill his mother and showed us that in the scene where he says goodbye to her. He will never get over this guilt and yes I foresee some skinwalking up ahead.

Pam Takes the Veil


At the end of last week’s episode Pam is on the wrong end of the Marnie/Antonia (Marnia?) witch-stick and is cursed with a rotting spell. It only gets worse for Pam this week. Her beautiful face is shown in an even more putrified condition. King Bill shows his funny side when seeing Pam show up in his office  in a “veil” and states “Oh good, the world needs more beekeepers”. Pam shows she is not amused and removes the veil. King Bill was probably looking for a barf bag if vamps could barf.


His majesty chastizes Pam for going against his wishes since she did go to the witch. Pam wants permission to kill Marnie (can you blame her?) As Pam snarkily states “You mess (ok she said another word) with my face, it’s time to die!”. AVL poster King refuses of course but promises to convene the sheriffs to discuss the matter. Wow sounds like the King has the bureaucracy part down perfectly. King Bill tries to give Pam some advice on how maybe some lipstick would help. Great idea if only she had not already tried that and had most of that part of her face already come off! (gotta love Pam even with her face falling off she can still be snarky)

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