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True Blood Episode Screencaps “We’ll Meet Again”


True Blood’s fifth season is in full swing! Episode 5.04 titled “We’ll Meet Again” aired tonight 7/1/12. The episode screen caps are below:

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True Blood Recap Spellbound SnowBallsBound


True Blood episode 4.08 “Spellbound”? aired last night. Here is my take on the Good, Gross and the Bad from this one.

The Good…..


Jason To the Rescue

Yes fans saw baby vamp Jessica break free from her silver chains (great job there big daddy King Bill) in the last episode and head towards the sun. MarniA’s spell had her walking to her doom. Cue Sheriff Jason to the rescue! He runs in just as Jess starts to go all crispy critter and knocks her to the ground and kicks the door closed. (I get the feeling Jason has had a lady friend on the ground like that before and used his legs to close the door..just saying). I was glad Jessica did not die the true death. She did suffer some burns and almost bit into Jason. Luckily for Jason she gained control again and kissed Jason (right on the lips!) Jason kisses back. Continue reading

True Blood Vamp Season in the Sun Episode Recap

4-07082   True Blood aired episode 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” on Sunday night and it was a doozy. True Blood fans probably never thought they would see so many of their favorite vampires awake during daylight hours. This episode did look like season 4 might be the vampire season in the sun! It did not bode well for one of vampires and the episode ended with one of the fan favorites seeing the sun for the first time since she was human. Click on READ MORE for the recap and HBO Video: Continue reading

True Blood Fangover Recap Moon Me


Yes last night’s episode of True Blood “I Wish I was the Moon” was one that Eric fans have been waiting for a very long time to finally see.  Here is my take and recap of what I thought was the good, bad and grossouts for me in this episode. The recap is not the entire episode but just some of the parts that really stood out for me.

Yes a very long awaited kiss was where we started out this episode. However not many expected to see Eric Northman kneel down before King Bill and say “My liege, forgive me”. (cap above)Yes the Viking Vampire finally got a chance with Sookie. Despite having King Bill walk in on the pair while they were sharing a very passionate moment. No not the full monty version but a chaste makeout session on the couch.

The Good:

Oh Sookie! Almost Nookie Moment:


At least the amnesia did not affect Eric’s memory when it concerned how to “kiss a woman”. Sookie definitely was enjoying Eric’s special talents! Of course King Bill picked that very moment to run in! Way to go your majesty! Eric goes into Viking Vamp protect Sookie mode:


King Bill meets the receiving end of going up against a much older vampire who was also pretty ticked off at being stopped mid-“kiss”. Can’t blame Eric for throwing Bill into the fireplace. When he learns from Sookie that the vampire is actually Eric’s King, we see Eric humble and on his knees for the King. Not a visual I’d ever think I’d see. Neither did King Bill based on the look on his face!


Eric is led off to King Bill’s mansion and Sookie is right behind him. Here we hear Sookie say to Bill “If you ever loved me you will not hurt Eric”. King Bill did seem to take a pretty big dig at Sookie when he says this to her: “Believe it or not, my entire existence does not revolve around what or who is between your legs.” . 

Well you could have fraking fooled me King Bill!  Why to the big rush to stop Eric and Sookie then eh?


Are you afraid? Eric asks Pam.

Maker Child “Face Time”


Eric seeing Pam under the blanket gave a bit of comic relief. Pam was trying to hide her rotting face. Eric did not even flinch when he finally saw what had happened to her. He was told by Sookie that Pam is his child. First thing he asks Pam was “are you scared”. As if to offer her some comfort. Knowing full well he faces a heavy sentence himself yet he was showing care for another. Not the first time we have seen Eric care for his child but it is the first time since he lost his memory.

Snarky Pam

4-06170Pam tries to set Eric straight: “Let me tell you a little something about King Bill: He is a self-loathing, power-hungry, pompous little dork, and you hate his guts.” This was in response to Eric saying how they needed to listen to their king.  Pam was on a roll in this scene. Another amazing line and spot on delivery was this:

Eric, snap the f**k out of it …You are a Viking vampire and a god and you bow to no one. If someone crosses you, you rip out their liver with one fang.”  Yay snarky Pam is BACK!

 Yes she tells him that he was a strong vampire not that he was evil. Definitely trying to get him  to get him to “snap out of it”!


Got “Stake”?

This moment for me on the show was really a combination of the good and the bad. Bad yes that King Bill felt the need to lie and say that Eric Northman was a threat since he was infected and recommended the “True Death” sentence for him to Nan. This shows that King Bill still wants Eric dead and as far away from Sookie as possible.

UPDATE 8/3/11: OK-Am I “seeing/reading” too much in the scene when Nan tells King Bill that “she is in the middle of something” when he Skype’s her? Notice her left arm and also how it appears she seems to be perhaps touching someone’s hair? She also seems a bit ditracted. 



4-06021Was the “middle of something” perhaps that she was being “entertained” and had someone under her skirt? Don’t know how I missed this one (ok I know I was not paying attentions love how Nan really does all she can for Vampire/Human relations!) 


The good of this scene was how Eric faced his true death not pleading for his life but with only a few requests:

To release Pam- “since she has little time left and does not pose a real danger”.

He asks King Bill “to tell Sookie that he appreciates all she did for him, he will die knowing that he was able to love someone”. “Tell her I was born the night she found me. Because of her, I went to my true death, knowing what it means to love”. He goes on to say how he knows that Sookie still cares for Bill and he hopes that they will find a way back to each other. (This I could have done without. Just another jab to push Bill and Sookie back together and another slap in the face of Eric fans here ).

King Bill asks why would he want that? Eric says “she deserves happiness with whoever can bring it to her”. (Dang if hearing that along with those Viking Puppy dog eyes that does not get ya!) . Seriously did they think fans would believe they would kill Eric? (come on now this seemed like just another ploy to have King Bill in a good guy vibe since yes he does release Eric)


The Viking faced his “true death” with his eyes wide open and did not ask for mercy. Definitely a different “Eric” for some fans to see. I know some will question whether or not he really has “amnesia” or if he is making it all up. His character has not always been shown in a favorable light. Yet I do believe that the spell did not just erase memory but show the man that he truly was inside. The vampire without all the hatred and desire for revenge built up over the 1000 years he has lived. (and the sadness over losing his maker Godric and the reasons why he chose to die) Stripped away from all that hatred and loss what is left is what he would have been if he had been left to live as a human.

 The BAD…


Grandpa Brujo

Lafayette and Jesus are “enjoying” a breakfast of yummy goat tongue. Lafayette was perfect and could not hide his disgust over the meal. Poor Jesus was trying to play the role of grateful grandson and thanks abuelo for the hospitality and asks for help with the Marnia (Marnie+Antonia) situation. Being a powerful brujo he already knew they were up a creek without a paddle in Bon Temps. He sends them out for a sacrifice.

Again Lafayette is great in this scene and is tired of looking for critters to bring back to kill. Lo and behold they find a rattlesnake. This is where it gets pretty funky. Abuelo is able to figure out that Marnia must be performing a blood sacrifice in order to find a new vessel (a new body).  Jesus acts all surprised. Hello! Haven’t they seen her cut marks? Guess you have to be a powerful brujo to figure that one out.  Freaky part is having abuelo grab the snake and have it bite Jesus and throw the snake on the fire.

Lafayette must save Jesus. No snarky comments here from Lala. Somehow he manages to “swallow” the spirit of the snake  he actually is able to swallow the spirit of Jesus’ uncle! Shown in the screencap below:

and Jesus is saved somehow. Either I was getting a contact high from the tv screen from whatever they were smoking when this was written or I just had a WTH was that moment.

UPDATE: Yes the “uncle Luca” says a prayer to a Santeria goddess “Yemaya” and Jesus is healed. (Tio is spanish for Uncle) 


This storyline yes is not a favorite of mine. One of the extra filler fluff ones that just need to be tied up asap. please!


Skinwalker NonSurprise

While Sam Trammell did an amazing job playing his brother Tommy “skinwalking” as Sam the storyline was just more filler fluff for me. Sam was great he walked a little differently, even sounded a little bit different trying to act as if it were Tommy. Yet the storyline was so foreshadowed in an earlier episode and then having Tommy kill his parents made this a big no surprise for fans. (or at least this fan).

So did Tommy/Sam do anything fun while skinwalking . Oh you bet ya! He fires Sookie, promotes Jessica and oh wait sleeps with Sam’s lady friend Luna. Funny how it was Luna who in an earlier episode fire side chat spoke about having done some of her very own “skinwalking’. (ironic eh). Being the nice guy Tommy/Sam kicks Luna out post bedding. Oh yay they are setting up more future story lines where Sam will kick Tommy’s butt when he finds this out. Oh and yes probably after Luna’s ex kicks the living snot out of Sam for sleeping with Luna. Yay (not). Love Sam and Tommy just not this type of crazy action. Takes away from the main story.


Suffer the Witch

As if last week’s burning at the stake were not gross enough we were treated to yet another flashback featuring Antonia. Marnie seems only happy when she is “channeling” and calls her out and is shown the torture and humilations she suffered. Vampire priest Luis and his maker are shown with her blood on their mouths. She is tied up from the ceiling (much like the visual give to us in season 3 of Yvetta in the pleasure basement with Eric no coincidence I feel but a nod to the Comic book story).


Yes Antonia warns them "you will burn for this"

She will not scream despite Luis raping her. Really do we need MORE rape on this show?! Guess while they were already insulting the Church why not go another step into it and really add injury to insult.

Yes it does seem Antonia has quite a beef to pick with the vampires. Ok I get it. She hates vampires. Can’t say that I blame her.


Antonia's curse calls out the sleeping vampires into the daylight

Once again we see her at the stake but this time we hear the chanting that causes the sleeping vampires to walk into the daylight and cause their death. This is the “spanish massacre” mentioned by Luis in last week’s episode. (ok I get it..she made a lot of vampires go all crispy critter. hmm I wonder if this is going to happen again OF COURSE IT IS..) Talk about hitting us on the head with a story!


Marnia comes to and now has the magic incantation memorized and oh wait. Antonia enters her body though her mouth? (heck, better tape up your mouth if you don’t want spirits coming in) Luis being the vindictive little prick takes the opportunity while King Bill is busy and pays Marnia a visit in her jail cell.


That back fires and Marnia does her best “hook em horns” and actually is able to control vampire Luis and sets the scene for more mayhem later on. Antonia is quite comfortable in her “new body”.


Jason Fur Free and Fine!

I’m not saying I wanted Jason to become a were-panther but really all that gross eye numbing stuff from Hotshot was for nothing? Yes we saw Jason suffering at the hands of the inbred from Hotshot. It made sense if Alan Ball was using the storyline from the Sookie Stackhouse novels which did have Jason being bit and become a were-panther. He had to change that and make it worse by adding the rape and awful visuals of seeing Jason suffer so much and he won’t change.


How do we know this. Well as if on cue Alcide and Debbie Pelt are in the woods and Sookie asks them the question if a were could be created by a bite. Having Alcide and Debbie just show up like that was just peachy. It did give us a chance to see Sookie pulling a Benelli shotgun on Debbie (foreshadowing perhaps?)

Well not in this story. No way no how. Nice to know that now. Then why show all that Hotshot action? Really gross and way over the top. Sorry fans no furry Jason after all. I’m glad he won’t have to deal with being a shifter. The only saving grace for this scene was how Jessica responded to Jason’s fear and came running to see what was wrong. (cue some future problems for Jessica and Hoyt romance).

More “Good”-Lakeside Loving


Love the little smirk/smile on Eric's face here. He sees Sookie and is happy.

Did you really think I was going to end the recap without mentioning the moonlit lakeside love making session featuring Eric and Sookie? Yes this was the worst kept secret ever. Fans waited for quite some time to see whether or not Eric Northman would ever “be” with Sookie. He walks into the clearing and Sookie is happy to see that King Bill did release Eric.


Did we really need the visual of King Bill on his porch looking out into the woods. He just let Eric go and probably knows that yes Eric will go to Sookie. Once again Bill is in the middle. Visually only at least for now and we only have Eric with Sookie.


Eric and Sookie embrace and finally get to finish the moment of passion they shared earlier. Eric moans as they kiss. She truly has made the decision to give herself to Eric and he to her.


They make love under the moon next to the water. It is not primal. It is not violent, no blood. Eric does not even draw fang. It is their first time being that intimate. What we do see is a moment of tenderness, true intimacy, and physical need for each other. They had been interrupted earlier from a very passionate moment but were stopped short. This moment there were no interruptions. Only the two of them under the moon. The episode ended with them making love.

Some nay sayers anti-Eric fans will always be there saying one thing or another negative about the scene. No matter what some choose to ignore and only prefer certain characters. All I know is that some who have never been Eric fans are even saying that it was an amazing beautiful romantic vision in that scene. Long awaited and long worried has been that coupling. Panties did not spontaneously combust (but darn near did in the earlier couch kiss moment). What I do hope is that the next episodes will continue to entertain and yes that this story line will have a chance to continue to grow. Hopefully the many storylines won’t continue to spiral and take away from the  heart of the story.

Still wish I could shake the feeling that the writer and Alan Ball just can’t let it just be Eric and Sookie this season. King Bill is there to warrant pity over his loss of the love of his undead life. I get it. Deal with it and just back off. I am glad what was once told to me by some fans that “oh Alan Ball will never have Sookie be with anyone other than Bill” turned out to be false. And yes Alan Ball did go there. Will he keep them together no. He does not like happily ever after stories. It was amazing to see Alexander bring us his version of Eric Northman last night and hopefully will be garnering some award nominations for this season!

Waiting sucks even more now. Will we see the post loving spooning? Or will more mayhem continue to keep the star crossed lovers apart again. Screen caps of the Eric/Sookie moments are here on the site:  Screen caps for this episode are here in this gallery:

Would love to hear from other fans what they thought about “I Wish I was the Moon”. thanks for reading! Is it Sunday yet?