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True Blood Season 5 Finale Save Yourself Screencaps

True Blood season 5 finale aired tonight on HBO. The twelve episodes this season flew by it seems to me. Waiting for season 6 is going to suck. Yes Waiting SUCKS.

The screencaps from the finale are below. The page on this site will have all the caps once they are done: 
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Episode caps:

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True Blood Season Finale “Save Yourself” Speculations

The True Blood season 5 finale airs on Sunday August 26, 2012. The season really fly by for fans. There are quite a few story lines that need completion in the finale (or the wait for season 6 will be unbearable!)

The episode summary states:

Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) embarks on a final, desperate mission to overthrow the Authority – and save Bill from losing his humanity.

We see Eric above with blood on his face -possible vampire goo-mains. In the preview we hear Eric trying to reason with Bill) We had a set image released that show us that he is not alone-Sookie is with him. Something they are seeing Bill do is pretty shocking to both Eric and Sookie. 

Eric, Tara and Nora go to Sookie’s home before to get her to come with them:

This image from the preview shows Bill holding a vial of what could be blood:

 Andy (Chris Bauer) faces the consequences of a light pact he made;

In the prior episode Andy finds a very pregnant Maurella at Merlottes who is not pleased that he will not “honor” his light pact

Alcide readies for a second showdown with J.D. (Louis Herthum);

In the image above we see that J.D. has captured a vampire (probably one of the new baby vamps that are roaming around). Alcide will fight JD for the title of packmaster perhaps but this time will have a better outcome.

Sam and Luna test their limits in trying to escape the Authority.

From the previews aired for the finale there are a few more ‘hints’ of what fans will see. Just exactly how and what is going on is still just a tease.

The fairies are in “Hot Wings” trying to zap Russell and the light is not hurting him at all. (he just drank the elder fairy). Maybe they see someone coming to help them. Perhaps Eric gets there and takes care of Russell: we see him below. That or the “Fairy archers” might have wooden arrows and are able to take Russell out. (the fairy archer is from a casting call)

The image above does show Eric with blood on his face. It looks like the woods near the Hot Wings club.

Salome above is taking a chug of the special Lillith blood. This might be the last straw for Bill Compton who is the “chosen one” per Lillith (she appeared to him). Salome is still undead in the image below showing Bill addressing the guards: (she wearing a different dress)

We see Bill below in Salome’s bedroom holding the ceremonial stake:

Salome will not survive the finale (at least from all the ‘hints’.) Perhaps this is what Eric and Sookie see when they walk in to the bedroom?

Jason going all “Rambo” at the Authority. He will go to the Authority to take care of the vampires. Hopefully he will make it out alive. In the preview we do see him with a gag in his mouth. Maybe he is brought in as a ploy to trick the guards That or he is captured.

Pam and Jessica are in the Authority jail and hopefully will be rescued. Hopefully they will both survive.

The season finale is supposed to be quite the ‘blood bath’. Definitely looks that way based on all the previews. The death toll will be quite high. Here’s a list of my guesses:

  • Russell
  • Salome
  • Nigel (baby eating vampire)
  • possible- Rossalyn (if she does meet the true death look for 203 progeny out for revenge)
  • possible -Jessica – perhaps Bill loses ‘it’ and stakes his only progeny?
  • possible -Nora
  • Luna- not sure but she might die trying to rescue her daughter Emma (poor Sam!)
  • J.D. (Alcide will kill him in a fight)
  • possible Nikki Rikki (Alcide’s new girlfriend)

All just a guess. Also will be a lot of AVL guards, some fairies might also be killed while trying to stop Russell. The casting call for the finale included a “Sookie doppleganger”.


[VAMPIRE AUTHORITY GUARD] Male, mid 20s to mid 30s. Imposing, powerful Vampire Authority guard. Guest Star.

[SOOKIE STACKHOUSE DOPPELGANGER] Female, Caucasian, Long Blonde Hair, 5’5″, 115 lbs. size 4, 34 B. Waist – 25-26″ Hip – 34-35″. No Lines.

Anna is pregnant and they have been able to hide the baby bump with camera angles, props-pillow. Perhaps in the finale Sookie will be required to be nude?

The whole question of who is Warlow is still up in the air. The last scene might end on a cliffhanger that has Sookie being taken away by this mysterious vampire. (I’m still wondering if it is a creation by the fairies in an effort to keep Sookie on the fairies’ side)

This episode was written by Alan Ball; directed by Michael Lehmann. Alan Ball has stepped down as ‘show runner’. It will be interesting to see how season 6 will be created with a new show runner (Mark Hudis). I will enjoy the season 5 finale and will hate the waiting for the new season. I know I’m looking forward to a new season without all of this season’s religious and political spin.
Waiting always sucks! Feel free to leave your comments or thoughts on who you feel might leave this season.


True Blood Season 5 Finale New Image: Vampire Nora

True Blood season 5 finale will air this upcoming Sunday. Many are wondering just what will fans see in the finale. There are quite a few story lines that need to be tied up and hopefully resolved on Sunday.

The image above is of Nora Gainsborough showing her looking over her shoulder. What is she seeing? The location of this image appears to be at The Authority. Perhaps Nora is on her way to help get Pam and Jessica out of the jail there while Eric and Sookie are trying to talk some sense into Bill? Is Nora stopped by another vampire? Too many questions come to mind. Hopefully the finale will finally answer a lot of the questions fans have had this seaon (and not leave us waiting for season 6 with a lot more questions)

UPDATE: I’m wondering now if perhaps Nora might be at Fangtasia’s? Maybe Eric takes her there after leaving the Authority. The background reminded me of the basement-image below is from episode 5.11 “Sunset”. The area to the left has similar coloring.


New True Blood Season 5 Finale Images

HBO posted some new True Blood season 5 images for the upcoming finale. The one above shows Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse. Looks like they are in the Authority HQ perhaps. The image in the below shows Bill Compton. (perhaps Eric and Sookie are trying to get Bill out of there along with Pam) We also see Bill addressing the guards.

Another image with Eric, Nora and Tara:

Here’s the gallery of images

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Plus another new video: Featuring Sam and Bill: