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True Blood Recap Spellbound SnowBallsBound


True Blood episode 4.08 “Spellbound”? aired last night. Here is my take on the Good, Gross and the Bad from this one.

The Good…..


Jason To the Rescue

Yes fans saw baby vamp Jessica break free from her silver chains (great job there big daddy King Bill) in the last episode and head towards the sun. MarniA’s spell had her walking to her doom. Cue Sheriff Jason to the rescue! He runs in just as Jess starts to go all crispy critter and knocks her to the ground and kicks the door closed. (I get the feeling Jason has had a lady friend on the ground like that before and used his legs to close the door..just saying). I was glad Jessica did not die the true death. She did suffer some burns and almost bit into Jason. Luckily for Jason she gained control again and kissed Jason (right on the lips!) Jason kisses back. Continue reading

True Blood Episode Will Leave Fans Spellbound

Yes waiting for the new episode sucks but HBO recently tweeted this:

No surprise to fans that have watched the preview. As if we needed even more reasons to watch the episode on Sunday! I did spy this action early and posted here on the much awaited “Shower Scene”.  Keep your eyes open or you might “miss somthing”.