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True Blood Comic Book Series New Fourth Edition Announced

HBO announced that the fourth series of the True Blood comics will be released in May. “True Blood” ongoing series has revealed the full creative team on “True Blood” Series 4. The ongoing will be written by “Green Arrow” writer Ann Nocenti and “True Blood” actor Michael McMillian with creative collaboration from “True Blood” producer Alan Ball and art by Michael Gaydos.

IDW announced the True Blood ongoing series in late 2011. This follows three mini-series based on the television show: “True Blood: All Together Now”, “True Blood: Tainted Love” (images shown below) and “True Blood: The Fourth Quarter”.

Michael McMillian, Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Michael McMillian talks about the comic series in the video below:

True Blood Tainted Love Comic Writer At Golden Apple Comics


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson True Blood Comic Book writer: Marc Andreyko

Golden Apple Comics hosted several signings at their store today for “Free Comic Book Day”. Marc Andreyko was there signing the new True Blood series-“Tainted Love” for fans.


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson

Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard were there signing copies of “Super Dinosaur” comic. Many Walking Dead fans were also there getting their comics signed by Robert Kirkman. (he was great to all the fans and took photos with them.) The lines went out the door for the signings!


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson Jason Howard and Marc Andreyko

One of the great things about these signing events is seeing the different writers have a chance to spend time and talk about their projects.  Jason Howard and Marc Andreyko looked like they were enjoying signing books and chatting about what was going on. It was a lot of fun to go to the event and see all the younger fans getting their free comic book. Comic fans come in all sizes and ages. The True Blood comic series is a fun one for fans to enjoy while waiting for the season to start up. I was really happy when I got home and had a chance to look at the issues and see the characters from True Blood that I’ve been missing since season 3 ended. Here are the ones I brought home:


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson True Blood comic autographed by Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson True Blood comic autographed by Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian

Waiting sucks but at least I have some thing new to read while waiting for new True Blood! The gallery below contains more photos from the event today.

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Free Comic Book Day Saturday May 7

Tomorrow Saturday May 7 is Free Comic Book Day around the world. To find a participating store near you please click here . Some of the comics which are available for free are special edition ones shown here: Including Spiderman, Last Airbender, Green Lantern, and Dark Wing Duck.

Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson PaleyFest Walking Dead Panel

Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson PaleyFest 2011

In addition to some of the free comics many comic book stores are hosting special signings with noted comic authors. In the Los Angeles area Golden Apple Comics will have many amazing authors including Robert Kirkman (author of The Walking Dead Comics -yes the ones the AMC tv show are based on). Also appearing at Golden Apple Comics will be Marc Andreyko who is known for his work in “Let Me In” and “Manhunter” comics. His newest comic for IDW Publishing  is True Blood’s new comic series “Tainted Love” which he co-writes with Michael McMillian. (aka Reverend Steve Newlin from True Blood).

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing

Here is a peek into the comic “Tainted Love”: (note this comic is not one of the free give aways but Marc will be at the Golden Apple Comics store in Los Angeles signing the True Blood comics)

Tainted Love comic #1-Illustrated by artist Joe Corroney

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing

The story line for “Tainted Love” is that the synthetic blood Tru Blood is contaminated. That “bad blood” causes the vampires that drink it up to go into a feral blood lust state. Waiting for a new season of True Blood sucks but now fans can fill some of that time reading the True Blood comics.

Good luck to all the fans heading out for free comic book day. I know I’ll be heading out to have Marc sign my three Tainted Love comics. For those fans who are not close enough to a comic book store that carries the True Blood comics HBO does sell them online. I’m lucky to have a few stores nearby that carry the True Blood comics. It has been fun to see how quickly they have been selling out. I just bought #3 in the series and yes that is Eric Northman on the cover.

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing

here’s a link to the HBO store:

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