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The Hollywood Reporter: Alexander Skarsgard TIFF 2012 Image

The current issue of “The Hollywood Reporter” features coverage from Toronto Internation Film Festival. The TIFF 2012 images include Alexander Skarsgard who was there for the “What Maisie Knew” premiere. The gallery below contains the scan. Alex states that “Adult actors do all this research and work to mak acting seem “natural”. But I didn’t come close to having her amazing energy.”  -on his 7 year old co-star Onata Aprile.

THR has more behind the scenes video at THR.Com

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What Maisie Knew TIFF 2012 Review on MyETVmedia

Review of “What Maisie Knew” by MyETVmedia:
What Maisie Knew, adapted from the Henry James novella of the same name, is a little gem of a film starring Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan, Alexander Skaarsgard and newcomer Onata Aprile. True to the novella, Co-Directors McGehee and David Siegel use the camera to give us seven year-old Maisie’s view of her dysfunctional parents in the midst of a torrid and destructive divorce. James’ novel was acclaimed for its profound insights and interior perspective of the child in the circumstance, and the transition from the page to the screen is successfully rendered with the help of a tightly crafted script set in modern day New York City by screenwriter Carroll Cartwright. Not since Kramer vs. Kramer has a film so capably explored a disastrous marriage and its consequences with such acuity.

That Henry James’ novels have been such fertile ground for filmmakers is no surprise. His themes and motifs are timeless, characters engaging, resonant and thoroughly modern. Of the dozens of screen adaptations of James’ novels since the 1930’s, Hollywood has most recently churned out Jane Campion’s Portrait of A Lady (1996), Agnieszka Holland’s Washington Square (1998), Iain Softley’s The Wings of the Dove (1998) and The Turn of the Screw (In A Dark Place, 2006). Each of these films pit a cynicism against innocence in circumstances with different but nonetheless intriguing results. This adaptation of What Maisie Knew is no exception.

For the full review please click on link below:

What Maisie Knew TIFF 2012 Review on MyETVmedia.

Alexander Skarsgard Answers Fan Questions: NY Times

The New York Times art beat asked fans for questions to be answered by Alexander Skarsgard while he was in Toronto for TIFF 2012. The excerpt is below:


TORONTO— During our time at the Toronto International Film Festival, we’ve been talking to filmmakers and actors and, on this occasion, taking some of your questions with us. On Saturday, we solicited questions for Alexander Skarsgard, who plays the Teutonic vampire Eric Northman in the HBO series “True Blood” and is here to promote “What Maisie Knew,” an adaptation of the Henry James novel set in New York City. We received quite a number of varied questions and chose a selection to ask the Swedish-born Mr. Skarsgard, whose character, Lincoln, is a bartender who gets caught up in a nasty custody battle after he marries Julianne Moore’s Susanna. Below are his responses.Q.

I was really struck by the different physical characterizations of Lincoln and Eric after attending [Friday’s] premiere of “What Maisie Knew,” and having just finished watching the season finale of “True Blood.” What discussions or collaborations are involved in determining the physical presence and representation of a character? — Ellen C, Toronto


To me, it’s all about inspiration. What gets me creatively excited is a challenge. There’s gotta be a discovery. When I read a script and have my first interaction with this character, do I feel like there’s something I’m gonna learn here? If I feel like it’s something I’ve done before, then what’s the incentive for me to do it? That’s why, after playing Eric Northman for seven months shooting a season, I don’t want to play Eric Northman in a movie, but just without fangs. I want to try new things.

Mr. Skarsgard with Onata Aprile in "What Maisie Knew."Nicole RivelliMr. Skarsgard with Onata Aprile in “What Maisie Knew.”

Wondering if you are in interested in doing a comedy? — Gina Bianchin, Chicago


Yeah, absolutely. I’ve done that in Sweden before. My first film out here was actually a comedy, “Zoolander,” many years ago. I had a small part in that. But I’d love that. It’s different, and something I haven’t done in a while.


Concerning your career: Who would you love to work with? Do you think you will ever direct a movie? — Elaine, Nashville


Isabelle Huppert, the French actress. She’s amazing. And I’ve directed a bit in Sweden. I wrote and directed a short film a couple of years ago. It’s called “To Kill a Child.” Very uplifting (laughs). It’s based on a short story about a car accident and a man kills a child. My kid brother who is now 17, but he was 8 when we shot it, plays the little kid in the movie. I want to do more. It’s just about finding the right project and, obviously, timing.

For the rest of the Q &A please click here:

Alexander Skarsgard’s TIFF Fashion Last Minute ‘Suiting’

Alexander Skarsgard has been on location filming for his role in “The Hidden”. Usually when Alex is on location he does not pack a suit. Luckily for fans he was able to attend TIFF 2012 screening for “What Maisie Knew”. Since it was ‘last minute’, Alex was able to find a proper suit for the screening at the Gucci store in Toronto.

Instyle reported:

What Masie Knew star Alexander Skarsgard had a problem at the Toronto International Film Festival—he had nothing to wear to his movie’s premiere! Luckily, a last-minute stop to Toronto’s Gucci store provided a luxury solution. “I’ve been shooting a film named Hidden for two months, and when I go on location, I don’t pack a suit,” he told us at the dinnerInStyle hosted in honor of the Masie movie at the Windsor Arms Hotel. “I bring a T-shirt and sweatpants every day. And when you’re working, it’s pretty intense. I don’t have a lot of time outside of shooting. So I had nothing.” He also had nothing that fit. ForHidden, he had to lose 16 pounds from his 203-pound frame to take on the emaciated look his character called for. No wonder he had no clothes! Though, judging from his role on True Blood, that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, anyway.


Alexander Skarsard Photos From TIFF 2012

As promised here are some of the new photos of Alexander Skarsgard from the Toronto International Film Festival. I will keep adding as more start showing up.


Here are some fun gif’s:

Huge thanks to Marvelandwhimsy for the fun gifs!! SOURCE: Great tumblr to follow!!

Here’s the gallery: Page link here also has the image: 09/07/12 TIFF 2012 What Maisie Knew:

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