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“War On Everyone” may to go Sundance 2016


We all enjoyed seeing Alexander Skarsgard at The Sundance Film Festival this year promoting “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” ( and it was our biggest weekend for hits here on this blog since True Blood ended) Now there looks to be a good chance that Alexander’s upcoming movie “War On Everyone” may be going to Sundance 2016.

According to co-star Michael Pena……..

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Some More Sundance Portraits


Any kind of Skarsgard news is very thin on the ground at the moment, so a special thank you to characteristicallyexhuberant for finding these 4 great portraits, to add to our Sundance 2015 collection. We’ll take whatever treasure we can get right now, especially when it looks this good 🙂

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Alexander Skarsgard & Bel Powley talk to “Vulture”


A new interview with Alexander Skarsgard and his “Diary of a Teenage Girl” co-star Bel Powley has been released today by Vulture

They talk about their characters relationship in the movie and about  sex scenes and 70’s mustaches:

If you’ve been missing Alexander Skarsgård’s naked torso since the finale of True Blood, never fear. There’s plenty of Skarsgård to be seen inThe Diary of A Teenage Girl, one of the highlights of this very sexy Sundance. Diary is the directorial debut of actress Marielle Heller, who wrote the screenplay adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel herself. The film tells the story of precocious 15-year old artist Minnie (newcomer Bel Powley), who lives with her very permissive single mother (Kristen Wiig) in 1976 San Francisco, and is in the midst of experiencing a sexual awakening in the very capable and surprisingly not lecherous hands of her mother’s boyfriend, twenty years her senior (Skarsgård, 38). “I just had sex. Holy shit!” is the first line of the movie, narrated from Minnie’s thoughts. Sony Pictures Classics picked up the distribution rights and Powley, who’s 22 and pulls off an American accent so seamlessly you’d never suspect she’s British, is enjoying the well-deserved heaps of praise and “It Girl” status Cary Mulligan enjoyed back in 2009 for the similar (but more creepy and less naked) An Education. Jada Yuan caught up with the pair as they scarfed down hamburgers to talk unorthodox auditions, on-screen chemistry, and why the ‘70s were the golden age of mustaches.

First of all, why did both of you want to sign on for this? It’s a beautiful story and beautifully told, but there are a lot of sex scenes.
Powley: I think it’s a really important story for women and for young girls and I think it needed to be told. The character of Minnie, everything she does, the way she feels, the way she acts really resonated with me. It’s what I was like as a teenage girl and I think it’s going to resonate with every woman. I was also 15 seven years ago, so I can remember.

Were you that precocious at 15?
Powley: Yeah, I was, at times. You don’t have to have an affair with your mum’s boyfriend to be able to relate with Minnie and how she acts. I think it’s just more the extremity of feelings that you have when you’re a teenager and like, the frustration and when you’re really hormonal and you flip between emotions.

Skarsgård: And she’s not always precocious. I feel like sometimes she’s like a little child. And I feel like Monroe has that quality as well. I think that’s kind of how they find each other in a way. There are moments where he’s like a 15-year-old boy and then he pulls himself out of that, like “Oh, no, now I’m a grown man.” And I think that gives life to their relationship.

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The Best of the “Diary of a Teenage Girl” Reviews from Sundance


We were all pretty busy last weekend trying to keep up with all the gorgeous new photographs of Alexander Skarsgard coming out of his promotional trip to Sundance, but in the midst of all the skarsporn madness, his movie “Diary of a Teenage Girl” became a big festival hit with the critics and audiences alike.

Below are some of the highlights from some of the great reviews, each with a link below to click for the full feature.

Most impressively, however, Heller maintains the book’s seriocomic ambivalence — which makes sense when reading the bright yet very immature first-person meanderings of a 15-year-old mind circa 1976 on the page, but might easily have curdled into sensationalism or grotesquerie onscreen. Minnie probably doesn’t know what the word “pederasty” is, and doesn’t think of herself as a victim. But at the same time, she’s very badly served by her lack of responsible adult role models — Mom, Monroe and their friends seem to be living improvisational lives that any children must just fit into as best they can.

Faithful to the book’s vision (if more physically attractive), Skarsgard makes Monroe so easygoing and likable you sometimes forget that his passivity is actually a contemptible willingness to let his libido make decisions by default — for which he then blames “manipulative” Minnie.

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“Diary” Wins Sundance Special Jury Award for Cinematography


“Diary of a Teenage Girl” Director of Photography, Brandon Trost, won the Specialist Jury Award for Cinematography at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival Awards last night. A great way to end the festival for the movie which has been greeted enthusiastically by both audiences and critics.

Congratulations to Brandon, who earlier in the week spoke to IndieWire about his work on the movie:

How I shot that: DP Brandon Trost on shooting Sundance Darling “Diary of a Teenage Girl”

“Diary” Video Interviews with Park City TV & The Wrap

sundance (46)

Here are 2 more video interviews from last weekend at Sundance, with Alexander Skarsgard, Bel Powley and Marielle Heller talking about their big festival hit  “Diary of a Teenage Girl“.

Firstly from Park City Television on the red carpet.

And secondly their interview with The Wrap at the Sundance Indiegogo Lounge

More Sundance Portraits


A couple more portraits of Alexander Skarsgard at Sundance have been released today. The beautiful picture above is from Instyle and by Christopher Ferguson.

The one below is by Patrick Fraser for The Wrap


And we think we may have missed this one, released earlier, from Vanity Fair


Alexander Skarsgard & Bel Powley Vanity Fair Video Interview


Here’s a lovely video of Bel Powley and a quite honestly ridiculously gorgeous looking Alexander Skarsgard being interviewed for Vanity Fair.

At Sundance, the 22-year-old actress and co-star Alexander Skarsgård discuss their risqué collaboration.


Alexander Skarsgard – Sundance Sunday

sundance (37)

Alexander Skarsgard was back on the streets of Sundance yesterday promoting “Diary of a Teenage Girl”.

As well as giving a couple of interviews he attended an event at the Acura Studio in Park City, Utah. Pictures in the gallery below.



“Diary” Interview for The Wrap Photographs

sundance (47) (1)

As with “Variety Studio”, Alexander, Bel and Marielle were also interviewed by “The Wrap” at Sundance yesterday. Hopefully the video will follow later today, and here are some great photos to keep you going.