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HBO Spring 2013 Line Up Video Trailer New True Blood Footage


HBO showed a trailer before the Game of Thrones season premiere last night that included new footage for their Spring 2013 line up. Many shows were featured Newsroom, VEEP and yes True Blood. Some of the scenes were already shown in the teaser trailer but there were a few new items in this video.

Looks like Jason and Niall (Ok that is Rutger Hauer..he could be Macklyn but he looks too comfortable in that kitchen) are in Jason’s house? or is it Sookie’s?



This looks like Sookie walking through the woods:


The HQ video is below from youtube. The gallery has the True Blood screencaps. Waiting sucks but at least the new season will be here soon!! (ok not till June 16th but time flies)

[nggallery id=503]