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Peek at True Blood’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

Highlight Hollywood posted a tidbit for fans on the upcoming True Blood episode 5.09 “Everybody wants to Rule the World”. Here’s and excerpt:  SPOILERS…..

In “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” as  the Authority proceeds with Lilith’s plan, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) plots his escape, and with serious consequences. Gran (Lois Smith) directs Sookie (Anna Paquin) to a clue to her parents’ murderer. Fans will be shocked where this all leads eventually.  But she soon is happy that Jason told her to save her fairy powers.  An exhausted Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) search for leads to the identities of the people behind the shifter killings. Andy will face some major challenges, that may affect his sobriety on V. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) recalls his pack induction, and he regrets an earlier move. Arlene (Carrie Preston) gets caught in Terry (Todd Lowe) and Patrick’s (Scott Foley) crossfire, and leave it to Arlene not to know when to leave things alone.  And just wait to see Steve (Michael McMillian) getting a new pet.  Expect a howling good time! And Russell ensnares the Shreveport wolf pack in his secret new plan, that not even The Authority expects.

The former Sheriff Budd Dearbourne will play a part in revealing the secret as well. Plus, we’d better worry about the Holy war about to break out between the vampires and humans. Bill has moved into a dark place, and Eric remains the lone vampire on the side of humans, especially Sookie.   The profound revelations about Sookie and Jason’s parents will hit the two very hard, as well as Trubies, who are itching to know the identity of “Worlo!”

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” was written by Raelle Tucker, and  directed by Dan Attias.


So who’s ready for new Blood??

True Blood Season 5 New Episode Image Andy and Sam

HBO has a new episode image on their site. This one is from episode 5.09 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and it features Andy and Sam. The caption is “Andy and Sam arguing”. Just what are they arguing about? We will find out on Sunday night. The episode description states:

As the Authority proceeds with Lilith’s plan, Eric plots his escape. Vampires celebrate the start of the holy war. Gran directs Sookie to a clue to her parents’ murderer. Andy and Jason search for leads to the identities of the people behind the shifter killings. Alcide recalls his pack induction; Arlene gets caught in Terry and Patrick’s crossfire; Steve gets a new pet. Anti-supernatural zealots put Sookie in danger.

The episode is written by Raelle Tucker and directed by Dan Attias.

Still waiting to see if there will be any new promos for this upcoming episode. The promo that aired on Sunday 7/29/12 is linked here: HBO promo

screen caps from that promo:

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 55 Promo Video: “Sam’s Got a Secret”

The third new video is out for episode 5.07. This promo features one of my favorite characters on the show who does not have a lot of air time! Tanya Wright as Bon Temps’ finest-Kenya!! She watches as Sam sniffs out something and uses his special shifter powers!

Here are the screen caps:

[nggallery id=424]

The True Blood panel at Comic Con was definitely one of the fan favorites. My group started camping out for ballroom 20 at midnight and there were already many many fans there. It was well worth the exhaustion and lack of sleep!! Still editing the many photos I was able to take from the front row.

My friend got this photo from the screen showing Stephen pointing me out wearing the ‘awful yellow sweatshirt’ (as Pam said to Sookie!):

ComicCon 2012

I wore a yellow sweatshirt much like the one Kristin wore as Vampire Pam when she turned Tara. Yes the awful yellow sweatshirt. Kristin spotted me and the other cast as well saw me there. They asked me to stand up and I let them know I had 2 friends further back who also had them on. Alex was trying to spot them in the photo below:

the text below is from the San Jose Mercury News (but my photos)

The Saturday presentation at Comic-Con for HBO’s “True Blood” kicked off with a trailer teasing the remaining episodes of the campy HBO vampire series’ fifth season.

The fast-moving footage showed Lafayette (played by Nelsan Ellis) channeling spirits, newbie vampire Tara (Rutina Wesley) working as a burlesque dancer, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) going wild and old-school vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) seemingly sucking down on Sookie (Anna Paquin).

“True Blood” actors Paquin, Moyer, Wesley, and Woll were joined by their co-stars Alexander Skarsgard, Christopher Meloni, Kristin Bauer, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell and Joe Manganiello, as well as “True Blood” executive producer Alan Ball for the high-energy panel attended by more than 4,000 con-goers.

Other than the spoilery footage, the cast kept the biggest secrets about the current season under wraps. Paquin called the final scene in the fifth season finale “very, very crazy,” while Ball hinted that the audience will learn more about Sookie’s parents, and there would be three new romances.

“There’s also a lot of people having sex, but those don’t really count as romances,” Ball added.

The panel descended into a howling frenziness at several points during the hour-long presentation, including when “Magic Mike” co-star Manganiello empowered Ball and new cast member Meloni to perform the “body roll”. Ryan Kwanten was dared to walk on his hands across the stage inside a mammoth ballroom in the San Diego Convention Center.

Saturday’s panel ended with a standing ovation for Ball, who is stepping down as the showrunner of “True Blood” next season.

I will add my commentary as soon as I can. Some of my favorite moments were seeing Alex console Kristin when she started to cry talking about the scene where Eric releases Pam, How neither of them wanted to do that scene. Alex also blushed quite a bit when Joe was doing the body roll. When Christopher Meloni gave Alex his name tag, Alex planted a big ole kiss on his cheek. (he had blown a kiss to the fan who had asked Alex for his name tag).

It was fun to see the cast once again. Alex has some of the most amazing fans in the world! It was so worth the waiting on line since midnight  to get a great seat.

The images below are only a few of the ones I took. Have almost 600 photos from the True Blood panel. Please if you wish to use the images do not remove the watermark. I worked pretty long and hard to get these done. Thanks and can’t wait to finish the rest!!
UPDATE: one of my photos from the True Blood panel was published by OK Magazine- in their August 6, 2012 issue! Scan below:
[nggallery id=419]


First Look At True Blood’s Fae Queen


True Blood fans had a chance to see the first 3 minutes of season 4 premiere episode on HBOGo this past Sunday. If that tease was not enough fans will have another chance to see even a bit more on June 5 on HBOGo. HBO ran a short trailer last night and I noticed this new image in the trailer (Posted above)

This image appears right after the scene where Sookie is shown using her “energy hands” and is zapping someone. I believe this is our first glimpse into the Fae Queen Mab. The casting call for her character:

[QUEEN MAB] Late 30s – 40s, a powerful, regal, magnificent woman who commands a mysterious realm, and she’s filled with rage when her plans are thwarted…UPDATE: Cast by Rebecca Wisocky

The mysterious realm we now know is the Fae Land where Sookie beams up with Claudine. Just wonder now what the “plans are thrwarted”  part of the casting call will mean. Some fans feel that the Queen wants to keep Sookie there forever to use her powers to help wage a war with other supernaturals. Waiting sucks and now even more!

So don’t blink when you watch any of the True Blood sneek peeks and trailers or you just might miss out on some very interesting clips. Tune in on HBOGo on June 5 to see what Alan Ball has in store for us in Season 4 of True Blood.

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True Blood Season 4 Posters Show Your Colors


HBO released their new posters for Season 4 of True Blood. These are titled “Show your Colors” and the three feature a color theme with different members of the cast from the show. The one above shows Eric Northman, (Alexander Skarsgard) , Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello). Sookie is the center of attention for the three men. I notice that Alexander has his right hand on Anna (all the other men have their left hand hmmm). The other two posters are below:


Pam and Jessica are BEAUTIFUL in this new poster! Jason is also amazing!


Tara, Sam and Lafayette all in white! (Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, and Nelsan Ellis)

Waiting sucks even more now after seeing the cast gearing up for the new season!


True Blood Season 4 Sneaky Peek Clues



The True Blood season 4 video that aired on ExtraTV yesterday was touted as a sneek peek. HBO once again is being extra sneaky! Yes that is sneaky not just a sneek peek! There were some new images shown in the newest video trailer for season 4. SPOILER HEAVY post!


Yes fans we have Eric Northman doing a psa for the AVL! Of course they would use the Viking Vamipire tax paying sheriff of area 5 for the tv. More footage was shown of the protesters outside of Fangtasia.


Baby vampire Jessica Hamby is shown strutting in by herself (perhaps) into Fangtasia. (our little baby girl vamp is growing into her fangs)


Eric Northman was not the only vampire though that is in front of the cameras. (Bill  with Nan in his office. that is quite a sly smirk)



Wonder what he means by take care of it. (no surprise it means he will place nice and be the AVL Vampire liason representative perhaps?)


In the sneek peek  Bill Compton looks like the AVL poster vampire. Nan Flanigan is shown in Bill’s office with a warning to not take human livves. (hey he is mainstreaming and does not imbibe human blood well not that much of it..)


We see a very smiley Portia at one of the public save face PR events the AVL is perhaps hosting in front of the cameras.



(looks like a ribbon cutting ceremony) The AVL will probably build a few community amenities-hospitals, centers to help boost the “good vampire” image and hopefully repair the damage done by King Russell Edginton’s televised tirade. Could the AVL have Bill Compton running for a politcal office perhaps?  He looks very much like a politician in this video.


Jason Stackhouse is still tied up but we did see the possiblility that there was another critter in the room. The images  show another Hotshot citizen: Felton Norris. UPDATE: Looks like Crystal may be the one biting?





Jason is pleading and Felton is saying “as long as we get what we want” ie have Jason “turned” into one of them. Crystal is shown next to Jason so there is definitely someone/something else in the shed. (and it looks like a shifter in panther form)


This capture shows Felton Norris and Crystal in same frame/shed. Nodding in unison.

s4trailer042Felton is seen almost nodding in the same way that the black cat does. (and Crystal seems to be nodding back-perhaps Felton is the one in critter form doing the biting?) UPDATE-looks like blood on Crystal’s mouth!



Sam gets a bit of nookie for once.



The very hot Antonia (or so I think) portrayed by Paola Turbay. The latina is seen in an office and Sam is asking were you sent here to seduce me. This one may be a video sequencing switcheroo. It could be also another female trying to woo Sam?


Jessica is seen in a bathroom stall saying to Hoyt (I can eat whoever I want). Does not bode well for the JessOyt romance.


Alcide is in Sookie’s home. (perhaps monitoring the repairs on the Stackhouse home).

This looks like Sookie and Bill crossing paths in a hallway. (looks like Sookie)


The wiccans are still busy with another circle ceremony. In this new one we see Marnie re-animate a dead bird.








Definitely a different looking “altar” in this ceremony. Perhaps Marnie is practicing reanimation before taking on a dead human body? Is Alan Ball using the storyline from one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels where they were going to contact the famous vodoo priestess and that led to Hadley’s true death in the books? (and put his own spin on it  and have Marie raise a dead powerful witch?)


My theory that perhaps Eric Northman does NOT bite Marnie may have some truth. (ok he probably bit her but not in this video) The prior videos show Eric going in for a bit of Marnie while standing. But in this sneek peek video Marnie is on the floor on her back. We see Eric going in for the bite in the image above but at the last minute is shown turning his head to his left.


Oh Mr. Northman what big fangs you have....




Someone or something has stopped him. (who knows..could be that dang bird biting him in the gracious aplenty but perhaps this is the pre-spell scene)


Oh and almost forgot-Tara is still pissed off at everyone. Especially the vampires! UPDATE:  Jesus can be seen behind Tara to her right in the video (I’ll do a larger version of the cap). It looks like he may be taking care of Marnie on the ground. Tara mentions being attacked by a vampire (re. her attack by Franklin) and is speaking to Lafayette:


Waiting for the new season does suck very much but at least we keep getting teased with the new videos! Love to hear from other fans on what they saw in the video.


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True Blood Season 4 Sneek Peek ExtraTV video Screen Caps


The screen cap images in the gallery below are from True Blood season 4 sneek peek video from ExtraTV. We see Eric Northman doing a Public Service Announcement video and a few more very ineresting items.

[nggallery id=243]

True Blood Season 4 Promo Extra TV Video Sneek Peek

A higher resolution video for the sneek peek video of True Blood’s season 4  that Extra TV aired: A huge thanks to KD! working on the screen caps now!

[nggallery id=243]

True Blood Comic Signing by Cast

Barnes & Noble signing ad


Lucky fans were able to have their “All Together” comic book signed today at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles. Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley and Deborah Woll were present to sign copies of the new collection “All Together” recently released.

Deborah Woll, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley 2/26/11

True Blood Vol. 1: All Together Now Comic Book Collection (Hardcover)
True Blood Vol. 1: All Together Now Comic Book Collection (Hardcover)

HBO has a special right now offered to affiliates:
Get $5 off $40 on True Blood Comic Books with code: TB5AFF
Free Shipping on any order over $49 with code: SHIP49AFF

PaleyFest 2011 Guide For Fans Part 1

PaleyFest will soon be here! Seems like yesterday when they announced that True Blood will once again take part in the William Paley S. Paley Festival. (ok it wasn’t yesterday but actually announced on 12/15/10). True Blood fans may remember that the show was previously featured at PaleyFest in 2009. (4/13/09).

What is PaleyFest?

Named for William S. Paley, founder of both the Paley Center and CBS, the annual William S. Paley Television Festival celebrates television programming and the creative process behind the medium. The Festival has been held for the last 27 years. Paley Fest is a two-week event that features various television shows with different panel every evening. The panels include members of the show’s cast and creative team (producer, writers). The  line up of shows has been announced but as of this writing the actual cast and attendees have not been released. So far only the Walking Dead panel attendees has been released. For True Blood the only confirmed attendees are:
Sam Trammell
Kristin Bauer
Alexander Skarsgard
(he was the first one confirmed)

UPDATE 2/17/11 Just released: The following will also be attending:

Alan Ball

Anna Paquin

Stephen Moyer!

When is PaleyFest 2011?
Paley Fest 2011 is set for March 4-18, 2011 (The True Blood PaleyFest Panel is being held on Saturday March 5th)

Where will it be held?

All of the panels will be held at The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA. Saban Theater website link here: The theater was formerly called “Wilshire Beverly Hills Theater” and it is located at:
8440 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA

The seats are by section. There is no assigned seating (just a section is listed on the ticket). So this means that seating is on a first come first serve basis within seating area designated on the ticket.. Only premium ticket holdera are allowed in the “Pit” section closest to the stage. (there are only 44 seats in this section believe me well worth the price of the ticket!).

Here is the seating chart for The Saban Theater:

The seating capacity of the theater is a total of 1898 seats broken out below by sections. There will be Paley Volunteers to help fans get to their seats and figure out where they need to go if needed (plus also to keep fans from trying to sneak into a section not on the ticket they hold)

By section/Row#/number of seats:
Pit: rows AA-BB: 42 seats (rows 1 and 2) NOTE: These rows have been removed for Paley (to make room for the stage)
OrchestraFront: rows:CC-FF :120 seats(rows 3-6)
Orchestra:  rows GG-E:264 seats (rows 7-13)
Orchestra Rear: F-S :491 seats (rows 14-25)

Mezzanine AA-EE (overhangs orchestra row K) 197 Seats
Balcony Front: A-L 400 Seats
Balcony Rear: M-V: 384 seats

What will fans see at PaleyFest?
First let me state-Paley is not as insane as ComicCon. I spent over 12 hours in the same ballroom just to keep my seat in order to see the True Blood panel. (no assigned seating or areas at ComicCon and not super organized!).
Line ups for the 2009 True Blood panel I remember started very very early (some fans were on line by 9 am).
The Saban Theater is larger than the Arclight theater where PaleyFest 2009 was held  (The Saban  holds over 1800 seats double the ArcLight capacity) There will be large monitor behind the panel to help with viewing even if the seats are not close to the stage. Here is an image from PaleyFest 2010 that show the large screen behind the panel:

Panels start with an introduction from the panel moderator. Then there will be either a screening of the show or a highlight reel. For the 2009 True Blood panel, fans saw a snippet of Season 2 featuring Sookie and the first glimpse into the Maenad. After the screening, the moderator will ask the panel questions followed by a brief fan Q&A session.

Will fans be able to get autographs?

At the end of the panel, the cast/writers usually stay around for 10 minutes to sign items and or take photos with fans. There is no guarantee that they will stay at all to sign things but they have in the past. Make sure if you want an autograph-bring something for them to sign. (or you can have them sign your PaleyFest program they most likely won’t have time to personalize the autograph ) Decide who you want to have sign your item. You may ponly have time to get a couple of signatures.  Please DON”T RUN TO THE FRONT OF THE STAGE when the panel is over! Walk , be polite, don’t shove or push other fans just to worm your way up their. I know the opposite of this has already been posted on other sites but for everyone’s safety-Don’ RUN! I was stuck in a crush of fans in 2009 and it was definitely scary. I was seated in the second row center at the Arclight and was unable to get to the front of the stage. (I did not want to risk damage to my camera) I got the heck out of the way and went to the side and wound up with amazing photos of the cast signing autographs instead. You need to be polite and not super pushy or belligerent  when asking for autographs! If the security guards see any safety risks or issues for the attendees they will rush them off the stage. I found a cool online site that has an extensive selection of TV posters and cast photos. I would recommend a smaller sized poster ie the 11X17 size instead of a huge one. The smaller size is easier to travel with and may not get damaged dealing with the crowds. The Walking Dead posters and True Blood poster and cast photos are pretty cool. The image below has a link to their site:

The photo below is one of my favorite photos from that night. I was able to get some great shots of Alexander Skarsgard signing items for his fans. He was last one to leave the stage.

Photo Credit: ©2009 B.Henderson

Mishmash blog  has a great write-up and timeline of the 2010 PaleyFest panel for Cougar Town. The photos there also give you an idea of how crowded it can get around the stage. Mishmash write up and photo gallery link found here:

Here are some great write-ups and links from the True Blood panel at PaleyFest held in 2009.

PaleyFest 2009 Video of True Blood panel at Paley site

LaIst write up:

LAist.com write up of the True Blood Panel (great blog to follow on Twitter :@TheTVJunkie)

Futoncritic write up of True Blood panel from PaleyFest 2009

Fear.net write up of PaleyFest 2009 True Blood panel (they also had a camera crew for the panel and got some great footage of the fans lined up for the True Blood panel

I wound up taking a photo of this fan with her friend in the theater before the panel started. She wrote about her experience for TrueBlood.net at the True Blood panel. Here is a link to her write-ups. (the first link has the photo I took of them)



I hope this helps answer any questions you may have for PaleyFest 2011. If not please leave your question in the comments section and I’ll get an answer for it posted. Stay tuned for Part 2 of PaleyFest 2011 Guide where I will cover how to plan and make sure you can get some great photos at the event . Just a reminder–NO FLASH is allowed when taking photos during the event. Also NO VIDEO IS ALLOWED. Yes I know there will be tons of fans taping but taping is against Paley rules. Paley is a non-profit organization and they do tape the panels and release DVD’s for sale. The 2009 True Blood panel at PaleyFest was offered as a package with Season 2 DVD set sold at Target.