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True Blood Fang Friday Episode Speculations

Hopefully fans have recovered from their True Blood fangover to enjoy the new episode “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”. The new episode trailers are teasing fans as to what they might see including a new initiation for Alcide and Debbie and Jason offering Hoyt advice. (poor Hoyt). UPDATE: Boston Herald gave fans new SPOILERS LINK HERE:

In the last episode we saw the powerful witch Antonia being burned at the stake. We also learned why she hates the vampires so much. It was at their fangs she was tortured, raped and sentenced to die. (the vampire priests were probably protected by the church). As she was burning, we could hear her cast out a chant in Latin.

Her fellow “witches” held prisoner in the church dungeon could also be heard joining in on the chant. The chant was a spell that cast out the sleeping vampires to walk into the daylight..

This is what I believe is being said in the chant:

E veru ex pere en cris tuus  ex pere mori.

 flama vere  pere escapa  pere tuus spiri tuus , mori,  flama vere pere escapa,  pere  tuus mori spiri tuus ca pere


Behold, I am gone to die from the stake of thy Christ.

Truly I am gone your spirit,  your flame  I am gone, to die escape. (this is repeated)  A huge thanks to Mj from FB who found the translation (the closed captioning on her tv translated the chant):
“Hellspawn demon, creature of death. Fire shall take your very breath.”  this was repeated over and over.

As much sense as it can make but it sounds like her chant called out the vampire’s “magic/spirit” what makes them sleep during the day to leave (to escape) and to die. The vampires are seen waking into the daylight and burning up:


The priest in the front is Luis’ maker and the others are fellow vampire priests and nuns. They burn up in the daylight:

From the episode summary and also from the trailer for episode 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” we know this

With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light.

Since MarniA now knows the “spell” and is also a necromancer it makes sense that she will peform the incantation in another prayer circle. The preview trailer showed a vampire walking in the sun and yes burning up. Link here:  King Bill will have to issue an edict that the vampires will need to be chained in silver to keep them from walking into the daylight. This post showed various screencaps from the preview trailer showing Bill, Eric and Nan chained up.


Jessica is also at risk of walking into the sun and was shown in the trailer opening the door during daylight.


Either King Bill has her at his home to protect her or she is having issues with Hoyt.  It does seems that she will be cast out of Hoyt’s home perhaps (due to jealousy over Jason) and may not have had time to be “chained up”. Never fear it looks like Jason might try to save her since he is shown tackling one of King Bill’s guards. Waiting for the new episode still really sucks!


Something Witchy This Way Comes True Blood Season 4


In the latest True Blood season 4 promo video- Witches versus Vampires fans got another tease for the upcoming season. No surprise that witches will add to the supernatural mix for the show. The title of the promo does give a little hint that these are not the “good witches” perhaps and may cause some major issues for the vampires. The character of Marnie shown in image above is portrayed by Fiona Shaw. Her cast mates have said nothing but great things about her work on the show.

The whole idea of having her character as a “necromancer” has also intrigued fans and yes led to more questions. In the witches vs. vampires video we do hear Lafayette pose the question “where are you going to get  dead body”? Yes just what is it that Marnie intends to do with that dead body? Raise it? Perhaps on the guise of helping but instead has another motive?

We did get to see the way that Alexander Skarsgard will be interpreting Eric Northman as he “loses his identity”.  In the video we see Eric at Sookie’s home and he definitely looks much like his viking vamp self. Even at the Moon and Goddess we see Eric “taking a bite” out of Marnie. She is wearing the same shirt as in the first image above so it is from the wiccan prayer circle scene. They are not having a post coital bite (clothes are on) So why take the bite? More to muddle the “waters” I believe. Why doesn’t the silver chain she is shown wearing in the first image protect her from the bite? (it could be white gold but she is also wearing what look like silver rings on her right hand below) Or maybe it does. We do see a very different Eric in some of the other videos. tbs4witch090

Eric does look very “different” below. But still not like the Eric we see in the first waiting sucks video. Something “else” must happen in between. (can’t wait to finally find out just how the heck it all happens)


Ok yes vampires bite humans but why is Eric doing that? Marnie does not look the one he would normally “taste” (as he called it in season one). Was it an act of dominance? Or more of the big old bad viking vamp for fans to see so it contrasts against the vulnerable Eric we see later in the video? It was cool for me as a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books to finally have a glimpse into some of the “book 4” action. Yes the show is different from the books yada yada yada. Still loosely based on the books so it was still cool for me to see the vulnerable Eric. Even in the “screen test” promo video we could see Alexander practicing the “vulnerable” Eric by changing the gaze of his eyes.


Photo credit:©2011 HBO screen test promo video cap

Way too many possiblities for that for me to try and cover in just a few sentences. Either way I hope we get some more glimpses and possilibilities for the witchy mayhem in the next promo!

Bill Compton is seen “entertaining” a dark haired beauty in this video. At first it did look like it might be a bit twisted if it were indeed Portia Bellefleur (cast by Courtney Ford). I kept wondering if it were not really Portia in these images. (I just can’t imagine Alan Ball having Bill Compton “entertain” a possible  relative that is even too creepy a thought to shake). If it is not Portia who could it be?

I also  thought it could be the wiccan character of “Daisy”. The hair color is not the same (but these videos are great for throwing fans off a lot). A new character that was cast for Season 4 was Paola Turbay who will play the character of Antonia. Casting news posted here for her character of Antonia. Could this be her in these scenes? Not much has been said of her character for the new season. So far all we know is below from the casting call:

True Blood’s Season 4 episode 4.03 “If you love me-why am I dyin?”

[ANTONIA] 20s to 40s. FIERCE. Must speak fluent Spanish. First appears in episode 2 and then again in episodes 3,4,5 and 6.

When the casting call first came out there was some buzz on how she may be connected to Jesus. Could she be a relative? Is she another witch? Way too many questions still waiting for more “clues”.

Here are some other images of Ms. Turbay:

The character of Portia had a “possible nudity” listed in the casting call but in this scene we see a t-shirt clad partner. The promos really don’t give away all the goods and the actual scene may have more “showing’. It had been bugging me. I’m not ruling out that it still is the character of Portia but I’m now wondering if it is really Antonia in those scenes. We really don’t see enough of her face to really tell just who is it that Bill is with in those scenes.

Photo credit: ©2011 HBO Witches vs. Vampires image showing Bill's partner

The screen cap above shows a bit more from a different angle. The shape of the nose could be Paola’s. (the tip of the nose looks like hers) The facial structure is similar. But then Alan Ball is great at misleading fans in these videos. I just took a look at the possibility from a different angle. Also found it interesting that the promo showed the following image below right after Bill’s love scene.  When did Bill get the fancy hidey hole? Probably part of the remodeling of his home that we see completed. (interesting also how his side burns don’t magically re-appear every time he “sleeps”. )
Whoever it is that Bill is “entertaining” it will be interesting to find out just what she will mean to Bill. Will Bill Compton continue his plans of eliminating every vampire who has had some of Sookie’s blood to protect her? It was quite a big “deal” to him in season 3 finale. It definitely made for a heck of a plot twist and cause of a lot of anxiety for some fans.

Hopefully there will be a new promo video this weekend. Pretty sure some questions will be answered but also sure there will be many more raised. Waiting sucks indeed! Can’t wait for season 4. Hope to hear from other fans on what they “see” in the videos and images.




True Blood Season 4 Casting News: Meet Antonia

Deadline.com announced that Paola Turbay has jointed HBO’s True Blood cast as a recurring member. She will play the part of Antonia. Below is the casting call for her role:

True Blood’s Season 4 episode 4.03 “If you love me-why am I dyin?”

[ANTONIA] 20s to 40s. FIERCE. Must speak fluent Spanish. First appears in episode 2 and then again in episodes 3,4,5 and 6.

The Houston, TX-born Turbay, who moved to Colombia at age 10, is former Miss Colombia and Miss Universe runner-up. She made her U.S. series debut as a regular on CBS’ Cane and has been recurring on USA’s Royal Pains. Turbay is with Domain and KLWG Management. SOURCE