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PaleyFest 2013 Presents “The Big Bang Theory” Cast Panel Images



PaleyFest 2013 presented the cast and producers of “The Big Bang Theory” last night at the Saban Theater. I had a blast at the panel. The cast really were appreciative of all the fans who lined up for hours last night. This panel was one of the first ones to sell out.

EW.com posted the highlights of the panel. Images in the gallery below were taken by site admin.

Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, and Raj Koothrappali may not be doctors of the medical sort, but they still know how to serve up a heaping dosage of best medicine (a.k.a. laughs — lots of them) to a sold-out audience. At least, that’s what their real-life counterparts — along with other cast members and writer-producers of The Big Bang Theory — did Wednesday evening for the CBS comedy’s PaleyFest panel in Beverly Hills’ Saban Theatre.

The event, presented by the Paley Center for Media, was pretty short on spoilers. The production schedule is currently not that far ahead of viewers, who will get to see the 19th episode of season 6 tonight, but there were plenty of entertaining and funny behind-the-scenes stories and playful moments among the talent on the panel, which was moderated byNCIS actress Pauley Perrette.

Read on for 10 highlights from the Big Bang Theory panel.


1. The scene when Penny first tells Leonard “I love you” was shot in only one take
Kaley Cuoco (Penny), whose face brightened with a big grin when asked about this scene, revealed that she and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) pulled it off in just one “very special take.” Executive producer Steven Molaro recalled telling the two actors, “‘That was beautiful. It’s never gonna be better than that,’ and then Kaley said to Johnny, ‘I don’t know about you, but we started the scene, and it was like the audience went away and the cameras went away and it was just us.’” – and that got a big “awww” out of the PaleyFest crowd.

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2. Everybody loves Lucy
The cast and writers seem to be having a fun time with Kate Micucci aboard the show playing Raj’s (sort of) girlfriend, Lucy. “It’s really fun playing opposite an actress that is talented and really listens and reacts,” Kunal Nayyar (Raj) told EW in the press tent before the panel. Inside the Saban Theatre, he told the crowd that he has enjoyed this storyline “because you play a character for six years, and in my case, you grow affection for that character. You really want to see that character succeed. It’s really lovely to see him explore that side of him, which I think has been missed for so long while he’s been seeing the growth of his friends.” Co-creator Chuck Lorre told EW that Raj and Lucy’s recent texting date won’t be the last time we see them come up with a creative way to communicate, but Raj will also “continue to rely on demon rum to help him overcome his shyness.” He’s not going to let that pesky selective mutism get in his way!


3. That spanking scene
Sheldon went old school with his punishment for Amy when she lied about being sick. Though “punishment” isn’t exactly how the delighted Amy thought of the near-BDSM experience. Jim Parsons (Sheldon) revealed that while the spanking was always in the script for that December 2012 episode, it was originally planned to be off-camera. The original gag had Amy’s spanking, along with two other points of the episode, paired with the image of Amy’s monkey mimicking the image of “see no evil,” “hear no evil” and then “speak no evil.” Ultimately, once the writers decided to put the spanking on-camera, Parsons found the scene “one of the hardest things I’ve had to do — because it was so amusing.” After Cuoco and Galecki recalled the shot needing several takes, Mayim Bialik (Amy) confessed, “There was some redness!”

4. How did last fall’s flash mob come together?
When the cast and crew surprised their studio audience — and their producers — with a flash mob dance last October, it was the result of two weeks of rehearsals. The idea was Cuoco’s, who recruited her sister to do the choreography. As for that back-spin of Galecki’s, the actor had originally expressed no interest in participating, but “I saw their last rehearsal, and after rolling my eyes for two weeks, I said, ‘I really want to be a part of this,’” Galecki recalled. He didn’t have time to learn the whole dance, but he contributed his move that he “usually save[s] for weddings.”

5. We may see Sheldon’s Meemaw in a future episode
When an audience member questioned the producers about Sheldon’s oft-talked-about but yet-to-be-seen grandmother, Molaro said, “We’ve talked about [having her appear on the show]. I certainly don’t rule it out. I don’t know how she’d feel about Amy.” When that last comment was met with nervous laughter and hmms from the audience, Molaro quickly followed up: “She loves Amy! She will love Amy!”

6. How does one call up George Takei to ask him to do that scene?
When the writers created the scene in which Howard has a dream about Battlestar Galacticahottie Katee Sackhoff that is soon interrupted by George Takei, the task of calling up the celebrated Star Trek actor about the guest spot fell to co-creator Bill Prady. “We wrote a line of Howard saying, ‘I’m so confused’ and thought it’d be really funny if George Takei said, ‘Confused? Perhaps I can help.’” Prady said. “How do I say to this guy that he’s a possible homosexual fantasy? … Finally I said, ‘Alright, so you know you’re gay, right?’ and he said,” — cue George Takei accent — “’That’s news. I’ll tell my husband.’”

7. Tonight’s episode is a touching and emotional one
Tonight’s episode, titled “The Closet Reconfiguration,” centers around a discovery Sheldon makes when reorganizing Bernadette and Howard’s closet: He unwittingly opens a letter from Howard’s father (who abandoned Howard and Mrs. Wolowitz when he was a kid) that our favorite diminutive engineer has never braved opening and reading in all the time since he received it at age 18. It’s an emotion-filled episode, the cast said, that features each character supporting Howard through the tough situation in their own way. “You get to see how good [Howard’s] friends really are and how kind of fallible they are and yet unflappable. They don’t change. But everybody is coming from a sweet, good place,” Simon Helberg (Howard) told EW. “They’re all put in a position to figure out how to best support their friend,” Galecki told EW. “It’s a sensitive issue, and I think the conclusion that they come to is really smart and unique and has never been done on television before. It’s one of my favorite episodes, I swear to God. I’m not just saying that because it’s airing tomorrow! It really is.”

8. How will the season 6 finale compare to last season’s big closer?
“That was pretty big,” Lorre said to EW of the season 5 finale. “A wedding and a Russian rocket into space is pretty big. I think we can safely say this [year’s finale] will be smaller, more intimate.”


9. The tale of Melissa Rauch’s “Smurfette”
The biggest applause of the night was saved for the hilarious Melissa Rauch (Bernadette), both when she impersonated Howard’s mother’s voice, and when she told a story about getting her makeup removed following the day of shooting this season’s Halloween episode. Getting off all that blue Smurf makeup required some hot towels and the work of Rauch’s regular makeup artist and two assistants, both of whom were men. “It was getting late, and I’m starting to fall asleep,” Rauch recalled, “and I lifted my legs up to get the rest of the makeup off and heard the guy laugh and thought, ‘Oh, they’re just telling jokes.’ But then I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘What’s that?! Dear Lord Jesus, that’s my business!’ I had totally exposed myself! I put my legs down and just said to them, ‘Long night!’ That is the tale of my Smurfette!”

(it was great to see Melissa last night- she was “Summer” on True Blood)


10. Where did ‘bazinga’ come from?
Sheldon’s catchphrase now beloved by fans and nerdy T-shirt companies everywhere got its start as now-showrunner Steven Molaro’s catchphrase. Prady told the audience that during the show’s second season, Molaro would use the word to mean “gotcha” when he pulled a trick on a fellow writer. A “bazinga” was in order, for example, when Molaro gave Prady a grapefruit that turned out to be hollowed out then carefully taped back together. And that’s how the catchphrase of smug, trickster Sheldon was born.


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PaleyFest 2013 The Walking Dead Panel Photos


PaleyFest 2013 openend last night at the Saban Theater with the cast of AMC”s “The Walking Dead”. It was a great night and a lot of fun to see a sneek peak of the episode that will air on Sunday 3/3/13. Chris Hardwick was an amazing moderator and asked the cast some great questions. I’m compiling the notes from the panel and will post here as soon as done.

Deadline.com has great coverage here for the panel:

EW.com posted the “10 things we learned from the cast last night”:

1. Character development will play a big role in Season Four.
“I think there may be a wee bit less of the run and gun. And [we’ll] get a little more into some of our characters,” Executive Producer Greg Nicotero told EW. “The challenge with a show like this, when you have a big ensemble, is you don’t want any of the characters to get lost; it’s important that we know what Carol’s story is and that we know what Beth’s story is. And when you’re trying to service a lot of characters, it becomes challenging. Watching the first season of Walking Dead and seeing how grounded it was, that’s really important to all of us. Andy Lincoln and I spent a lot of time going through the scripts and making sure we feel that they’re grounded. Because that’s what keeps our audience coming back. The walkers and the gore and the action and stuff, that’s fun, that’s the popcorn part of it. But if you don’t have characters that people are invested in, you lose your audience.”

2. Rick’s descent into madness won’t last for long
Even though Carl doesn’t seem to think that he’s fit to lead anymore, Andrew Lincoln assured EW that Rick isn’t going to be this way forever. “I think you’ll see in the next episode a turning point happens and he realizes his responsibilities. And hopefully he’ll come back from the brink. But certainly since the death of Lori and the pressure imposed by The Governor, he is in a state of shock, grief, and stress, and he has had a breakdown. It’s tough times for Rick, but it’s always tough times for him, isn’t it? He never gets a day off, this guy.” Later in the panel, Lincoln came back to Carl’s criticism: “He has a point. I have been making some terrible calls. So, you know, bless him. Parenting in the apocalypse.”

3. Daryl could lead, but he’d probably rather not
Norman Reedus immediately deflected the idea that he’s become the fan favorite. “We all have our people,” he said. But when asked whether or not he thinks Daryl has the capacity to step up and lead the group, Reedus was much more assured. “I don’t think he wants to be the leader in any way. Like with Randall, remember Randall? There’s a whole episode about ‘what do we do with Randall’ and Daryl just kind of quietly went in there and beat the s— out of him and came back with bloody knuckles and was like ‘yeah, what’s up?’ He wasn’t like ‘look at me, look what I did!” I think if he had to lead, it would be reluctantly,” said Reedus. “He doesn’t want to talk about feelings or make you feel better about the future. He just does stuff. He gets it done.”

4. What Glenn really wants
Steven Yeun said in Glenn’s perfect world, “The Governor would be dead and he would be happy with Maggie in a field full of…food.” He said his world would be like a savory Willy Wonka factory. With steak trees.

5. Everyone is scared of Carl the child soldier
Lincoln said of Carl’s recent changes: “I see a boy turning into a soldier, which is a terrifying thing. And I think that that story between the group, the family, and this seemingly wayward boy turning into a child soldier is a terrifying and very interesting arc that we follow in the last five episodes.”

6. Andrea does not have feelings for The Governor anymore
Laurie Holden told EW: “I think she thinks The Governor is disgusting at this point. She didn’t sleep with him because she was having a weak moment. She slept with him because she had every intention of doing what Carol suggested. But it’s not easy to just slit someone’s throat when they’re sleeping. She doesn’t have all the information. She doesn’t know about Maggie, but at this point it doesn’t matter. He’s gross to her.” In the panel discussion, Hardwick referred to the almost murder as “Carol’s creepy vagina warfare,” causing Reedus and Lincoln to fall apart laughing.

7. Shipping Daryl and Carol
An audience member asked if we’re ever going to see them make out. Reedus said, “I like these two damaged people gravitating towards each other. It might happen…I don’t want to make the first move.” Reedus added, “I don’t think he has much game.” Given the shrieks that comment solicited, either he actually does have game, or he doesn’t and his female fans just don’t care.

8. Andrea and Michonne: not a cat fight 
Holden told the audience that “Andrea and Michonne are two adult women who wanted different things. Andrea did not choose a guy over her. After eight months she wanted a life and she wanted a community. I think this one [Michonne] could have ended up anywhere and she would have been unhappy.” She added, “I think that she didn’t want to share Andrea with anybody. She was happy when it was just the two of them. And I wish that they really had been able to have a deeper conversation before Michonne left those gates.”

8. If Season Two ended with a hopeful cliffhanger…
“I would say [the Season Three finale] is the opposite of last year. In every way,” Holden said.

9. Season Four is underway
Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd told EW that “the writer’s room has cooked up the first eight episodes, and they’ll probably start writing next week. And we start shooting May 6. We’re still finishing the season finale – editing and music.”

10. If you’re a fan, they’re listening to what you have to say
Comic creator and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman told EW, “we have the best fans in the world. If you go to the site, you see the message boards and can find out what they like and what they don’t like. We look at that, so we know sort of what fans want and what we don’t. They’ve given us a lot of interesting ideas. We’re ultimately going to do something that’s entirely unique and ours, but the fans are going to be very happy.” Sometimes the suggestions aren’t entirely helpful, but amusing nonetheless. Kirkman said, “we get a lot of requests for zombie animals.” EP David Alpert added, jokingly, “I’m not going to rule out seeing a zombie polar bear in Season Four. Because you never know.”

The gallery below are the photos I was able to get during the panel. enjoy!

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PaleyFest 2013 Full Panel Announced


PaleyFest 2013 released the full listing of TV shows to be featured:

The full schedule below:

Friday, March 1: Opening Night Presentation: The Walking Dead (7:00 pm)
Saturday, March 2: Revolution (7:00 pm)
Sunday, March 3: Once Upon A Time (1:00 pm matinee presentation) and The Newsroom (7:00 pm)
Tuesday, March 5: Community (7:00 pm)
Wednesday, March 6: The New Normal (7:00 pm)
Thursday, March 7: Parenthood (7:00 pm)
Friday, March 8: The Mindy Project (7:00 pm)
Saturday, March 9: Nashville (1:00 pm matinee presentation) and Arrow (7:00 pm)
Sunday, March 10: Dallas (1:00 pm matinee presentation)
Monday, March 11: New Girl (7:00 pm)
Wednesday, March 13: The Big Bang Theory (7:00 pm)
Thursday, March 14: 2 Broke Girls (7:00 pm)
Friday, March 15: Closing Night Presentation:  American Horror Story: Asylum (7:00 pm)

The PaleyFest takes place at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Ticket sales will open to members on 1/10/13. To purchase special packages please visit: Paley.org. There are new options this year for ticket packages. The full festival pass : Showrunner pass costs $1499 and includes one ticket for every panel. (and seating in the first row) There are 2 other packages based on genre:

Studio Pass Genre: purchase link here

One (1) guaranteed ticket to 4 Los Angeles PaleyFest 2013 events at Saban Theatre

The Walking Dead March 1st, 7pm

Revolution March 2nd, 7pm

Once Upon A Time March 3rd, 1pm

American Horror Story: Asylum March 15th, 7pm

Premium seat within the first four rows of Saban Theatre for the 4 PaleyFest 2013 events with your pass

Priority entry to the Saban Theatre for the 4 Festival events with your pass

Exclusive access to the PaleyFest 2013 Showrunner’s Lounge at the Saban Theatre prior to the 4 PaleyFest events with your pass

•    Parking Pass for 1 vehicle for the 4 PaleyFest 2013 events with your pass
•    Limited Edition PaleyFest 2013 Studio Pass Souvenir lanyard
•    Deluxe PaleyFest 2013 souvenir program
•    Terms and conditions apply

Studio Pass: Comedy: link here:

One (1) guaranteed ticket to 4 Los Angeles PaleyFest 2013 events at Saban Theatre

Community March 5th, 7pm

The New Normal March 6th, 7pm

New Girl March 11th, 7pm

The Big Bang Theory March 13th, 7pm

Premium seat within the first four rows of Saban Theatre for the 4 PaleyFest 2013 events with your pass

Priority entry to the Saban Theatre for the 4 Festival events with your pass

Exclusive access to the PaleyFest 2013 Showrunner’s Lounge at the Saban Theatre prior to the 4 PaleyFest events with your pass

•    Parking Pass for 1 vehicle for the 4 PaleyFest 2013 events with your pass
•    Limited Edition PaleyFest 2013 Studio Pass Souvenir lanyard
•    Deluxe PaleyFest 2013 souvenir program
•    Terms and conditions apply

The Walking Dead was featured at PaleyFest 2011 and was a lot of fun. The show was still new and fans really enjoyed the chance to see the cast. I had a blast and was able to get some nice photos of the cast. Can’t wait to see them again at PaleyFest. Revolution is another show I’ve been hooked on and really am looking forward to seeing the cast at the panel.

Individual ticket sales to members will open up on 1/11/13 and to non-members on 1/13/13.  Price of tickets based on seating:

Orchestra Front General price $75/member price $60

Orchestra: $45/$35

Orchestra Rear/Mezzanine:  $35/$25

Balcony Front: $25/15

Balcony Rear: $20/$10

Ticket sales are handled by TicketWeb: Link here to their page for PaleyFest. In order to purchase at the member price a valid Paley membership number is needed. Good luck!

For more information on PaleyFest please visit this fan guide to Paley linked here: (seating chart for the Saban is also on the link)

PaleyFest 2013 First Three Shows Announced

PALEYFEST is happy to announce events with the cast and creators of The NewsroomRevolutionOnce Upon A Time. The full line up of shows to be featured at PaleyFest will be announced on Wednesday January 9. 2013.

PaleyFest  2013 will run from March 1-15, 2013 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. The event brings together the stars and creative forces of TV’s most beloved shows with fans of those shows. This will be the 30th PaleyFest.

The Paley Fest 2013 Showrunner Pass is on sale now. The cost is high but it comes with a lot of perks. $1499! To purchase please visit the Paley site here:

The less expensive pass will be on sale in January 2013:

Tickets will go on sale to members for studio passes on 1/9/2013. Individual tickets will be sold on 1/11/2013 to members and to the general public on 1/13/2013.

I wrote up a fan guide to PaleyFest in 2011. Here is the link to a detailed post describing the layout of the theatre, what to expect during the festival:

PaleyFest fan guide part 1:

It’s a fun festival and a wonderful opportunity to hear from the cast of your favorite TV shows. I’m keeping fingers crossed that True Blood will be featured in 2013. I’m pretty sure that The Walking Dead will be included as well for 2013. I got a lot of fun photos of the cast in PaleyFest 2011. Hope to see some of the fans there! I know for 2013 I will be there for the Revolution panel (Love that show!)