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Pre-Order True Blood Comics Issue Number 4

Another installment to the True Blood Comics series is available for pre-order. This issue will focus on the character of “Alcide”. The cover for the issue is shown in the image above.

[box] Alan Ball’s hit HBO series continues its ongoing comic tale. Learn what happened to your favorite characters on the night vampires revealed their existence to the world, with this issue focusing on ALCIDE! Co-Written by Michael McMillian, “Steve Newlin” from the show, with fan-favorite Ann Nocenti (Daredevil, Green Arrow)! Series features covers by Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher)! 32 pages[/box]


Michael McMillian was at WonderCon signing autographs for fans in the image below. He is also the author of the comic series “Lucid”. photos from WonderCon of the signing are here:

The comic is available for pre-order at HBO.com store. Also keep an eye out at your local comic book store. I know at ours you are able to ‘pre-order’ the series.

Michael McMillian Photos WonderCon Day 2

IDW included True Blood’s very own Michael McMillian as a featured guest at their booth on day 2 of WonderCon 2012. He was so nice to us when we stopped by for him to autograph our True Blood comics. Fans also brought along  copies of “Lucid”.  Michael is the author for the comic series.

Warner Bros. picked up the rights to Archaia Entertainment’s comic book mini-series “Lucid”. for writer-producer Akiva Goldsman to develop and produce as a potential new film franchise. Zachary Quinto’s production banner Before the Door, which created the book, also is on board to adapt the property for the bigscreen. SOURCE:

The images in the gallery below show him signing away! Huge thanks again to IDW for having him at WonderCon. (fun to see Michael without his “Newlin” flip hair!)

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True Blood Comic Book Series New Fourth Edition Announced

HBO announced that the fourth series of the True Blood comics will be released in May. “True Blood” ongoing series has revealed the full creative team on “True Blood” Series 4. The ongoing will be written by “Green Arrow” writer Ann Nocenti and “True Blood” actor Michael McMillian with creative collaboration from “True Blood” producer Alan Ball and art by Michael Gaydos.

IDW announced the True Blood ongoing series in late 2011. This follows three mini-series based on the television show: “True Blood: All Together Now”, “True Blood: Tainted Love” (images shown below) and “True Blood: The Fourth Quarter”.

Michael McMillian, Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Michael McMillian talks about the comic series in the video below:

True Blood’s Michael McMillian Lucid Comic Hardcover Release Party

Deborah Woll at Lucid Hardcover release Golden Apple Comics

Golden Apple Comics hosted the Lucid Comic Hardcover release tonight with writer Michael McMillian. True Blood’s Reverend Newlin was on hand to sign copies for fans. Michael posted photos via twitter of his True Blood friends who came out to show support. Deborah Woll-True Blood’s Jessica Hamby is shown above. Anna Camp-True Blood’s Sarah Newlin also was there to support her True Blood husband. (photo below)

Great to see the fellow True Blood castmates supporting Michael! Lucid is published by Archaia.


Meet True Blood’s Michael McMillian


True Blood’s Michael McMillian who portrays Rev. Steve Newlin will be doing a book signing for his new hard cover version of his comic book, Lucid, today, May 18th from 6-8PM at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles. The gracious actor has said that if any True Blood fans have True Blood Tainted Love comics, he will sign those as well. I’ve been able to meet Michael at a few other signings and he is always great to all the fans!

Source: Inside True Blood – Meet Steve Newlin!


True Blood’s Reverend Cast In Cleveland

Photo Credit: © 2010 B.Henderson

TVLine reported that True Blood’s own Reverend Newlin-Michael McMillian has been cast in the show “Hot in Cleveland”.  He will guest star as Owen, the son the character Joy put up for adoption when she was 15.  “Hot in Cleveland” airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c. Michael’s episode is set to air tentatively for June 22.

Michael McMillian Signing at Long Beach Comic Con

Photo Credit: ©2010 B.Henderson


Golden Apple Comics from Los Angeles hosted a signing for Michael McMillian’s second issue of his Comic “Lucid” on Saturday 10/30/10.  There were quite a few True Blood fans present at the booth in the Long Beach Comic Con. Michael who portrays Reverend Steve Newlin on True Blood was very appreciative of the fans who came to get his new comic. He also signed True Blood items. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a signing for the first issue of his Lucid comic. He remembered us! The images in the gallery below were taken at the convention. The new issue #2 will be available this month but fans were able to purchase them during the convention.

Also met one of the actress-Jennifer Wenger from True Blood-she was in episode 3 from season 2 “Scratches”. She appeared in the hot tub scene with Tara and Eggs!  (she was dressed as Wonder Woman for the Con)

Of course whenever I attend any events that are Comic related I have to bring my son and his friend who are huge comic fans! On Sunday we were all excited to see Stan Lee. My son got to meet him at San Diego Comic Con but did not get a chance to have one of his comics autographed by Mr. Lee. Luckily that changed for him this weekend.

Photo Credit: © 2010 B.Henderson

However one of the big highlights for this Con was for my son and that was the Stan Lee signing event. The lines were long as can be expected for Stan. My son patiently waited for Mr. Lee to sign his two Spider Man comics. (photo above shows Stan signing his two comics) Mr. Lee enjoyed seeing a young fan with some of his older comics. My son had saved up his allowance in order to buy the issues. One of them was issue #12 and the other was issue #100.

Photo Credit: ©2010 B.Henderson

The autograph was also witnessed by CGC and the signed comics were sent off for grading so my son only had a few minutes with the signed comics. The Con was a lot of fun for all the fans young and old. Looking forward to next year.



Michael McMillian Signing at Long Beach Comic Con.

Michael McMillian Signing of Lucid at Collector


Photo Credit: ©2010 B.Henderson

Michael McMillian Signing of Lucid at Collector.

Michael McMilian was signing copies of his comic “Lucid” today 9/11/10 at Collectible Comics store in Winnetka, CA. He was very nice to all the fans and we chatted a bit about True Blood. Yes the Reverend Steve Newlin will make an appearance on True Blood’s season 3 finale but no news yet on whether he will be back in season 4.

The link above contains info on the signing and also links to the great comic book store where the signing was held. I highly recommend a visit to the store for any fans in the California area. The store also has an online store for those fans who are unable to make a visit in person. thanks again to Michael for spending time with us today. The second issue of “Lucid” is due out later this month. The gallery below contains the photos I took at the signing.

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