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True Blood Season 5 Call Sheet Lucky 13th Filming

Inside True Blood blog recently posted the image below:

True Blood Season 5 call sheet

As Gianna says on the blog “nothing like stunts on the unluckiest day (today being 1/13). What I really found interesting was how it states that it was day 3 of 4 for filming. The other days were filmed on site (images taken yesterday of the exterior link here:)  So now I really do wonder if they did have the “brothel” flashback at that location. Waiting really SUCKS!


First Look At True Blood’s Fae Queen


True Blood fans had a chance to see the first 3 minutes of season 4 premiere episode on HBOGo this past Sunday. If that tease was not enough fans will have another chance to see even a bit more on June 5 on HBOGo. HBO ran a short trailer last night and I noticed this new image in the trailer (Posted above)

This image appears right after the scene where Sookie is shown using her “energy hands” and is zapping someone. I believe this is our first glimpse into the Fae Queen Mab. The casting call for her character:

[QUEEN MAB] Late 30s – 40s, a powerful, regal, magnificent woman who commands a mysterious realm, and she’s filled with rage when her plans are thwarted…UPDATE: Cast by Rebecca Wisocky

The mysterious realm we now know is the Fae Land where Sookie beams up with Claudine. Just wonder now what the “plans are thrwarted”  part of the casting call will mean. Some fans feel that the Queen wants to keep Sookie there forever to use her powers to help wage a war with other supernaturals. Waiting sucks and now even more!

So don’t blink when you watch any of the True Blood sneek peeks and trailers or you just might miss out on some very interesting clips. Tune in on HBOGo on June 5 to see what Alan Ball has in store for us in Season 4 of True Blood.

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True Blood Season 4 Sneaky Peek Clues



The True Blood season 4 video that aired on ExtraTV yesterday was touted as a sneek peek. HBO once again is being extra sneaky! Yes that is sneaky not just a sneek peek! There were some new images shown in the newest video trailer for season 4. SPOILER HEAVY post!


Yes fans we have Eric Northman doing a psa for the AVL! Of course they would use the Viking Vamipire tax paying sheriff of area 5 for the tv. More footage was shown of the protesters outside of Fangtasia.


Baby vampire Jessica Hamby is shown strutting in by herself (perhaps) into Fangtasia. (our little baby girl vamp is growing into her fangs)


Eric Northman was not the only vampire though that is in front of the cameras. (Bill  with Nan in his office. that is quite a sly smirk)



Wonder what he means by take care of it. (no surprise it means he will place nice and be the AVL Vampire liason representative perhaps?)


In the sneek peek  Bill Compton looks like the AVL poster vampire. Nan Flanigan is shown in Bill’s office with a warning to not take human livves. (hey he is mainstreaming and does not imbibe human blood well not that much of it..)


We see a very smiley Portia at one of the public save face PR events the AVL is perhaps hosting in front of the cameras.



(looks like a ribbon cutting ceremony) The AVL will probably build a few community amenities-hospitals, centers to help boost the “good vampire” image and hopefully repair the damage done by King Russell Edginton’s televised tirade. Could the AVL have Bill Compton running for a politcal office perhaps?  He looks very much like a politician in this video.


Jason Stackhouse is still tied up but we did see the possiblility that there was another critter in the room. The images  show another Hotshot citizen: Felton Norris. UPDATE: Looks like Crystal may be the one biting?





Jason is pleading and Felton is saying “as long as we get what we want” ie have Jason “turned” into one of them. Crystal is shown next to Jason so there is definitely someone/something else in the shed. (and it looks like a shifter in panther form)


This capture shows Felton Norris and Crystal in same frame/shed. Nodding in unison.

s4trailer042Felton is seen almost nodding in the same way that the black cat does. (and Crystal seems to be nodding back-perhaps Felton is the one in critter form doing the biting?) UPDATE-looks like blood on Crystal’s mouth!



Sam gets a bit of nookie for once.



The very hot Antonia (or so I think) portrayed by Paola Turbay. The latina is seen in an office and Sam is asking were you sent here to seduce me. This one may be a video sequencing switcheroo. It could be also another female trying to woo Sam?


Jessica is seen in a bathroom stall saying to Hoyt (I can eat whoever I want). Does not bode well for the JessOyt romance.


Alcide is in Sookie’s home. (perhaps monitoring the repairs on the Stackhouse home).

This looks like Sookie and Bill crossing paths in a hallway. (looks like Sookie)


The wiccans are still busy with another circle ceremony. In this new one we see Marnie re-animate a dead bird.








Definitely a different looking “altar” in this ceremony. Perhaps Marnie is practicing reanimation before taking on a dead human body? Is Alan Ball using the storyline from one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels where they were going to contact the famous vodoo priestess and that led to Hadley’s true death in the books? (and put his own spin on it  and have Marie raise a dead powerful witch?)


My theory that perhaps Eric Northman does NOT bite Marnie may have some truth. (ok he probably bit her but not in this video) The prior videos show Eric going in for a bit of Marnie while standing. But in this sneek peek video Marnie is on the floor on her back. We see Eric going in for the bite in the image above but at the last minute is shown turning his head to his left.


Oh Mr. Northman what big fangs you have....




Someone or something has stopped him. (who knows..could be that dang bird biting him in the gracious aplenty but perhaps this is the pre-spell scene)


Oh and almost forgot-Tara is still pissed off at everyone. Especially the vampires! UPDATE:  Jesus can be seen behind Tara to her right in the video (I’ll do a larger version of the cap). It looks like he may be taking care of Marnie on the ground. Tara mentions being attacked by a vampire (re. her attack by Franklin) and is speaking to Lafayette:


Waiting for the new season does suck very much but at least we keep getting teased with the new videos! Love to hear from other fans on what they saw in the video.


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True Blood Season 4 Sneek Peek ExtraTV video Screen Caps


The screen cap images in the gallery below are from True Blood season 4 sneek peek video from ExtraTV. We see Eric Northman doing a Public Service Announcement video and a few more very ineresting items.

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True Blood Season 4 Promo Extra TV Video Sneek Peek

A higher resolution video for the sneek peek video of True Blood’s season 4  that Extra TV aired: A huge thanks to KD! working on the screen caps now!

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Something Witchy This Way Comes True Blood Season 4


In the latest True Blood season 4 promo video- Witches versus Vampires fans got another tease for the upcoming season. No surprise that witches will add to the supernatural mix for the show. The title of the promo does give a little hint that these are not the “good witches” perhaps and may cause some major issues for the vampires. The character of Marnie shown in image above is portrayed by Fiona Shaw. Her cast mates have said nothing but great things about her work on the show.

The whole idea of having her character as a “necromancer” has also intrigued fans and yes led to more questions. In the witches vs. vampires video we do hear Lafayette pose the question “where are you going to get  dead body”? Yes just what is it that Marnie intends to do with that dead body? Raise it? Perhaps on the guise of helping but instead has another motive?

We did get to see the way that Alexander Skarsgard will be interpreting Eric Northman as he “loses his identity”.  In the video we see Eric at Sookie’s home and he definitely looks much like his viking vamp self. Even at the Moon and Goddess we see Eric “taking a bite” out of Marnie. She is wearing the same shirt as in the first image above so it is from the wiccan prayer circle scene. They are not having a post coital bite (clothes are on) So why take the bite? More to muddle the “waters” I believe. Why doesn’t the silver chain she is shown wearing in the first image protect her from the bite? (it could be white gold but she is also wearing what look like silver rings on her right hand below) Or maybe it does. We do see a very different Eric in some of the other videos. tbs4witch090

Eric does look very “different” below. But still not like the Eric we see in the first waiting sucks video. Something “else” must happen in between. (can’t wait to finally find out just how the heck it all happens)


Ok yes vampires bite humans but why is Eric doing that? Marnie does not look the one he would normally “taste” (as he called it in season one). Was it an act of dominance? Or more of the big old bad viking vamp for fans to see so it contrasts against the vulnerable Eric we see later in the video? It was cool for me as a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books to finally have a glimpse into some of the “book 4” action. Yes the show is different from the books yada yada yada. Still loosely based on the books so it was still cool for me to see the vulnerable Eric. Even in the “screen test” promo video we could see Alexander practicing the “vulnerable” Eric by changing the gaze of his eyes.


Photo credit:©2011 HBO screen test promo video cap

Way too many possiblities for that for me to try and cover in just a few sentences. Either way I hope we get some more glimpses and possilibilities for the witchy mayhem in the next promo!

Bill Compton is seen “entertaining” a dark haired beauty in this video. At first it did look like it might be a bit twisted if it were indeed Portia Bellefleur (cast by Courtney Ford). I kept wondering if it were not really Portia in these images. (I just can’t imagine Alan Ball having Bill Compton “entertain” a possible  relative that is even too creepy a thought to shake). If it is not Portia who could it be?

I also  thought it could be the wiccan character of “Daisy”. The hair color is not the same (but these videos are great for throwing fans off a lot). A new character that was cast for Season 4 was Paola Turbay who will play the character of Antonia. Casting news posted here for her character of Antonia. Could this be her in these scenes? Not much has been said of her character for the new season. So far all we know is below from the casting call:

True Blood’s Season 4 episode 4.03 “If you love me-why am I dyin?”

[ANTONIA] 20s to 40s. FIERCE. Must speak fluent Spanish. First appears in episode 2 and then again in episodes 3,4,5 and 6.

When the casting call first came out there was some buzz on how she may be connected to Jesus. Could she be a relative? Is she another witch? Way too many questions still waiting for more “clues”.

Here are some other images of Ms. Turbay:

The character of Portia had a “possible nudity” listed in the casting call but in this scene we see a t-shirt clad partner. The promos really don’t give away all the goods and the actual scene may have more “showing’. It had been bugging me. I’m not ruling out that it still is the character of Portia but I’m now wondering if it is really Antonia in those scenes. We really don’t see enough of her face to really tell just who is it that Bill is with in those scenes.

Photo credit: ©2011 HBO Witches vs. Vampires image showing Bill's partner

The screen cap above shows a bit more from a different angle. The shape of the nose could be Paola’s. (the tip of the nose looks like hers) The facial structure is similar. But then Alan Ball is great at misleading fans in these videos. I just took a look at the possibility from a different angle. Also found it interesting that the promo showed the following image below right after Bill’s love scene.  When did Bill get the fancy hidey hole? Probably part of the remodeling of his home that we see completed. (interesting also how his side burns don’t magically re-appear every time he “sleeps”. )
Whoever it is that Bill is “entertaining” it will be interesting to find out just what she will mean to Bill. Will Bill Compton continue his plans of eliminating every vampire who has had some of Sookie’s blood to protect her? It was quite a big “deal” to him in season 3 finale. It definitely made for a heck of a plot twist and cause of a lot of anxiety for some fans.

Hopefully there will be a new promo video this weekend. Pretty sure some questions will be answered but also sure there will be many more raised. Waiting sucks indeed! Can’t wait for season 4. Hope to hear from other fans on what they “see” in the videos and images.




Meet True Blood’s Michael McMillian


True Blood’s Michael McMillian who portrays Rev. Steve Newlin will be doing a book signing for his new hard cover version of his comic book, Lucid, today, May 18th from 6-8PM at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles. The gracious actor has said that if any True Blood fans have True Blood Tainted Love comics, he will sign those as well. I’ve been able to meet Michael at a few other signings and he is always great to all the fans!

Source: Inside True Blood – Meet Steve Newlin!


Sookie Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris shares with fans at the Michigan Theater

Photo Credit: ©2011 Melanie Maxwell, AnnArbor.com

Charlaine Harris shared some tidbits about the latest Sookie Stackhouse book at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. The full article is below:

Sookie Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris shares with fans at the Michigan Theater.

Which Witch Will Wreak Havoc on True Blood Vampires


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO Witches vs.Vampires. Sookie reacting to Eric's reply to her question of "what do you want". EVERYTHING!

The new True Blood season 4 promo video has given fans some answers for what will they see but yet again even more questions are raised! The premiere synopsis stated that Jesus urges Lafayette to join a coven. The disturbing visions Lafayette has been having worried him that he was following him mom’s path into mental illness. Jesus revealed in the season 3  that he was a brujo and that perhaps Lafayette was just opening up to his new powers.

The V trip Lafayette and Jesus took together in season 3 was different for Lafayette due to the fact that Jesus has powers as a witch. Another complication for Lafayette is the fact that he has ingested the blood from a very powerful/old  vampire-Eric Northman. (I wrote about how different the blood of Eric and Bill were here:)

Jesus’ intention of helping Lafayette learn more about his personal powers and hopefully “open” them leads them the the wiccans. (this concept of  personal power is what can be viewed as magic ) In the Invitation to the set we see Jesus and Lafayette walking into the Moon and Goddess Emporium and the wiccans are performing a ritual ceremony (a magic circle).

Jesus and Lafayette walking into "Moon and Goddess" circle is different than the one shown in Witches vs. Vampires

In the new Witches vs. Vampires promo video we have a view of what looks like the same scenes that have been shown in earlier promo from above. However they are not the same! There is no altar in the first circle that Lafayette and Jesus see when they walk into the Moon and Goddess.

It looks like the group may have been holding their ceremony when Lafayette and Jesus join them the “look” of the circle changes a bit.  The look on Jesus’ face is of apprehension and fear. I keep getting the impression that Jesus feels that he made a mistake by bringing Lafayette to this group

The view shown below reveals that the wiccans are in a circle around what looks like an altar. This looks like they are holding a magic circle ceremony. I think that after Jesus and Lafayette join the wiccans in their circle they sense that yes there is a powerful force that is trying to manifest itself perhaps around Lafayette due to his connection with Eric. It is then that perhaps they try to do another ceremony. I think in between the two ceremonies is when we hear Lafayette saying “where are we going to get a dead body”. (hmmm…necromancer Marnie can raise the dead? vampires are “dead”)


Photo credit: ©2011 HBO Witches vs. Vampires promo. We see a new circle. Lafayette and Jesus have joined the wiccans. Ceremonial knife pointed at Lafayette.

The new promo is the first time we get this view.  The altar shows 3 symbols drawn on there and also a knife/sword pointing towards Lafayette. Perhaps they are trying to sever the tie/bond that Lafayette has with vampire Eric Northman? (symbolically sever the bond) The look on Jesus’ face is of apprehension and fear. I keep getting the impression that Jesus feels that he made a mistake by bringing Lafayette to this group:


I wrote about this earlier in an earlier blog post. Even Holly and Daisy are shown wondering what is going on. In this video we see a moment as if there were a flow of power that Lafayette feels-his hands are joined to someone but he reacts as if he is shocked.
The video has Lafayette asking “where are you gonna get a dead body” and then next scene that his shown is of Eric bursting through the door. The scenes are out of sequence. Lafayette is not wearing the same outfit as when he was in circle.

tbs4wsucks5017Another time we have seen the use of a “magic circle” was in the fifth installment of the Waiting Sucks video. This circle is perhaps was requested by Pam to get Marnie to “fix my maker”. No big surprise but the ceremony we see in the witches versus vampire might be the start of a spell casting perhaps. Eric is shown taking a bite out of Marnie. Perhaps after this act, the combined personal power of the wiccans causes a protection spell around Marnie and Eric “changes”. This image shows Eric after meeting Marnie. He looks very different.


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO Moments trailer aired 4/17/11

The ritual in the waiting sucks video 5  I believe shows Marnie trying to raise a powerful spirit. (to perhaps reverse a spell on Eric) tbs4wsucks5008 Jesus is shown circling Marnie with salt.(in the image above) The  salt would act to protect Marnie from the spirit being raised (and also from Pam perhaps since Vampires are created out of a magic). I still get the feeling that this ceremony does not get Pam’s desired result of “fixing her maker” but instead has Marnie become the vessel for the “spirit of a powerful witch”. There was a casting call for a priest in the 1600’s putting a powerful witch to death.  (that we might have seen put to death in the Invitation to the set video). An odd laugh comes out of Marnie in the videos shown earlier (waiting sucks #5, Invitation to the set).

It is not a surprise that Eric does “change” in season 4. Just how and why is what will keep us guessing but I think Lafayette may be a link since he has had Eric’s blood. Fans are speculating that Pam does throw Lafayette in the dungeon to protect Eric. (since Lafayette has had Eric’s blood)If the powerful witch/spirit is seeking out Eric she would need someone who has had Eric’s blood.


One other item that has been bugging me was the timing of the flashback scene for Bill Compton. His role with the Queen was of a procurer and perhaps he was in London seeking out something special for the Queen. He is seen in the image above with a male and is shown again below with a human.  (could be the same one or a different one coming to help out a friend?)tbs4witch099

The image below is from the wait is almost over promo and it seems that Bill is “scaring away” the humans.


Perhaps he finds his first “witch”? For some reason I think the figure we see running away from 80’s Punker Bill may be Marnie.


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO Spring trailer showing human running away from Punker Vamp Bill

Could that be a connection to Bon Temps? Just a guess

Perhaps the woman we see Bill having sex with in the witches vs. vampires promo is Daisy and not Portia? (both have long hair and lighting doesn’t really show if it is red or brown) Either way it will be very interesting to see just what the vampires in area 5 do to protect themselves (and their sheriff) from the new powerful group in their area. Waiting sucks. When will we learn which witch is causing the havoc? Will it just be Marnie? Perhaps Lafayette grows into his powers and becomes a powerful witch? Even Tara has some “issues” with vampires. Would love to hear from other fans what they see in the images .

True Blood’s Eric Northman Enters Season 4 Vamped Up

The new True Blood season 4 promo video has caused a huge stir among the fans. Waiting sucks even more now that we have seen some of our favorite blood suckers on screen again. Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman looks amazing this season! We see quite a few different styles to the Viking Vampire Sheriff. In the new video we see Eric making quite an entrance : Look no hands-

Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO

Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO Eric opens the door to Moon and Goddess Emporium with a gust of air!

That scene must precede the one we saw in the video “Invitation to the Set”:


Photo Credit: 2011 HBO Invitation to the Set. Eric meeting Marnie!

Yes Eric Northman, Viking Vampire sheriff of area 5 is looking quite fierce entering the Moon and Goddess Emporium but something major happens that makes him look like this:


Photo credit: 2011 HBO Moments video aired 4/25/11

Yet another look for Eric from the same location. He is still looking strong but looks like he is trying to sweet talk his way  out of a situation perhaps? This screen cap is from the new promo:


In the new promo video released 5/12/11 we see Eric looking “fierce” again at Sookie’s home.  But still not his usual vamped up self.  Yes it is great to hear Eric tell Sookie “not a dream”. Sadly though, I believe this scene is a dream sequence AGAIN! But I still have hope for the season! The softer side of Eric does show again in the promo video (screen cap at end). I think that perhaps Bill is having a “nightmare”.


In the same promo video we see a “softer” Eric speaking with Sookie:



Photo Credit: 2011 Waiting Sucks video 1

The softer vulnerable Eric was first seen in the waiting sucks video 1:

The new promo did show us more of that scene. Loved how Sookie threw that punch! Loved it even more hearing Eric ask WHY?



Yes waiting sucks! It sucks even more now that I have seen the new promo video! Love seeing Alexander as Eric and the many different looks we will see this season. It looks like Alexander Skarsgard will have a lot of scenes where he can show his acting chops. Can’t wait.