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Golden Globes 2012 HBO Party Photos

The Golden Globes just ended and the parties are starting up! HBO is celebrating with cast and some images are starting to finally pop up. Click on READ MORE for news and photos UPDATE: Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello were spotted at the party!!

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Evan Rachel Wood Nobody’s Baby – LA Times Magazine

Photo Credit: ©2011 Mark Segall LA Times Magazine

Leslie Gornstein recently interviewed Evan Rachel Wood for LA TImes Magazine. An excerpt from the interview is below.

At 23, Evan Rachel Wood has skirted most of the career checkpoints expected of Hollywood’s pretty young things: the treacly coming-of-age rom-com, the OMG-so-cutehandbag line, the Auto-Tuned vanity album.

Alas, some pigeonholes are tighter than others. “‘You’re such a bayyyyyybeee,’” Wood says, reciting the vaguely dismissive label she hears after nearly two decades in front of a camera. “I still get that a lot. But I’ve been working since I was five! I’ve seen things and lived 50 lifetimes already.”

Wood’s frustrations are as ancient as she is young. Hollywood just hates its ingenues to grow up. Mary Pickford was still pouting in ringlets at 29. Judy Garland was ordered to tape down her breasts for The Wizard of Oz. And despite being old enough to buy booze,High School Musical survivor Vanessa Hudgens continues to toil in the ghetto of tweendom.

Yet even before she mastered her multiplication tables, Wood was defying Hollywood expectations. Her big-screen debut came at nine, as the runaway daughter of an alcoholic mom in Digging to China. She landed a slew of noms for 2003’s Thirteen, channeling a gamine who huffs aerosol, shoplifts, pleasures teenage boys and, tying the bow on at-risk behavior, cuts herself. Two years later, she starred in Pretty Persuasion, packing tinderbox sexuality and Mamet-level scheming into a salmon pink school uniform. And in 2008, as Mickey Rourke’s estranged daughter in The Wrestler, she went off on daddy big time, delivering a kiss-off tirade as bruising as any pile driver.

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Evan Rachel Wood Nobody’s Baby – LA Times Magazine.