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New Eric Northman Season 4 Photo

True Blood fans have been counting down the days for the new season to start up on June 26, 2011! A new photo has been spotted showing Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse! I do believe we are seeing a glimpse into what fans will see in season 4. (Alexander Skarsgard even said at PaleyFest that Eric “does not know who he is”) Oh can’t wait to see this on the show.



UPDATE:  Alexander Skargard is wearing the same shirt he had on in the “Invitation to the Set” video promo. Hmm could this possibly be some of the “borrowed/purchased” clothing fans have read in the books? Eric does appear to be in the “Protect Sookie” mode in this photo. (the body language- his right arm is across Sookie slightly). Could he be keeping her from harms way? Love the dress Anna/Sookie is wearing in this.

Also spotted some empty “Tru Blood” bottles behind them on the table. (plus some yogurt ones?) Can’t wait!


True Blood Season 4 Casting Call 4.12


TRUE BLOOD, Episode 412, “And When I Die”
Writer: Raelle Tucker
Director: Scott Winant
Start Date: Approx. 6/15/1
Location: L.A.


[PATRICK DEVINS] 35 to 45, tough, and ruggedly attractive, he served in the military with Terry, and they share a serious history: Terry saved Patrick’s life twice. 7 out of 13 episodes next season.

[DOUG] This schlubby guy in a hard hat is Alcide’s construction foreman. 2 lines, 1 scene.


The following casting calls have also surfaced but no episode number (I think it must be for 4.12)

Civil War Character Types available for Night shoots in Calabasas (6/28/2011 THRU 7/8/2011)
Background / Male or Female / Caucasian / 25 – 60 /
Looking for a few Featured Character types that look like they could be from the Civil War Era. This would work from June 28th- July 7th, and it would be ALL night shoots in Calabasas.

People with Halloween Costumes (6/17/2011)
Background / Male or Female / AfricanAm, Caucasian / 18 – 70 /
Looking for some non-union folks with Amazing Halloween costumes, that would be available to go to a wardrobe fitting in costume next Monday June 13th or Tuesday June 14th. This would work Friday June 17th in Hollywood. Must provide Halloween Costume.

Older Southern Types to work night shoots in Calabasas (6/28/2011 THRU 7/8/2011)
Background / Male or Female / AfricanAm, Caucasian / 60 – 85 /
Looking for some Older Southern Types, who have NOT worked True Blood this season, who would be interested and available to work night shoots in Calabasas between June 28th-July 8th. These would be All exterior night shoots.

African American Southern Types to work Night Shoot in Calabasas (6/28/2011 THRU 7/8/2011)
Background / Male or Female / AfricanAm / 25 – 60 /
Looking for African Americans who look like they could be from Louisiana, who have NOT worked on Season 4 of True Blood, who would be willing and available to work Night Shoots in Calabasas from June 28th- July 7th.

Louisiana Types to work night shoots in Calabasas (6/28/2011 THRU 7/8/2011)
Background / Male or Female / Caucasian / 18 – 50 /
Looking for Sag and non-union people who have NOT worked True Blood this season, that would be willing and available to do Night Shoots in Calabasas towards the end of June, and the first week of July.

SOURCE: imdb via TB Italia Imdb source here:

Original source for Casting call for extras/background link here:

True Blood Season 4 Premiere Episode Screen Caps Fae War?


The new sneek peek into the premiere episode for True Blood’s season 4 was just shown on HBOGo. Looks like we finally get to meet “Claude”. When we last saw Sookie and her grandpa Earl they were getting ready to RUN! This video shows us what happens next.

Queen Mab is not too pleased with Miss Stackhouse and orders the others to get them. Lots of flying balls of light (from the Fae) are thrown trying to capture Sookie and her g-pa. Lo and behold another Fae is there to help out.


Looks like perhaps Claudine coming to their help

The images below are from the latter part of the video (the newer action). I have not heard the audio yet so don’t know exactly what is going on but you can pretty much tell that Sookie and Earl make the leap hopefully back to Bon Temps. It does look like there may be a start to a war between the Fae. You can see how Sookie was helped out by Claude and Claudine and perhaps their fellow Fae Clan.

Waiting does SUCK!

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True Blood Season 4 Episode 4.01 Eight Minute Preview Video

s4p2163Another preview for the True Blood season 4 premiere was shown and this one is almost eight minutes. Video below:

True Blood Cast Promo Photos


HBO definitely made it a TGIF day for True Blood fans! New promo photos of the cast of True Blood were released today and they are fangtastic!

Huge thanks to Sookieverse for the pix and also to AlexanderSkarsgard.Org!


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True Blood Fans, Filming Fun and Fangover


True Blood cast and crew are absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of watching some of the on site filming for season 4 and was amazed to see all the “magic” that they create just for the fans. The filming the prior night went on till 5 am yet the cast and crew were there again at 8 pm and started filming at 9 pm and were there again till the wee hours of the morning again.

Photos during filming were not allowed so I only took photos during the rehearsals. For fans that do not know filming involves a LOT of just waiting around for the scene to be set up, camera worked out, stand ins, reshoots and all sorts of other fun. What we see on screen is truly magic. What they do behind the screen to get it to us in the final format is truly appreciated by this fan. Definitely have a fangover today!


The images in the gallery below are spoiler in nature. I still have more to post. Alexander Skarsgard was amazing to all the fans who were able to get close enough to ask for a photo or autograph! (awwww)


Promise to post more soon. This site if fan run for the fans. I try to minimize the ads on the site and do donate profits to charity. (so sorry about the ads! )

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New images added from the rehearsals on 8/28/11:

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