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Celebrate Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Birthday, Do Good, and Win Cool Stuff!


Kristin Bauer van Straten will celebrate her birthday next month! A way fans can honor this wonderful lady is by donating to a charity project -The Amanda Foundation. The great admins at True Blood Fan source contacted several other True Blood fan sites for help and here is an excerpt of the post at their site: (skarsgardfans is really happy to take part in this great cause!)

Because Kristin does do so many good things for other people, we here at True Blood Fan Source decided that it was time to do something good for her. We asked our friends at Eric Northman.net if they felt the same way and they agreed. It just so happens that Kristin has a birthday coming up on November 26th so we came up with the idea of donating to one of her causes as a way to celebrate her birthday and do something good at the same time. We then pitched the idea to other fansites such as Kristin Bauer Online, Alexander Skarsgård Fans, A Skarsgård.com, Allan Hyde News, Eric and Sookie Lovers, and Kristin Bauer Fans and they all agreed to help and spread the word.

So we told Kristin all of this and she said that the Amanda Foundation would benefit tremendously from any funds that we raise. The Amanda Foundation for those who don’t know, rescues dogs and cats from city facilities in Los Angeles and keeps them until they can find homes for them with new families.
The goal of this charity project which will begin October 26 and end on Kristin’s birthday, November 26th is to raise $5,000. So to encourage people to donate, we’ve arranged to give away some fabulous prizes!
* Kristin has graciously offered up autographs and copies of her husband Abri van Straten’s fabulous CD “Sunlight and Shadows” for three lucky donors.

For the full post and links on how fans can donate please click below:
Celebrate Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Birthday, Do Good, and Win Cool Stuff!.

Alexander Skargard Birthday Charity Drive 2011

On average the Tall One gets between 1200 and 1800 cards from his loyal, loving fans on his birthday. (His birthday is August 25th) While it is true Alex loves his fans, would you have time to look at 1800 cards in one week…one month…ever? and WHAT would you do with 1800 cards? There is quite honestly no way to keep them so we end up with 1800 cards and envelopes in the trash, in the landfill and a huge Alex carbon footprint.

Lets think for a minute about how much money is spent on those 1800 cards. If we just say that each card costs $5.00 then we are talking $9000, but postage and handling bring that total closer to $10,000. $10,000 being dumped in to a landfill where it will cost countless thousands of dollars more to shred, mutilate and bury … and wait for decomposition. Knowing Alex fans, I suspect we aren’t buying the low dollar, bargain cards either so the total spent on greeting cards for his upcoming birthday will probably top $15,000.

We think of Alex as first and foremost a humanitarian (as well as just a dorky guy). So, for the third year in a row we contacted the Tall One and said…what would you like us to do this year. Once again he told us how happy he was with everything he has. He doesn’t need cards and gifts…he has you guys!!! He would prefer you to show your love for him in a different way. So, instead of putting all that hard-earned money into something that will only end up in a landfill why not use it to help put food on someone’s table.

This year’s Alexander Skarsgard Birthday Charity is the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. We are all aware that with the status of the economy tens of thousands of people across the country have either lost their jobs completely or have seen their hours cut back. While thousands of people look to places such as the food bank for assistance, the food bank has also suffered decreases in their donations. This year we ask only that you donate what you would have spent on a card and help us help those who need us most. If you can donate more, we are sure the food bank can put all donations to good use. As most of our followers know, we love doing our best for charity. Putting food on someone’s table, helping nourish and sustain a family for at least one meal, is a wonderful gift.

As an added bonus, we (meaning Jenna) will take everyone’s name who donates and sign it on one HUGE card that we will ship to Alex for his Birthday. We can guarantee that he will see that card and it will be something he can stand in his bedroom and know that his fans not only love him, but that his fans do good things in his name.

Now for the rules: We have a team page set up on the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank website for credit card payments. Payments made here go DIRECTLY to the food bank and the site will tally all the donations so we can keep track of how we are doing. For international donors and those who prefer a Paypal option, please click on the DONATE button at the bottom of this post.

IMPORTANT: Paypal donors will need to put “Alexander Skarsgard Birthday” in the comments section so we can add those to the total manually. There is a drop down + sign that says “is this gift in honor/tribute of someone”. Paypal donors must click on that and enter “Alexander Skarsgard Birthday” . (screencap image below)

Ok Skarsfam, lets hit our goal of $20,000, save some trees, reduce Alex’s carbon footprint, give HQ a mailroom break and raise some money!!!

To make a donation via paypal please click on the donate button below:To make a donation directly using credit card click link  here: 


Calling All True Blood Fans: Have a Character Named After You in Charlaine Harris’ 12th Sookie Stackhouse Novel


charitybuzz | #26310323 – Calling All True Blood Fans: Have a Character Named After You in Charlaine Harris’ 12th Sookie Stackhouse Novel.

UPDATE: link added Sorry the add to any link did not work earlier: Link to CharityBuzz:

Sam Trammell & True Blood Fans Help Japan

The devastating 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan of March 11 has resulted in more than 27,000 dead or missing. The news that comes out on a daily basis has been dire to say the least. The nuclear power plant is still at a crisis level until it can be safely (if possible) decommissioned and the radiation levels brought back down to safe levels. One can not but feel for all in Japan.

But what can I do you might ask? Monetary donations are definitely a big need by the Red Cross for their efforts to aid those in need in Japan. True Blood NewsAlexSkarsgard.netSam-Trammell.comSkarsgårdnews.comSkarsgardfans.com have banded together to design a special “Blood Donor” t-shirt to help in what ways we can. 100% of the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will be sent to the Red Cross for their Japanese disaster relief efforts. () the “Blood Donor” t-shirt that Sam Trammell is shown wearing in the photo above)

From the askarsgard.com site: Guess who cares… Sam Trammell does! We asked Sam if he would help support our drive to sell as many Blood Donor t-shirts as we can with all proceeds benefiting the Red Cross’s efforts in Japan. This adorable picture is what Sam sent back. ( how cool and amazing is Sam Trammell!)

True Blood cast and fans are amazing! For more information on the T-shirt sales and relief efforts please visit aksarsgard.com

I feel blessed and honored to be able to particpate in this effort. You can find the shirts in the True Blood News store.  click on the image for link:


If you’ve bought yours already…send in a pic and I’ll forward to site admins and they will add it to our gallery of “Gorgeous Folks Helping to Make a Difference!” with this handsome man in the pic here.


Ebay Auction for Copy of Autographed Club Dead Book

There is another ebay auction up now for a copy of Charlaine Harris’ book “Club Dead”. The True Blood cast members that were present at Comic Con July 2010 autographed the copy for auction. The proceeds will benefit Choroideremia Research Foundation. Deborah Woll’s boyfriend has the condition and the cast signed the book to help raise funds for this cause.

The book is autographed by:

Alan Ball – show creator/writer/director/producer

Charlaine Harris – Author of the books
Stephen Moyer – Bill Compton
Anna Paquin – Sookie Stackhouse
Nelsan Ellis – Lafayette Reynolds
Rutina Wesley – Tara Thornton
Deborah Ann Woll – Jessica Hamby
Kristin Bauer van Straten – Pam De Beaufort
Denis O’Hare – Russell Edgington
Joe Manganiello – Alcide Herveaux
Sam Trammell – Sam Merlotte
Happy Bidding!  The auction will close on January 17, 2010. good luck and I hope the auction raises a lot of money for this amazing cause. To bid please visit ebay:

Regarding The Flooding In Queensland Australia

I wanted to send my prayers are with those affected in Australia by the flooding. Link below for fans to donate.

Three-quarters of the state of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone. (Rough image of the affected area) I join the staff at SN.com, sending positive thoughts to those in the area affected by this ongoing disaster. LiYan from Skarsgardnews.com, who lives in Australia, says: “Anything I could say, just doesn’t seem to be enough, if that makes sense.” and she asks us to tell our readers to learn more and/or make a donation to help the people and animals.

Help stranded, lost or abandoned animals and provide assistance to residents of the area by donating at this link: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

SOURCE:  Regarding The Flooding In Queensland Australia.

Alexander Needs our Help: Bajen Aid

Alexander Skarsgard as fans know supports Hammarby Bajen. Unfortunately, the team is going bankrupt. Bajen Aid was formed in an effort to help raise funds.

Hammarby Fotboll is a Swedish football club based in Johanneshov just south of Södermalm, the southernmost borough of Stockholm city center. In Sweden, the club is often referred to by its nickname Bajen (a short form of a mock-English pronunciation of Hammarby).

Alex sent over this note to Jenna at askarsgardcom the other day to inform us of an event in Sweden that he himself will be attending.

(For  the full note visit askargard.com )

Just a heads up

Bajen Aid is organizing a live auction in Stockholm on October 2nd in order to try to raise some money and hopefully save our beloved little football club Hammarby. I will be there in person with some memorabilia from True Blood, Straw Dogs etc.

To find out more about the event check out bajenaid

For fans that do not live in Sweden there is still another way to help. Alexander has donated several items for auction. The first item up is the script below from Episode 3.01 “Pack of Wolves”. (he also sent over the photo above taken by Alex holding the scripts he has autographed).

The script is up for auction on ebay. Click here for link to auction: Happy Bidding!

Photo credit: askarsgard.com