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Alexander Skarsgard Photos from Calvin Klein Fashion Show


Alexander Skarsgard attended the Calvin Klein Fashion show today 09/12/13  held at Spring Studios in New York City during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Images in the gallery below. Nicole Kidman also posed with Alex for a photo. Calvin Klein will be hosting a party tonight. I’ll post photos as soon as they are available. Continue reading

Alexander Skarsgard Calvin Klein Provocations Ad Scans


The March 2013 issue of Vanity Fair features Alexander Skarsgard in the new Calvin Klein 2013 “Provocations” ad campaign. The images in the gallery below contain the five page ad which is prominently featured in the magazine (it is the very first set of pages in the magazine). Calvin Klein will also be releasing videos to their Youtube channel.

Alexander Skarsgard is wearing Marchon Eyewear in this ad:


[nggallery id=486]

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Alexander Skarsgard New Ad Campaign for Calvin Klein


Alexander Skarsgard appeared in Calvin Klein’s “Encounter” ad campaign in 2012. Calvin Klein will also feature Alex in their new ads this year for their “Provocations” advertising campaign.

Calvin Klein has a teaser video on their Youtube channel for the new ad. shown above. Fans also found a snippet of the new ad in the video below:

Here are some screencaps from the magazine video:




More caps: Alexander and Suvi Koponen will be featured in the ads:

013013Provcations1 013013Provocations2 013013Provocations3



Mau Fashion Interview : Meeting Alexander Skarsard

Alexander Skarsgard attended the CK Encounter launch in Berlin Germany. Mau Fashion interviewed Alex while there. Below please find the translated interview:


Meeting Alexander Skarsgård

Yesterday I had the opportunity to personally meet Alexander Skarsgård, the face of Calvin Klein’s Encounter. This was due to the launch of the perfume at the Soho House here in Berlin. More about the fragrance itself can be found here .

I must confess that I know Alexander Skarsgård only from his role in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. I’m not a big fan of the vampire myth-Dark Glitter films and series, and have therefore never seen True Blood. So I went right mind into the meet and greet. Alexander is huge, which I had not been previously aware of. For the photo he had to almost sit on the floor and when I commented “Sorry, I am quite short,” he replied with “No problem mate!”. Otherwise the interview was very open and honest. He talked about his hobbies, experiences and Vikings. Here is a short excerpt:

Q: Is this your first visit in Germany?

A: No, I have been to Berlin before because my father worked here for several years. Otherwise, I was in Cologne and Munich during the 2006 World Cup to watch two games of the Swedish national team and one more time in Munich, because I had an interview there during Oktoberfest. I had a day off and I was able to watch the show closely. Everything is so huge, so many people, so much beer and parties. Totally crazy!

Q: You travel around a lot, but live in Los Angeles. Initially you’re Swedish. What are the biggest differences between LA and your home country?

A: I come from a part of Stockholm which is very reminiscent of Berlin. Yesterday I went around the houses a little bit and I really felt like I was at home in Södermalm. Since everything is so close, all the people you know and love are just around the corner. You don’t have to call to find out who has the time, but can go out and meet your friends or your family, because everybody lives around the corner. I miss that in LA, because it is so large.

Q:The short film Encounter by Calvin Klein is about an encounter. Tell us something about it.

A: It’s about a man who travels to a woman. In the car, everything is very grim. It is not known how the two are connected, whether they are together or not, and how it all ends. That is exactly what fascinates me so much about the story. I hate it when I read a script and it leaves me no space for my own thoughts. Everything is pre-programmed and so fake, but in this film the viewer decides Encounter by Calvin Klein with his own imagination.

Alexander Skarsgard Attends CK Encounter Global Launch in Berlin

Alexander Skarsgard photo credit: LukasLive instagram

Alexander Skarsgard was in Berlin, Germany for the Calvin Klein launch of Encounter. The image above was taken in Berlin after an interview with zeitgeschmack.com. SOURCE:

From twitter:

Alexander Skarsgard

Lucky fans have been posting photos on instagram as well:


After Berlin, Alexander Skarsgard will appear at Roma Fiction Fest for the premiere of True Blood season 5. Also in attendance will be Kristin Bauer van Straten and Valentina Cervi. The True Blood season 5 premiere for Italy will be on October 3, 2012 at Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Petrassi at 9:30 pm.

Good luck to all the fans going! Can’t wait to see the photos! Roma Fiction Fest has been tweeting info and photos from the festival. Here’s the link to their twitter page:

Alexander Skarsgard Attends Global Launch in NYC for CK’s Encounter

Alexander Skarsgard attended the global launch of Calvin Klein’s new fragrance ENCOUNTER. Alexander who is the face of the new advertising campaign wore Calvin Klein (and looked handsome as always) to the event which was held at the McKittrick Hotel’s rooftop garden bar in NYC. Alex is shown in the photo above with CK’s men’s creative director, Italo Zucchelli.

The invitation-only event was hosted by Calvin Klein Collection’s Men’s Creative Director, Italo Zucchelli, at the McKittrick Hotel’s new rooftop garden bar, Gallow Green, in New York City.


Also in attendance was Olivia Wilde:

Photo credit: Photo: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

Photo Credit: Madison McGaw BFA NYC-Com

Following the party, all guests were invited to experience a thrilling performance of Sleep No More – the award-winning theatrical experience that reinterprets William Shakespeare‘s Macbeth through a film noir lens. The event reflected the similar film noir style of the ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein advertising campaign.

Alexander Skarsgard Calvin Klein “Encounter” Promotion part 3


Calvin Klein continued their advertising promotion on twitter today for their new scent “Encounter” featuring Alexander Skarsgard.



Sounds like more will come today!! I’ll  update this post as soon as it is out.
UPDATE: ET Online has the video:

UPDATE: VIDEO Is on Youtube:

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Alexander Skarsgard CK “Encounter” Program Ad part 2

Calvin Klein continued their ad campaign today for the new scene “Encounter”. Here is the second part:


Alexander Skarsgard Calvin Klein “Encounter” Ad Campaign

Calvin Klein tweeted some new images for their “Encounter”. Follow them on twitter for more images coming out today! link here: Their website for the new scent is here:

Photo Source:

photo source:

Alexander Skarsgard New Face for Calvin Klein

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard is the new face of Calvin Klein. This is not the first modeling gig for Alexander. He was also  the face of  “Hickey Freeman” two years ago. The ad image above shows the scent “Encounter”.

[box] The Encounter Calvin Klein campaign tells the story of unresolved tension and desire between a man and a woman,” said Thomas Burkhardt, vice president of marketing for Coty Prestige, the fragrance licensee of Calvin Klein. “It’s meant to be open to interpretation. It also makes you a bit uncomfortable, which is a trademark of advertising this brand.”[/box]