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Gone, Gone, Gone True Blood Episode Screencaps

The tenth episode for True Blood’s fifth season aired tonight. “Gone, Gone, Gone” is not gone from our memory yet. What are they building up for the finale? Still more questions at the end of the episode than at the beginning! The screencaps for the episode are below:

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True Blood Video 5×10 “Bloody Romance”

HBO released a new promo video for True Blood’s episode 5.10 “Gone, Gone, Gone”. UPDATE: video removed by HBO. The screencaps show the action at least!


Screencaps will be in the gallery below: (still working on them) UPDATE: the home used for this scene was a location I was able to get photos during the day: Link here True Blood filming May 10, 2012

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True Blood Episode 58 Preview Video “Gone, Gone, Gone”

True Blood aired a new preview video for episode 5.10 tonight. Video below. Working on the screencaps.

The episode description states:

Gone, Gone, Gone

“Bill puts a spin on the rising vampire violence; Jason uncovers a mysterious scroll.”

With vampire-on-human attacks increasing, the Authority attempts to woo public favor. Meanwhile, Nora (Lucy Griffiths) tries to convert Eric to Lilith’s gospel. Jason finds a mysterious scroll; Elijah (Keram Malicki-Sanchez), the new vampire sheriff of Area 5, pushes Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) to obey a new mandate; Sam (Sam Trammell) and Luna (Janina Gavankar) search for Emma (Chloe Noelle); Russell (Denis O’Hare) seeks a higher calling.Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Scott Winant.


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True Blood Episode 52 New Eric and Bill Image

A new episode still for True Blood’s season 5 episode 5.04 is shown above. Eric Northman and Bill Compton appear to be having a serious conversation. Perhaps discussing a way to find a released Russell Edginton? The new episode will air on Sunday July 1, 2012. The episode is titled:  “We’ll Meet Again”.

This is also the episode that was featured in the Waiting Sucks video with Eric and Pam. The screen cap above is from the preview video for the episode. Yes Eric will question Pam if she dug up Russell. Perhaps the “We’ll Meet Again” title is a nod to Eric and Pam seeing each other again after the mission to capture Russell is complete.

In another promo we do see Eric and Pam in much better terms. Eric seems to be consoling Pam and saying “you were born into greatness”. Seems to be their good bye until Eric’s mission is done.  (cap below);

True Blood Season 5 Filming Speculations & Spoilers

Filming for True Blood’s fifth season is in full swing. As reported earlier lucky fans were able to snag a photo with Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer. They were filming on location near the  the Port and at a “boat shop”. Image above shows the watery location. What could they be fiming? SPOILERS- the filming sheet for the production also stated that there would be a car explosion (smoke bombs, and a car was seen on fire by the fans). CLICK ON READ MORE FOR SPOILERS AND PHOTOS: Continue reading

Boston Herald New True Blood Spoilers Double Proposal


True Blood fans finally have a new episode tonight! Yes episode 4.09 “Let’s Get Out of Here” will air and based on some of the new spoilers from Boston Herald it is going to be another action packed one. SOURCE:

In tonight’s plot-crammed episode of HBO’s “True Blood,” Sookie (Anna Paquin) comes to a realization, a ghost makes a final farewell and the witches rain blood on the vampires’ party.


In “Let’s Get Out of Here” (at 9 p.m.), say hello to a bloody menage a trois: Sookie’s latest brush with death has her dreaming of a future with both Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) – at the same time. Now how is she ever going to convince the two alpha-bangers into sharing her?


A possessed Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) storms Hoyt’s (Jim Parrack) home with baby in tow. In the siege that follows,Jason (Ryan Kwanten) realizes Andy (Chris Bauer) is addicted to v-juice and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) proves he is one powerful brujo, working his magic to bring peace to a distraught ghost and freeing Lafayette. It’s great to see one of “True Blood’s” stories wrap up so conclusively, even if sum result of this story, as poignant as it becomes, does not live up to its creepy opening.

Speaking of possessed,  Eric remains in thrall to Marnie/Antonia (Fiona Shaw), who has a supernatural way of keeping her followers in line. A jealous Debbie (Brit Morgan) visits Sookie, whose telepathy picks up the wrong thing at the wrong time.  At a “Festival of Tolerance,” Antonia strikes, turning the party into a bloodbath. Her ultimate goal: the destruction of King Bill, using his own minions against him – and not even Sookie’s warning may save him in time.

Waiting really sucks!



True Blood Vamp Season in the Sun Episode Recap

4-07082   True Blood aired episode 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” on Sunday night and it was a doozy. True Blood fans probably never thought they would see so many of their favorite vampires awake during daylight hours. This episode did look like season 4 might be the vampire season in the sun! It did not bode well for one of vampires and the episode ended with one of the fan favorites seeing the sun for the first time since she was human. Click on READ MORE for the recap and HBO Video: Continue reading

True Blood Season 4 Episode 4.07 Cold Grey Light of Dawn Screencaps

The photogallery is being updated with the screencaps from tonight’s episode! Enjoy!

The page here will have all the caps! Photogallery TBS4 Eo7

Click on the READ MORE to see the rest of the screencaps! Trying to minimize load time for page! (For some reason so many fans are checking out the screencaps! LOL..guess the Eric and Sookie scenes are fun to see…) Continue reading

True Blood Fang Friday Episode Speculations

Hopefully fans have recovered from their True Blood fangover to enjoy the new episode “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”. The new episode trailers are teasing fans as to what they might see including a new initiation for Alcide and Debbie and Jason offering Hoyt advice. (poor Hoyt). UPDATE: Boston Herald gave fans new SPOILERS LINK HERE:

In the last episode we saw the powerful witch Antonia being burned at the stake. We also learned why she hates the vampires so much. It was at their fangs she was tortured, raped and sentenced to die. (the vampire priests were probably protected by the church). As she was burning, we could hear her cast out a chant in Latin.

Her fellow “witches” held prisoner in the church dungeon could also be heard joining in on the chant. The chant was a spell that cast out the sleeping vampires to walk into the daylight..

This is what I believe is being said in the chant:

E veru ex pere en cris tuus  ex pere mori.

 flama vere  pere escapa  pere tuus spiri tuus , mori,  flama vere pere escapa,  pere  tuus mori spiri tuus ca pere


Behold, I am gone to die from the stake of thy Christ.

Truly I am gone your spirit,  your flame  I am gone, to die escape. (this is repeated)  A huge thanks to Mj from FB who found the translation (the closed captioning on her tv translated the chant):
“Hellspawn demon, creature of death. Fire shall take your very breath.”  this was repeated over and over.

As much sense as it can make but it sounds like her chant called out the vampire’s “magic/spirit” what makes them sleep during the day to leave (to escape) and to die. The vampires are seen waking into the daylight and burning up:


The priest in the front is Luis’ maker and the others are fellow vampire priests and nuns. They burn up in the daylight:

From the episode summary and also from the trailer for episode 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” we know this

With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light.

Since MarniA now knows the “spell” and is also a necromancer it makes sense that she will peform the incantation in another prayer circle. The preview trailer showed a vampire walking in the sun and yes burning up. Link here:  King Bill will have to issue an edict that the vampires will need to be chained in silver to keep them from walking into the daylight. This post showed various screencaps from the preview trailer showing Bill, Eric and Nan chained up.


Jessica is also at risk of walking into the sun and was shown in the trailer opening the door during daylight.


Either King Bill has her at his home to protect her or she is having issues with Hoyt.  It does seems that she will be cast out of Hoyt’s home perhaps (due to jealousy over Jason) and may not have had time to be “chained up”. Never fear it looks like Jason might try to save her since he is shown tackling one of King Bill’s guards. Waiting for the new episode still really sucks!


True Blood Episode Mayhem Me and the Devil

True Blood’s fourth season is in full swing and the fifth episode “Me and the Devil” was shown last night. Here is a video recap of what HBO posted for the episode. (note just a highlight video-see if you can see what is driving me crazy about the episode)

Grossout Moments


Mickens Meltdown

Yes the episode starts right off with Tommy Mickens being strangled by big ole bad daddy Joe Lee. Tommy finally did learn something the year he was away from the awful parent. He learned to play dead and gain some time to surprise daddy and beat the man to death. Ma Mickens playing the dutiful abused spouse goes to Joe Lee’s rescue and gets the wrong end of the pipe Tommy was swinging. No surprise there that we would soon see a shifter killing a family member.  Luna practically gave us this scenario in the episode last week where she mentions how a skinwalker can take on any form including humans. (but the price was to have killed a family member who was also a shifter).

So yes RIP to the Mickens parents. At least the gore in this part was kept to a minimum. We do see Tommy covered in splattered blood but are spared some huge sprays and gross out moments. Those are saved for later on when we do see how Sam and Tommy “bury their parents”.  Who knew that ‘gators loved marshmallows? Apparently Sam Merlotte did. We also do finally get confirmation that good ole Sam did kill 2 people back in his “dark days”.

I could not help but feel sorry for Tommy. He had been a victim his whole life of horrible abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to only provide love and care. All that pent up anger led to the attack. Tommy truly did not mean to kill his mother and showed us that in the scene where he says goodbye to her. He will never get over this guilt and yes I foresee some skinwalking up ahead.

Pam Takes the Veil


At the end of last week’s episode Pam is on the wrong end of the Marnie/Antonia (Marnia?) witch-stick and is cursed with a rotting spell. It only gets worse for Pam this week. Her beautiful face is shown in an even more putrified condition. King Bill shows his funny side when seeing Pam show up in his office  in a “veil” and states “Oh good, the world needs more beekeepers”. Pam shows she is not amused and removes the veil. King Bill was probably looking for a barf bag if vamps could barf.


His majesty chastizes Pam for going against his wishes since she did go to the witch. Pam wants permission to kill Marnie (can you blame her?) As Pam snarkily states “You mess (ok she said another word) with my face, it’s time to die!”. AVL poster King refuses of course but promises to convene the sheriffs to discuss the matter. Wow sounds like the King has the bureaucracy part down perfectly. King Bill tries to give Pam some advice on how maybe some lipstick would help. Great idea if only she had not already tried that and had most of that part of her face already come off! (gotta love Pam even with her face falling off she can still be snarky)

Continue reading

True Blood 4.04 Recap: Good, Bad, and Gross Musings


Last Sunday’s episode of True Blood titled “I’m Alive and On Fire” was another teaser for Eric Northman fans. Yes fans did see more of the amnesiac Eric Northman drunk from imbibing Fae Claudine’s blood. (in the process killing her). The episode started out with Sookie pleading with the playful Viking Vampire to get in his hidey hole to no avail of course! Eric enjoyed the fae blood buzz and gave Sookie’s bootie a pinch (ok two pinches but he did say it was a beautiful butt).

So yes I’ll start off with some of the fun “great moments from episode 4.04: SPOILER ALERT!! Yes I have some of my “guesses” in this and could be spoiler in nature!

Playtime with Eric:


Sookie is learning the joys of tending to amnesiac Eric. At times she seems very tender with him and also a bit stern much like a mother would with a child. One of the highlights for me was just how Sookie did act with Eric. In the past she would have no sooner spat at his face than try to help him out. Yes I do believe we are starting to see her heart soften a bit towards Mr. Northman.


Just when  Sookie seem to have Eric listening to her and possibly go back with her to the house so he can be safe when he runs off at vampire speed. Sookie calls Alcide to help her find him when he does not return during the daytime. I can see the need for a supernatural to help sniff out a vampire. (She had already asked him to keep Eric earlier).
Thanks to Joe’s wolf form he was able to find Eric taking a dip in the waters by Sookie’s home. Here we see the very playful Eric swimming and asking Sookie to come and play with him. (as if there were no other possible answer to that question other than Heck Yeah!). Sookie would have no play time (yet…) sadly but did tell Eric there were gators in that water and to get out before they bit off his “you know what” (a nod to the gracious aplenty perhaps??) Eric of course starting call out the gators in swedish (pretty funny scene for me loved it)


The fae blood has enabled Eric to “daywalk” and not burn up in the daylight. 4-04142

Alcide is a bit surprised to see Eric acting very unlike himself so he shifts back into human form. (giving fans a special treat -the vision of seeing both Alcide and Eric shirtless.)


Eric seeing Alcide in human form goes all fangy and goes into protect Sookie mode. Right after Eric went into vamp mode-he started to smolder in the sun. (you can see the smoke right above his left shoulder in the image below)4-04152

Perhaps the daywalking does not work if the vampire is fangy? (or it could have just worn off) So thanks Alcide for making that happen (NOT). Fortunately Eric vamp speeds it up back to the house and does not get all “crispy critter” and is healed quickly where he did burn.

Why was this action “great” for me? No it was  not just seeing the shirtless visions of beauty that were Alex and Joe in this episode. What made it fun for me as a fan was seeing how Sookie is seeing Eric in a very different light and has really started to soften a bit towards him. She is seeing him as a very vulnerable vampire, who is also very  playful. When ever Eric would pay Sookie a compliment in the past she would not really acknowledge it but in this episode she did thank him for saying she had a great butt. Sookie is still hurting from a broken heart and it is great to see her having a bit of fun. These “tender moments” when she showed care for Eric (the burns, trying to get him to rest to ward off the bleeds, staying safe etc) are starting to “open her eyes” to another side of Eric.

Bill Compton Shaking the Family Tree

Yes what many fans said would “never ever happen” where Alan Ball would show Bill Compton in a negative light finally did happen in this episode. Bill Compton is visiting his latest lady conquest Portia Bellefleur. Being the southern gentleman that he is with vampire vision he gladly helps Caroline Bellefleur, read the family tree in the family bible. The image below shows their faces when they realize that they share a certain leaf on that tree:


The mutual look of horror on their faces is priceless. She of course being the southern lady would rather suffer other horrors than have a vampire in the family tree. Bill well just realized he had sex with his great great great great grandaughter. So this definitely could be considered a “bad” moment on the episode but it did give a for a bit of comedy.

Burn Witchy Burn

The episode also showed a flashback to the Spanish Inquistion times showing a certain witch (Antonia) being burned at the stake. Marnie is able to witness the event as if she were actually there. Yes this is the “powerful witch” who took Marnie over when the spell was cast on Eric. We also may have been given a hint as to why she is so “anti-vampire” during the scene where Nan visits Bill in his office. Mention is made of the “vampire massacre” that occured during the Inquision. Nan states that “that was the action of one very powerful witch who had a reason to hate vampires 400 years ago” (perhaps a vampire turned her child? we do see Antonia in another flashback where a priest is praying over someone).  No way would they mention that line without it having a reason. My guess is that Antonia was responsible for a vampire massacre and that the Church burned her at the stake as a witch. (perhaps the Church had a few vamps in their heirarchy).


The priest speaking in spanish saying how to properly burn a witch appears to be an arch bishop of the Spanish Inquistion timeframe. His “hat” is called a mitre and looks like the ones worn by “bishops”. The other man in the image also appears to be of royal blood. (in another screen cap a royal coat of arms from Spain is shown with two 3 towered castles representing Kingdom of Castile, and two lions rampant)cap below:

The inquisition was started when a priest convinced Queen Isabella of the need to cleanse other faiths and heritics and protect the church (many Jews, Muslims were persecuted). Antonia is chanting in the flashback and the words are a mix of Latin and Hebrew. Her chant is:

Colpriziana offina alta nestra fuaro menut

Allay fortission fortissio allynsen roa

This is a necromancy spell from the Grirmorium Verum. This spellbook was written in the 16th century. Translation of the spell is:

Colpriziana, offina alta nestra, fuaro menut, i name …….. the dead which i seek, …….. thou art the dead that i seek.

when the smoke started to appear Antonia continued with the spell: “Allay Fortission Fortissio Allynsen Roa!”  this   is also a combination of hebrew and latin. SOURCE:

Perhaps Antonia is calling out the Church for protecting the “demons-vampires”. We did have a casting call for the season that said there was a “vampire priest”. My guess is that a family member a child perhaps of Antonia’s was a victim of a vampire. When she killed too many vampires in retaliation she was persecuted (to protect the vampire). Now that she has been channelled by Marnie she is back with a vengenance.
That brings me to one of the “Gross moments” of the episode:


Pam’s Curse!

The last set of action for the episode had Pam confronting Marnie to “fix her maker”. Having found the correct spell book (with Antonia’s help of course since the book just happened to jump out of the bookcase) Marnie starts to read a spell. Cue the fire eyes:


Seems that everytime Marnie is taken over by Antonia’s spirit we see those glowing eyes. That did not bode well at all for poor Pam. Yes the curse that was supposed to lift the curse was in fact a “revealing” spell. The true nature of a vampire is an undead corpse so the spell had the effect of showing a “rotting body”. We start to see Pam peel at her face realizing that it is rotting away. She manages to peel off an ear  her cheek I think:


I slowed down the audio portion of the curse and it sounds like it might be said in Galician (if it is not Latin) here is what it sounds like Antonia/Marnie (Maronia?) says:

for mortuus morituus et pre facto en colesca putres tas

translation (very rough translation):

for the dying died before the fact of putrefying, coalesce (ie FUSE) Sounds like she cursed Pam to have her body “rot” and fuse with what she is which is “dead”.



Pam runs away at vamp speed before any more bits fall off of her. I really hate seeing her beautiful face being ravaged like this. Perhaps Antonia is seeking revenge on Eric’s child to exact vengeance for the loss of her family? Just a guess and I could be wrong.

Getting back to just why was Eric the one sent to the witches? Still have a bad feeling that King Bill was seeking a way to eliminate a rival of his. (again I could be wrong). Even Nan questioned Bill’s judgement for sending Eric. Spoilers have been leaked away showing just how far his majesty will go to “get rid of Eric”.

These scenes were just some of the ones I highlighted. There were many more that really drove the action in the episode. Big bad daddy Mickens is back and has Tommy chained up. That is going to end very badly for the Mickens. Another gross moment of course was the Hotshot insanity. Jason was the only shining light when he refused to have Becky lose her virginity to him. Really sick town that just needs to have all the adults locked away and the kids taken to therapy!

One of the issues I had with the episode is having such a large cast leads to way too many storylines. Not enough of Eric and Sookie for my tastes sadly. Upcoming episode summaries just futher frustrate me as a fan as well saying how Sookie is trying to find a way for Eric and Bill in her life. Earth to Sookie- pick the Viking! I grabbed this cap since it seemed to foreshadow some upcoming action:

Don’t want to end the post with just a gross moment so I’ll end with the “Viking Puppy Dog eyes” photo: (yah I waited 4 seasons to see these so enjoy) Hopefully in 4.05 we will finally have another real “kiss” between Eric and Sookie (he asked so nicely Sookie come on now!) Added almost 500 screen caps to site on this page:

Dr. Skarsgard himself:



True Blood season 4 episode 3 Video Trailers

A few  new video trailer for episode 4.03 “If You Love Me WhyAm I Dyin”. This one features Tara and Lafayette discussing Eric Northman.

This one features King Bill issuing some punishment for a vampire-yes finally this is the “true death” wording we hear Bill Compton say. (led to many speculations)