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Alexander Skarsgard January 5 2012

Alexander Skarsgard Photograph with Designers Colin And Justin

Alexander Skarsgard January 5 2012

Finally a new photograph of Alexander Skarsgard! He is in the photo above with Colin and Justin taken at the Soho House in LA last night. Colin and Justin are designers and their website link is here: Love how they posted that meeting Alex was on their “bucket list”!


True Blood Season 4 Red Carpet Premiere and After Party Photos


The True Blood season 4 red carpet premiere was held last night at the Arclight theater in Hollywood. Sunset Boulevard was packed with fans and media covering the event for many media outlets. I was present at the premiere and also at the after party which was held at Social Hollywood club immediately following the premiere.

True Blood’s episode 4.01 “She’s Not There” was shown during the premiere as well as an extended trailer showing some action for the rest of True Blood’s upcoming fourth season. The new season looks like it will be an amazing one. I don’t wish to ruin the premiere by posting spoilers.


The cast seemed so happy to have been able to give fans another great season and can’t wait for everyone to see the new season. Alexander Skarsgard was super gracious to all the fans who waited outside in the blazing sun for over 7 hours just for a chance for a photo with him. He bypassed many of the big media outlets and walked right over to the fans who wished to have autographs or photographs. He appreciates all the fans and it was great to see that. I was able to chat for a short while with him and also expressed my gratitude for how he treats his fans and how much they appreciate that. Oh and the only photograph I took with cast were of course with Alexander (I hate my photograph but I could not miss the chance to have my photo with Alex)


I will write up more on the event and party when I have fully recovered from the “Fangover”. Kudos to HBO for an amazing evening and also to the cast who worked super hard this year to provide what looks like what will be another great season of True Blood. Waiting sucks but at least our wait is almost over! The new season will start on Sunday June 26, 2011. For HBO Go subscribers the second episode will be available soon after the first episode airs.

Several of my images are available without a watermark at the photo agency I work with: PR Photos Link here (available for websites and editorial usage)

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PaleyFest 2011 True Blood Panel Photographs


The gallery below contains the first set  images I took from the True Blood panel held at the Saban Theater on 3/5/11 for PaleyFest. This is part 1 more pages will be added.

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Alexander Skarsgard Photographs from Audi and J.Mendel Golden Globe party

2011jan09audiggpartykgriffenFinally new images of Alexander Skargard that do not involve grocery carts! Alexander Skarsgard attended the Audi and J. Mendel Golden Globes Kick off party last night 1/9/11. The party was held at Cecconi’s Restaurant. Love the look on Alexander’s face in the photograph with comedienne Kathy Griffin! Youtube video of his departure is here:

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Battleship Filming R and R for Alexander Skarsgard


Photo credit: twitpic.com/34w2wb Kristie Galy FB

Filming for  Berg’s “Battleship” has moved from Hawaii to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alexander Skarsgard was seen at the recent LSU football game on 11/6/10. Good to see him able to relax and take a break from the hectic filming schedule.  (he is shown in the photo above wearing the black and white shirt) Photo credit: Kristie Galy FB

One lucky fan was also able to have her photograph taken with Alexander. Click here for the photo. Again it is great to see him with the fans and able to relax.  True Blood season 4 is set to start fiming sometime this month (rumoured to start filming 11/15/10). I know many Eric fans just can’t wait to see season 4 and what it will hold for his character.

New set photos from Battleship

A lucky fan was able to have her photo taken with Alexander Skarsgard while he was in uniform for filming his role on “Battleship”. Alex has been in Hawaii since 8/31/10 for the start of his filming in Battleship. Huge thanks to Michi for the great photograph of Alex (the fan was cropped out for her privacy). Skarsgardnews found the photo via twitter.


Photo Credit: Michi

The following two images also have Alexander Skarsgard on site filming for the film. Yes those are huge guns that his character is in charge of in the film. With the addition of Liam Neeson to the film the buzz surrounding the film has increased quite a bit. Thanks to DB for posting the images on Facebook.


The images so far for Battleship are in the gallery below.

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