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‘The Little Drummer Girl’ is a perfect high-gloss Sunday night spy drama

Image credit: The Little Drummer Girl Distribution Limited. – Photographer: Jonathan Olley

Got ‘Bodyguard’ withdrawal symptoms? Pining for ‘The Night Manager?’ John le Carré and the BBC have your back, yet again, with a new Sunday night spy thinker

Source: ‘The Little Drummer Girl’ is a perfect high-gloss Sunday night spy drama

New Photos Alexander Skarsgard True Blood Season 7

Finally new photos of Alexander Skarsgard have surfaced from Season 7 filming of True Blood! I Actor posted 2 photos from the selfless taken with Alex on the set of True Blood. Huge thanks to skarslover for the great find!

tumblr_n0pdbun2tE1reoioto2_500 tumblr_n0pdbun2tE1reoioto3_500

Love the big smiles on both of them! Great to see Alex back on set for True Blood. It’s the final season and I can’t wait to see his character Eric Northman on my tv this summer!

Here’s what she posted along with the photos:



The actress posted more info on her role for True Blood. She was an extra but said that everyone made her feel special (especial Alex and she’s a big fan of his!) here’s what she wrote. Huge thanks to Santress for the find!! And also thanks to Dolores for sharing!  True Blood filming 2/7/13


Alexander Skarsgard Attends LA Times Indie Focus Screening of What Maisie Knew


The Los Angeles Times held a screening of the film “What Maisie Knew” as part of their Indie Focus program. I was fortunate to attend the screening and the Q and A held after the screening. Alexander Skarsgard, Onata Aprile, and directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel attended the screening. The Q and A was moderated by LA Times writere Mark Olsen. 


Alexander Skarsgard and Onata Aprile attended the Q and A and they were absolutely adorable together in the film and during the Q and A. Alex carried Onata into the theater and helped her get into the chair. Alex was telling how Onata loved it when he would lift her up by her arms in the film in the image above. Due to their height differences Alex would have to pick Onata up in order for them to be in the same frame. It was also fun to hear how Onata loved the scene where they played Monopoly in the movie and beat all the adults.


The directors mentioned how it took auditioning over 150 young girls before they found the perfect Maisie- Onata.

DSC_6372 (1)

Alex plays Lincoln, Maisie’s step dad in the film. The movie was just a delight to watch. It has a very sad theme involving the break up of a relationship and the subsequent effect it has on the young child involved. Onata plays Maisie a 6 year old who has to adapt to a new life spent between squabbling parents who have now remarried (in an effort to help with the custody hearings)


Onata was amazing in her role. Watching Alex and Onata on screen was also a joy to watch. Yet the movie is very very sad at times. As a mom I just wanted to yell at the parents who were just really not putting the child’s best interests at heart. The theater was filled to capacity.


The film is out now in Los Angeles. I will post the theaters as soon as I can. Here is a link for the theaters in the Los Angeles area that are showing the film:  Fandango.com The images in the gallery below were taken by me during the Q and A. I still have a lot more to edit.


Alex was also very nice and so happy that fans came out to the screening and thanked us after the screening. He gladly took photos with fans. A security guard was trying to shoo away fans and say ok that’s enough but Alex just said “no let the fans get their photos”. I was one of the last lucky ones to get my photo with Alex. Since I’m short he scrunched down to help out (i was on my tippy toes but still way shorter to Alex’s 6′ 4″).

Huge thanks to my friends who helped make the photo opportunity possible! (no one can work my dang camera!!) It was a very very long day but it was all worth it in the end. (I had driven out to The Grove for Alex’s interview but it was sadly cancelled)

UPDATE: Amazon has the tie-in version for What Maisie Knew for sale featuring Alex on the cover: (reading it now!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day True Blood Style


Wishing all the True Blood and Alex fans out there a Happy Valentine’s Day. True Blood posted several “valentine’s” on their Facebook page. (using different quotes from the show)

Theis one features Jason Stackhouse:TBS6ValentinesJason



My favorite from Pam (season 5):

TBS5valentines Pam

Of course Eric Northman will always hold our hearts: (season 4 his famous “heart-shake” scene)



Here’s a new photo of Alexander Skarsgard to help start off your Valentine’s Day. Alex attended the New Museum opening of “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” last night in New York City. 2/13/13.021313AlexNYC

The gallery below has more images from the NYC event last night:

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Rome Fiction Fest Pink Carpet Images Alexander Skarsgard October 5

Rome Fiction Fest tweeted us images from the pink carpet event:

Alexander Skarsgard walking the pink carpet:

Here’s Alexander Skarsgard signing some autographs for the True Blood fans:

More photo ops with fans. He really loves meeting his fans! Love the fan taking a great photo with his iPad.

More True Blood fans! You can really see how happy they are to meet Alexander

These fans posed with Alex with a copy of Charlaine Harris’ book:

Today was the last day for Rome Fiction Fest. Great to see all the True Blood fans there.

photos from the True Blood season 5 premiere 10/3/12 gallery:

[nggallery id=453]

Press call 10/4/12:

[nggallery id=454]

Alexander Skarsard Photos From TIFF 2012

As promised here are some of the new photos of Alexander Skarsgard from the Toronto International Film Festival. I will keep adding as more start showing up.


Here are some fun gif’s:

Huge thanks to Marvelandwhimsy for the fun gifs!! SOURCE: Great tumblr to follow!!

Here’s the gallery: Page link here also has the image: 09/07/12 TIFF 2012 What Maisie Knew:

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Alexander Skarsgard GQ Style Australia Magazine Cover

Alexander Skarsgard is on the cover of the GQ Style Australia magazine for Spring/Summer 2012. The cover is shown above and he was also interviewed for the magazine.

Read the full article and see the full photo shoot in GQStyle‘s spring/summer 2012/13 issue, on sale Monday 3 September.

Photographer: Steven Pan

Excerpt below:

“This was supposed to be my day off.”

That’s Alexander Skarsgård speaking. And while we respect his need to unplug, it’s hard to sympathise with the guy given that he’s staring at himself in the mirror as a gorgeous woman massages his bronzed arms with moisturiser. Things could be worse.

This is kind of what Skarsgård’s life is like these days — mostly work, a little bit of play. In the last month (in no particular order) he’s been named the face of Encounter, Calvin Klein’s latest cologne that’s available here October 28, wrapped production on the fifth season of True Blood, taken a 13-hour flight to Sweden to visit family — for the weekend — and prepped for his next project, Hidden, a thriller set almost entirely in an underground bunker. If Hollywood’s welcomed him with open arms and thick pay-cheques it’s for good reason. Skarsgård, 36, is that rare thing: a walking Ken doll with the chops to impress art-house directors like Lars von Trier, but also the Alpha Male presence needed to float action flicks like Battleship (for the record, more watchable than you’ve heard).

Excitement levels are so high that at a recent appearance at Comic-Con, the annual confab for sci-fi geeks held in southern California, presidential-grade security measures were needed to protect Skarsgård and the rest of his undead cast. “There was a motorcade from the hotel in through the garage and up into the building,” he says. Some 5000 fans waited inside. What did it sound like when he stepped out on that stage?

“Deafening,” says Skarsgård, smiling.

And to think there was a time when he didn’t want this life.

In a roundabout way, Alexander Skarsgård was born into the business. The son of Stellan Skarsgård, the noted Swedish actor (great in everything from Mamma Mia! to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), he was Hollywood by way of south Stockholm. “Most of my dad’s friends were actors, directors, artists, musicians,” he says, and he was raised in a bohemian paradise of late nights, exceptional food and adult conversation. “It was artistic and lovely,” he adds. At age 13, one of those friends cast him in a home-grown TV production, The Dog That Smiles, which made Skarsgård an overnight star. The experience of being recognised on the streets was curious, if also deeply unsettling, and sent him running in the opposite direction. It would be seven years before he stepped in front of a camera again, choosing instead to shave his head and enlist in the Swedish navy.

“I went all-in,” Skarsgård says of his military experience. “I needed the contrast.” If you’re envisioning a pampered tour of duty (barracks furnished by Ikea, perhaps?) guess again. He worked in a counterintelligence group and recalls a particularly harrowing exercise. “We were out in the woods in the middle of the winter for 10 days. We didn’t really have any food or any sleep. It got to a point where people started to hallucinate and, you know, talk to their weapons. And cry.” The six-foot-four actor takes a beat to ruminate on the fear that coursed through his veins. “There was a moment where you’re, like, ‘I’m gonna die in five minutes.’”

Skarsgård, a sergeant, was charged with motivating his men — while desperately trying to keep it together himself. (It turns out that steely calm he displays on True Blood was hard earned.) The adventure was an initiation as much as it was a hazing. “If you survive,” he explains, “you’re a part of this community. It’s a big deal.”

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Alexander Skarsgard Attends “Avengers” Premiere

Alexander Skarsgard attended the red carpet premier of the film “Avengers” today held in Los Angeles at the El Capitan Theater 4/11/12. He was there to support his father Stellan Skarsgard (who is in the film). Great to see father and son together! CLICK ON READ MORE: Continue reading

Alexander Skarsgard Photos Battleship Meet Greet in Japan

Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, and Brooklyn Decker visited Sailors and their families Commander Fleet Activities Yosuka (CFAY) during a meet and greet for Battleship. Event was held at Benny Theater on 4/2/2012.

Director Peter Burg and actors Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna and Tadanobu Asano met with Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Capt. David A. Owen, participated in a question and answer forum and took photos with the Sailors.

[box] Singer and actress Rihanna said working and learning from Sailors during her time making the film was a humbling experience. “It was really special having a lot of real Navy Sailors and veterans help us make the film,” said Rihanna. “We could never stand up to half of what you guys are. We look up to you guys so much, and I have so much respect for you guys.” Owen said he appreciated the stars taking the time to come and visit the forward-deployed Sailors. “It’s always great when we can get celebrities over here, and these are some really awesome individuals,” said Owen. “Sailors have been talking about this for the past couple weeks, and I hope they know just how much this means to them.” [/box]

[box] The feeling of deep appreciation for the struggles and sacrifices of the Navy’s forward-deployed forces resonated throughout the entire cast. “I’m always interested in supporting the military,” said Burg. “I love and have so much respect for everybody in the military, particularly the Navy and their families, and we all understand the sacrifices that you guys make.” After the event at the base theater, the stars visited the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73), and took a tour of the ship while visiting with the crew. “To come all the way over here and meet so many Americans that have made such great sacrifices – it’s humbling,” said Burg. “All of us got emotional flying in here on the helicopter.” “This movie was made for you guys,” said Decker. “Keep up the hard work.” [/box]


Video below from meet and greet:

Gallery of images:

[nggallery id=347]

Alexander Skarsgard Photos WonderCon Battleship Panel

Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker and Peter Berg attended the Battleship panel at WonderCon 2012. They showed a new trailer that featured more of Alexander Skarsgard’s character of Stone Hopper interacting with his on screen brother Taylor Kitsch. The trailer shows the brothers at a bar celebrating Kitsch’s birthday and big brother Stone is buying him drinks. (complete with a celebratory birthday cupcake). Kitsch sees Brooklyn at the bar and of course makes a wish for her. He is unemployed and big brother Stone is in the Navy. We learn that Stone is following in their father’s footsteps and looks out for his younger brother.

Kitsch does his best to impress Brooklyn in the bar and winds up trying to procure a chicken burrito for the hungry beauty.  He goes to great lengths to obtain the burrito and it was quite a comical scene. The next trailer shown has a time jump of five  years into the future and Kitsch is now in the Navy and has really cleaned up his act. The second trailer also featured some of the action showing Rihanna in her acting debut.

The synopsis for the film :CLICK ON READ MORE: Continue reading

True Blood Season 5 Filming New Fan Photos-Update

Lucky fans got to see some True Blood filming last night. Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer were filming their “vampire” scenes till the early hours of the morning. The lucky ladies were also able to get some photos and autographs from the cast. In the photo below Alex was signing a copy of “V-Man” magazine (yes with the crazy hair).

Photo Credit: @2011 C.Estrada

Season 5 sounds like it will be action packed. Waiting sucks but at least new photos help make the wait less painful! It seems that they were filming for 5.05. Alex and Stephen were in the back of an “Herveaux Construction” truck and Joe M. and Anna P were in the front of the truck (in the drivers section). Eric and Stephen kept hitting their marks and having fun between takes. Can’t wait to see the new season!


Huge thanks to C for tweeting! Sounds like they all had a blast. Here’s her twitter-link 

UPDATE: Another fan was able to get photos of filming as well. The location used for filming used to be a hospital: Linda Vista Hospital (this has been featured on tv for being a “haunted location” and is a super creepy looking place)

The former morgue: (was listed on the set )

Casting call for episode 5.05 did have a scene with a “padded cell” .

[box] [SCRAWNY MAN (JIMMY)] In his 30s, very skinny, babbling in terror, he’s found in a padded cell. RECURRING [KATE] Late 20s-early 30s. Skinny, unconscious, Kate is one of the prisoners with the Scrawny Man in the padded cell. No lines in this episode, RECURRING[/box]

She got some great inside photos. The links below are the ones she sent via twitter:

Dark Hallway/padded cell set sign

Sookie’s “Lair”: interesting photo of a hospital bed 

Operating theater/morgue/bloody examining chair