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Alexander Skarsgard Photo Day 3 Walking With The Wounded


New photograph of Alexander Skarsgard from Day 3 of his polar trek with Walking With the Wounded. Good luck to all the teams! I’ll be updating this post with more images in the gallery. Photo source WWTW FB page.

Here’s the link to the interactive map showing the teams and their progress. (looks like Team Noom/USA is first right now) MAP

Here is the Day 4 update of how far they have walked:

029 030


Here is the link to donate and support Alexander Skarsgard in the polar trek:

Here’s an update from Ed Parker after Day 3:


Ed Parker, Team Noom Coach, updates the voice diary on day three and talks about how the teams are progressing in the race and how they manage to stay warm over night in Antarctic temperatures.

“Good evening, it’s Ed Parker from Team Noom Coach, end of Day 3. The US Team has done just about exactly the same distance as yesterday: 21.7 miles. We find ourselves camping this evening right next to the Commonwealth team, who’ve had a good day. They started 3 kilometers behind us and have managed to catch up during the day. But very nice to see them this evening. The Brits are still up front and going well. The weather’s still very very nice but the, the terrain is really really hard. Sastrugi all day long, which just takes it out of your legs a bit, and a real challenge for Ivan. But we’re getting there. We’re all pretty knackered. It’s been a long day but we’re now putting up our tents. The extraordinary thing about the tents here is because of the sun the radiation and the 24 hour daylight. The inside of the tents are really lovely and warm, and so actually at night these extraordinary sleeping bags we’ve got are rather over the top. It can get a little hot, rather in contrast to the rest of the day when we’re out skiing. But all is going well. We hope people are following what we’re up to and we are very much looking forward to reaching our goal in I hope 10 or 11 days. Many thanks. Bye.”

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Alexander Skarsgard Attends Edun After Party

Alexander Skarsgard attended an after party at Jane in NYC last night.Lots of fun parties during “Fashion Week”. Great to see Alex relaxing a bit before the opening bell this morning! from Style.com site:

[box] Sunday may be a day of rest for some people, but not the fashion set. At the Jane last night, Nowness and Ryan McGinley hosted a dinner and after-party for Edun—the same trio of creative forces behind Beautiful Rebels, a short film of McGinley’s that makes innovative use of African butterflies and debuted on the site last week. It played on monitors, at least one of which got a drink spilled on it—ah, the perils of mixing art and vodka (in this case, Belvedere). In the buzzing upstairs room, Stephen Dorff ushered Courtney Love over in the direction of Ali Hewson, who was comfortably installed on a couch in the corner, and Rose McGowan darted behind a column: “I’m hiding from someone!” Not Alexander Skarsgard, with whom she was chatting a few minutes later.[/box]


Alexander Skarsgard Attends DeLeon NYC Event

Alexander Skarsgard was spotted in New York City last night. He attended the DeLeon Tequila Rock Lounge featuring “The Kills” in the Boom Boom Room 2/9/2012. Good to see him relaxing since he’s been very busy filming for True Blood’s fifth season.

UPDATE: here’s a link to an interesting interview that someone was able to get last night. (interesting in the “location” of where the interview took place”) NY Observer: link

Vogue.com has great photos from the party LINK Fares Fares, Elsa Hosk, and Alexander are in the image below:

True Blood Season 5 Filming Alexander Skarsgard Fan Photo

Lucky fans were able to have their photos taken with Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer last night. They were filming for seaon 5 of True Blood. Alex also signed her copy of Straw Dogs poster (image on link)

Great to see him back in LA! Click link below for image source. Congrats!

Alexander Skarsgard & me on the #TrueBlood set last night… on Twitpic.

Stephen Moyer image with the lucky fan:

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