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ComicXology Celebrates Five Year Anniversary at Comic Con 2012

Just got this press release from ComicXology!

ComiXology Celebrates Their 5-Year Anniversary & 3-Year App-iversary
Comic-Con International 2012
in San Diego, California

Don’t Miss ComiXology’s Brand New Booth Space!

Meet The Folks Behind Comixology At Our First Comic-Con Tweet-up, Including Two Of The Co-Founders

Find Out What’s Next At The Comixology Panels!

Make Sure You Get Your Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Oni Press, and Archaia
Limited Edition Promotional Postcard With Free Download Codes

And Two Chances To Win Brand New iPads!

ComiXology @ SDCC 2012
July 11th – 15th
Booth #2547

July 2nd, 2012 – New York, NY – ComiXology — the revolutionary digital comics platform with over 75 million downloads to date and a selection of more than 25,000 comics and graphic novels — is kicking off this year’s Comic-Con International 2012 in style by celebrating their 5-Year Anniversary and 3-Year App-iversary with a whole host of programming, a “Tweetup,” two opportunities to win a free iPad, publishing partner promotions, and, for the first time ever, comiXology will be manning a booth (#2547) in the heart of Comic-Con!

The celebration of comiXology’s 5-year Anniversary and 3-year App-iversary begins on Preview Night at the debut of comiXology’s new booth space (#2547) and continues all convention long! All comic fans are invited to have a hands-on look at the leading digital comics platform and all fans that register for comiXology’s newsletter at the booth will have a chance to win a brand new iPad!

But the comiXology booth is only where the celebration begins! Each day from Thursday to Sunday, one of comiXology’s many publishing partners will be giving away one of four limited edition postcards that has a promo code for a free comic or graphic novel! Once all four cards are collected, a larger image is revealed celebrating comiXology’s anniversary!

How do you collect them all? First up on Thursday, Image Comics will be giving away the Fatale #1 promo postcard at their booth (#2729). Then on Friday, IDW Publishing will be giving away the Locke & Key Vol. 1 promo postcard at their booth (#2643). Saturday, the promo postcard giveaway continues as Oni Press hands out the Sixth Gun Vol. 1 promo postcard at their booth (#1833). Last but not least, on Sunday, Archaia will be giving away the Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 1 promo postcard at their booth (#2635). Each postcard is limited to just 1,000 copies and is available only at these publishers’ booths and only on the days listed above.

Don’t get distracted while you are busy collecting all those postcards and miss a rare chance to meet part of the team behind comiXology! On Thursday July 12th from 4pm to 6pm, all comiXology fans and new users alike are invited to join us for the official “ComiXology Tweetup” at the Hilton Bayfront Odysea Bar where attendees can meet and mingle with the folks behind the award-winning digital comics platform — comiXology co-founders David Steinberger and John D. Roberts as well as team members Matt “Slim” Kolowski, Bronson Lingamfelter, Chip Mosher, Kevin Pearl and Elizabeth Yulianto. As a sincere “thank you” to our fans, one lucky attendee will win an iPad during the Tweetup!

If that’s not enough for you, then make sure you don’t miss any of the six panels that comiXology will be present at, including two comiXology focused panels! Join co-founders David Steinberger and John D. Roberts with Power Play artist Reilly Brown for the “Creating Comics the ComiXology Way” panel on Thursday July 12th at 2pm in Room 11AB to discuss how comiXology is transforming not only how people read comics, but how people create comics. Then on Saturday July 14th in Room 23ABC don’t miss the “ComiXology Open Discussion: Everything Digital” where comiXology co-founders Steinberger and Roberts talk about the first five years of comiXology and field your questions about anything and everything under the digital sun!

You will also find comiXology represented on four additional panels, with comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger participating in the “Comic Book Entrepreneurs” panel on July 13th at 1:30pm in Room 8 and then with comiXology co-founder John D. Roberts joining him on the “Are Digital Comics Expanding the Market?” panel later that day at 6pm in Room 9. ComiXology’s VP of Marketing, PR & Business Development, Chip Mosher, will be moderating two panels — the “Indie Comics Marketing and PR 101” panel in Room 8 on Thursday July 12th at 7pm and also the “Digital Comics Price Fight” panel on Sunday July 15th at 11am.

Comic-Con International 2012 looks to be the biggest Comic-Con for comiXology so far. We can’t wait to see you there!

What: San Diego Comic-Con International ComiXology 5-Year Anniversary and 3-Year App-iversary Celebration

When: July 11th – 15th 2012

Where: The San Diego Convention Center, San Diego CA.

Booth #: 2547

Booth Giveaway: ComiXology fans can register at the comiXology booth (#2547) all during CCI ’12 to win a new iPad. After the show ends, one iPad will be given away at random to one of the registrants.

Party: “ComiXology Tweetup” at the Hilton Bayfront Odysea Bar, 1 Park Boulevard San Diego, California 92101 (next to the convention center) on Thursday July 12th from 4pm to 6pm.

Party Giveaway: During the partyone iPad will be given away at random to one lucky attendee.

Panel Schedule:

Thursday July 12th

2:00pm – 3:00pm — Creating Comics the ComiXology Way— From early experiments like Box 13Valentine, and Power Play to more recent efforts like Marvel’sInfinite Comics, comiXology’s Guided View has ushered in a new era in comic book creation. Join comiXology co-founders David Steinberger and John D. Roberts and Power Play artist Reilly Brown as they show you the ins and outs of creating comics using the Guided View tools and discuss comiXology’s plans for these tools. – Room 11AB

7:00pm – 8:00pm — Indie Comics Marketing and PR 101 — Some of the best and brightest reveal all the secrets of doing marketing and PR for your comics. ComiXology’s marketing and PR maven Chip Mosher is joined by Dark Horse’s Director of PR Jeremy Atkins, Image Comics’ PR and Marketing Director Jennifer de Guzman, IDW Publishing’s VP of Marketing Dirk Wood, Archaia’s Marketing Manager Mel Caylo and comics writer David Gallaher. – Room 8

Friday July 13th

1:30pm – 2:30pm — Comic Book Entrepreneurs — Get a rare look behind the scenes of building successful businesses around the love of comic books. Author and futurist Rob Salkowitz, CEO and co-founder David Steinberger of comiXology, Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Comics, Peter Levin of Nerdist Industries, and comic retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics, founder of Free Comic Book Day and WonderCon. – Room 8

6:00pm – 7:00pm — Are Digital Comics Expanding the Market? — Author and futurist Rob Salkowitz leads a provocative, no-holds-barred discussion with the leaders of the digital comics revolution: comiXology co-founders David Steinberger and John D. Roberts, Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson, and IDW Publisher Ted Adams. – Room 9

Saturday July 14th

11:00am – 12:00am — ComiXology Open Discussion: Everything Digital — With over 75 million comics and graphic novels downloaded since its debut, comiXology has revolutionized how people read and buy comic books. Recently hailed by the New York Times as the iTunes of comics, here is your opportunity to discover what is next! Join comiXology cofounders David Steinberger and John D. Roberts for an open discussion on everything digital. All topics are game! Don’t miss out! – Room 23ABC

Sunday July 15th

11:00am – 12:00pm — Digital Comics Price Fight — Join Mark Waid, Scott Kurtz, IDW Publishing’s ePublishing Director Jeff Webber and Top Shelf Productions Director of Digital Chris Ross, for a lively discussion on the price of digital comics. Moderating this fight is comiXology’s Chip Mosher – Room 7AB

About comiXology
Founded in 2007 with the mission of bringing comics to people everywhere, comiXology — in just five short years — has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel world. From creating the industry leading platform for digital comics to tools and services for brick and mortar retailers, comiXology has lead the charge in exposing new audiences to the rich history and culture of comic books. With the development of the Comics by comiXology digital comics platform — available across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and the Web— comiXology provides the easiest way worldwide for people to enjoy comics at just the click of a button! Regularly ranking as the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes App Store, Comics by comiXology was recently selected as a preloaded app on Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Providing digital comics across multiple platforms, comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the earth has been turned into a comic book fan.


Comic Con 2012 Programming Schedule Live For Saturday-UPDATE Sunday Now Up

Comic Con is almost here. The programming schedule is being released on a daily basis by Comic Con. The Thursday schedule is here;

Friday:  Saturday program link:

UPDATE: Sunday programming is now live! Link here:

To view your schedule on your phone:

Saturday’s programming includes a True Blood panel at: 4:30 in Ballroom 20.

4:30-5:15 True Blood Panel and Q&A session— Mixing romance, suspense, mystery, and humor, the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated True Blood kicked off its 12-episode fifth season June 10 on HBO. The series follows the exploits of waitress and part-faerie Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts; vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer); and vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård). Oscar and Emmy Award winner Alan Ball created and serves as executive producer of the series, which is based on the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. The series and this panel also features Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse, Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte,Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton, Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby, Kristin Bauer van Straten as Pam Swynford De Beaufort, Joe Manganielloas Alcide Herveaux and Chris Meloni as Roman Zimojic. Moderated by Tim Stack ofEntertainment WeeklyBallroom 20

photo of Alexander Skargard from Comic Con 2o11

Hoping to have more wonderful photos of Alex from this year’s Comic Con!

True Blood Panel At Comic Con Attendees Announced

HBO tweeted the list of Comic Con attendees for the True Blood panel being held on Saturday July 14, 2012 in San Diego. Here’s the text of the tweet:

[box] RT @TrueBloodHBO: The #SDCC panel (moderator @ewtimstack) includes Alan Ball @Bauervanstraten Nelsan Ellis @Ryan_Kwanten @JoeManganiello, Christopher Meloni, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, @SamTrammell, Rutina Wesley & @Deborah_AnnWoll. #sdcctruebie[/box]

Yes that is Alex’s name on the list!! Can’t wait to see him at Comic Con this year!  Plans can change at the last minute so keep your fingers crossed that yes all the names on the list are there for Comic Con!

Comic-Con 2012 Important Information Updates Lines Bag and ID Checks

Two weeks from today Comic Con 2012 opens with Preview Night. The long awaited convention is ALMOST HERE! I know I can’t wait to be there. Comic Con updated their site with some changes related to their rules on lining up/camping. For any that have been to Comic Con the lines are quite well known. Fans really wishing to get into a certain panel have been known to camp out for DAYS. Well that might change (well not much just now they will be regulated) What’s interesting has to do with the ‘no saving’ spots rule below.

Comic-Con International Line-Up Rules

While Comic-Con discourages any line-ups in advance at Plaza Park outside Hall H, if you do find yourself in line for an extended period of time, please adhere to these rules:

For safety issues we cannot allow anyone to line up in the Park until ALL tents, canopies, stanchions and work is completed at the Park. This also includes areas adjacent to the park, so please no waiting nearby for work to be completed. We anticipate that all work will be finished sometime Tuesday morning (July 10), however this is not a guarantee.

Because this is a safety issue, we have been told that anyone waiting in the area before all work is completed will be asked to leave regardless of time of arrival or length of time they have been waiting.

In an effort to accommodate as many people as possible with the least amount of impact for all, please follow the rules below:

  • Camping is not allowed.
  • No tents, canopies, inflatables, cots, beds, furniture, large coolers, heaters, large fans, large umbrellas, chaise lounges, open flames, or anything of similar size of any kind as determined by the Convention Center.
  • You are allowed to have one chair per person of relatively normal size. You may use a sleeping bag or blanket as well, provided it is only taking up the space of one person.
  • No facilities or services will be available in the Park, so plan accordingly.
  • Restroom access will be available in Lobby G of the Convention Center from 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM each night starting Tuesday, July 10. No other access to facilities will be available.
  • Please respect the grounds and dispose of trash in trash receptacles. Please do not leave any trash or waste behind.
  • No “saving” a spot in line unless it is only temporary, such as a restroom break.

SOURCE: Comic-Con 2012 :: Important Information.

The program schedule will be officially released by Comic Con shortly. Expect to see the Wednesday/Thursday schedule on the Comic Con website tomorrow. They will release the Friday schedule on Friday, etc. Waiting for the Con has sucked but it is almost here!

Expect to see very LONG LINES for Hall H programs. The final Twilight movie “Breaking Dawn” part 2 will hold the first panel on Thursday in Hall H. Twilight fans last year started lining up on the Sunday before the Con opened. It sounds like they won’t be allowed to line up until all of the preparations have been completed by Comic Con. Hall H holds 6500 seats for fans yes that’s a lot but it is not enough for some shows. Game of Thrones will be in Hall H on Friday July 13, 2012. True Blood will be in the smaller venue Ballroom 20 on Saturday 7/14/12.

A prelim listing of the program of panels announced so far is on this link. I am still updating the  list.

UPDATE: Comic Con posted the first part of the exhibitor map:

Kickstarter Sensation “Sullivan’s Sluggers” Hits a Home Run on ComicXology

Just got the press release from comicXology. The record breaking undead baseball comic to debut in single issue today June 27.2012.

Kickstarter sensation Sullivan’s Sluggers, the pending graphic novel from creators Mark Andrew Smith and James Stokoe, will debut as a series of single issues with issue #1 premiering today exclusively on comiXology — the world’s largest digital comics platform with over 75 million downloads to date. Earlier this month, Sullivan’s Sluggers took the internet by storm with a Kickstarter campaign that outperformed even the most wild expectations. Now, fans won’t have to wait one more day to experience a taste of the Sullivan’s Sluggers graphic novel with Sullivan Sluggers #1 on comiXology today.

Sullivan’s Sluggers quickly became an internet phenomenon after its Kickstarter campaign surpassed its initial goal of $6,000 and almost hit $100,000 in the 30-day campaign. The graphic novel was also optioned for adaption to the silver screen before the Kickstarter campaign even ended.  Created by Mark Andrew Smith and James Stokoe, the team behind Sullivan’s Sluggers didn’t want to wait until the graphic novel was printed to get it into the hands of fans, so they approached comiXology to serialize the graphic novel over six single issues.

“We’re excited to be able to bring Sullivan’s Sluggers to comiXology before the graphic novel comes out in print,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “It was great for comiXology to be counted among the early incentives for the book’s backers during the Kickstarter campaign and now we can’t wait to let the rest of the world in on this bloody great comic.”

“ComiXology is the premier place for digital comics,” said co-creator Mark Andrew Smith. “Releasing Sullivan’s Sluggers with comiXology’s unique one-two punch reading experience of CMX-HD and in their revolutionary Guided View gives fans something different than with the print graphic novel. From shopping to reading, there just isn’t anything else out there that touches comiXology.”

Sullivan’s Sluggers tells the story of a down and out minor league baseball team and their Coach, Casey Sullivan, as they face off against a terrifying legion of undead monsters in an epic fight for survival. When America’s favorite past time becomes one team’s ultimate nightmare, hilarity, horror and one killer comic ensues.

Available across iPhoneiPadAndroidKindle Firethe Web and the comiXology retailer digital storefronts, Sullivan’s Sluggers #1 (of 6) is out today.

 About comiXology
Founded in 2007 with the mission of bringing comics to people everywhere, comiXology — in just five short years — has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel world. From creating the industry leading platform for digital comics to tools and services for brick and mortar retailers, comiXology has lead the charge in exposing new audiences to the rich history and culture of comic books. With the development of the Comics by comiXology digital comics platform — available across iPhoneiPadAndroidKindle Fire and the Web — comiXology provides the easiest way worldwide for people to enjoy comics at just the click of a button! Regularly ranking as the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes App Store, Comics by comiXology was recently selected as a preloaded app on Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Providing digital comics across multiple platforms, comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the earth has been turned into a comic book fan.

Comic Con 2012 True Blood Panel Confirmed

HBO finally confirmed that True Blood will be present at Comic Con on Saturday July  14, 2012. Game of Thrones will also be at Comic Con on Friday in Hall H.  So who’s ready for Comic Con fun! Can’t wait to be there and see the cast in the panel!! Please leave a comment if you will be attending!


This forum has a great discussion on the panels going to Comic Con and also general info for all attending the convention: Friends of Comic Con forum

Seat42f also has a great compilation of the shows/movies that have been confirmed so far for the Convention: Seat42f Comic Con 

Saturday looks like it will be quite a full day for fans! The Vampire Diaries are also set to be having a panel the same day in the same room as True Blood.


Comic Con International Independent Film Festival 2012 Schedule

Comic Con is soon approaching. Some of the networks have been releasing information on panels. The full programming schedule will probably be out 2 weeks before the start of the con. This link here has a listing of the panels announced to date. (True Blood has been at CCI every year and will hopefully again be there this year). Still no official confirmation but I did ask a few at the True Blood premiere and they hinted that they might be there again keeping fingers crossed!)

CCI posted the festival schedule for the Independent Film Festival today!

The Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival (CCI-IFF) for 2012 offers a full schedule of some of the finest in genre films. All screenings and panels for the CCI-IFF will be held in the Marriott Marquis and Marina, right next door to the Convention Center (next to the Hall A end). The Film Festival will screen in Marriott Hall 2, which is at the far (north) end of the Marriott lobby, outside of the building (follow the signage to get to Marriott Hall 2). Included in this year’s schedule is the return of the popular “Comic-Con Film School” panels on all four days starting at 10:00 AM, along with an assortment of other film-oriented panel discussions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A special opening night event, the “CCI-IFF Meet and Greet,” will be held on Thursday, July 12, in the foyer outside the Festival room at the Marriott. This event is open to the filmmakers, attendees, and interested fans starting at 7:00 PM.

The CCI-IFF celebrates independent film, with the accent on genre-related entries, including action/adventure, animation, comics-oriented, documentary (related to pop culture topics), horror/suspense, humor, and science fiction/fantasy. The Festival includes a special awards program on Sunday in Marriott Hall 2, beginning at 11:00 AM. Sunday afternoon features rescreenings of the award-winning films. This year’s incredible schedule has a decidedly international flavor, with submissions from Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Israel, and the United Kingdom, in addition to the United States.

Now in its 13th year, the CCI-IFF is a juried event. Respected individuals in the fields of film and popular arts view the submissions and decide which films will be included in the festival and those deserving of prizes and awards.

For the full listing of films and times please click on the link below. Can’t wait to be at Comic Con this year!

The Walking Dead Escape

The Walking Dead Escape will be held in San Diego during Comic Con. This obstacle course is in conjunction with the release of issue No. 100 of the Eisner Award winning “The Walking Dead” comic book series.

[box] “Our fans have been reading about it, watching it, and now they get to live it with The Walking Dead: Escape,” series creator Robert Kirkman said in a statement. “We are literally transforming Petco Park into the early days of society’s collapse and San Diego is just the first city to fall.”[/box]

The FAQ section of the “Walking Dead Escape” has the following info for those interested in participating:


The course has been specifically designed for participants with a wide range of abilities.

The world we know is about to end. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions will sweep the globe causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. The only way to survive is to buy an Evac Pass, track the virus and get out before it is too late.

In a matter of months society will crumble and San Diego will be first of many cities to fall. Only a few will escape. Some won’t even try.

What is a Walker?

This is a Walker

Survival is Not a Race

The average time of completion is 35-45 minutes.

The Walking Dead Escape is not a race. No one is timed, and you are not required to run, but the slow usually die for a reason.

Be prepared to climb, crawl, and slide.

Depending on the encountered Walker, you may need to move briskly or lightly jog in an effort to avoid infection.

Hiding is recommended if confronted with a Walker horde.

Move swiftly the end is near.


The goal is to make it to the Evacuation Zone without having contact with any Walkers.

Be aware, the Government believes infection can be spread by touch.

Government Scientists will be waiting at the Evacuation Zone, and will perform a scan to determine whether or not participants have been infected by the virus.

You must start with your assigned Evacuation time in order to participate.

All participants are expected to be respectful, safe, and courteous on the course and to fellow participants. The course was designed to create a fun experience; common sense applies.

All entries are final with no refunds.

All decisions by officials are final and binding.

Costumes ok.

Absolutely no weapons allowed (real or otherwise).

What’s Included

All Survivors and Walkers will receive an Exclusive Special Edition of the 100th Issue of The Walking Dead.

All Spectators will receive an Exclusive Special Edition poster of the cover of the 100th Issue of The Walking Dead.

Who is the Walking Dead Escape for?

Anyone looking for a front row seat to the real-life action event of a lifetime.

Must be 16 years of age to participate.

3 Ways To Participate

Survivor – Navigate through Zombie infected Evacuation Zone.

Walker – Embrace the inevitable and become one of the undead.

Spectator – Watch the Apocalypse from the sidelines at the Escape Party.

Wave Times

You will select your wave time during registration. Waves will run every 20 minutes.

Thursday, July 12 / 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Friday, July 13 / 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Saturday, July 14 / 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Evacuation Time

You will select your evac time during the online registration process. Plan on arriving 20 minutes before your wave time to check in.


The Evacuation Route will feature multiple obstacles such as cargo nets and rope bridges.

No one will be disqualified if they are unable to complete a certain obstacle, but it may heighten the risk of infection.

For more information please visit The Walking Dead Escape website: 

Michael McMillian Photos WonderCon Day 2

IDW included True Blood’s very own Michael McMillian as a featured guest at their booth on day 2 of WonderCon 2012. He was so nice to us when we stopped by for him to autograph our True Blood comics. Fans also brought along  copies of “Lucid”.  Michael is the author for the comic series.

Warner Bros. picked up the rights to Archaia Entertainment’s comic book mini-series “Lucid”. for writer-producer Akiva Goldsman to develop and produce as a potential new film franchise. Zachary Quinto’s production banner Before the Door, which created the book, also is on board to adapt the property for the bigscreen. SOURCE:

The images in the gallery below show him signing away! Huge thanks again to IDW for having him at WonderCon. (fun to see Michael without his “Newlin” flip hair!)

[nggallery id=344]

Alexander Skarsgard Photos WonderCon Battleship Panel

Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker and Peter Berg attended the Battleship panel at WonderCon 2012. They showed a new trailer that featured more of Alexander Skarsgard’s character of Stone Hopper interacting with his on screen brother Taylor Kitsch. The trailer shows the brothers at a bar celebrating Kitsch’s birthday and big brother Stone is buying him drinks. (complete with a celebratory birthday cupcake). Kitsch sees Brooklyn at the bar and of course makes a wish for her. He is unemployed and big brother Stone is in the Navy. We learn that Stone is following in their father’s footsteps and looks out for his younger brother.

Kitsch does his best to impress Brooklyn in the bar and winds up trying to procure a chicken burrito for the hungry beauty.  He goes to great lengths to obtain the burrito and it was quite a comical scene. The next trailer shown has a time jump of five  years into the future and Kitsch is now in the Navy and has really cleaned up his act. The second trailer also featured some of the action showing Rihanna in her acting debut.

The synopsis for the film :CLICK ON READ MORE: Continue reading

Comic Con Volunteer Registration Now Open

Online volunteer registration has opened up for Comic Con 2012. Just received an email with the following instructions:

Online volunteer registration is now open! Space is limited so please follow the direction below to apply today:


and login to your Member ID account.

At the bottom of the “Member ID Change Menu” you will see a Volunteer button next to “Volunteer for Comic-Con 2012”. (Image above shows what the screen looks like) Click this button and complete your application. You do not have to enter your contact information as we already have that information on file from your Member ID account.

When volunteer registration closes, the Volunteer Department staff will go through the applications and prioritize first by returning volunteers, then by new volunteer applicants (starting with earliest date/time stamp). Confirmations will be sent to those who are accepted into the program within 10 business days. “Not Accepted” notices will also be sent within 10 business days.

Volunteering is a great way to help out with this event! Comic Con is an amazing convention. This forum has great information on what being a volunteer requires: Friends of Comic Con  Again you must have a “Member ID” in order to volunteer or buy passes! Posted on site re. member ID’s here:

UPDATE:  REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL!! that did not take long at all!! Good luck to all!

Comic-Con 2012 Member ID Registration OPEN

Comic Con just opened up their Member ID registration! In order to purchase a pass for Comic Con you must have a member ID. The link to register for an ID is here: No confirmation yet for any of the panels that will be attending the convention in San Diego. Comic Con will be held July 12-15, 2012.

Comic-Con 2012 :: Member ID.