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***Site Update***



Apologies to our visitors that I have been absent and missed posting some rather gorgeous new photos / interviews of Alexander at Berlin and Istanbul Film Festivals. I have recently had major surgery and am currently in a long recovery process! Partly due to this (there’s nothing like a serious illness to make you re-evaluate how you spend your life) and partly due to a loneliness I have felt for a while now in the Alex fandom, I have decided to move away from my role here updating I started working here around 18 months ago after a few very happy years working on a very successful blog called “ericandsookielovers”. My fellow bloggers there moved on to new interests when “True Blood” ended and I came here hoping to repeat the huge success we had there, with lots of comments and activity (I even had dreams of starting up a new Alex fan forum) but alas it wasn’t to be. If there is a really active Alex fan community still alive anywhere on-line I have failed to find it. I am not the site owner, only a humble contributor, but as I have been the only contributor for several months now I have no idea if the site will spring back to life in the future (with the release of Tarzan perhaps?). In my future I will be concentrating on the very active Facebook page I run supporting Alex alexskarsgardfans and hope to keep that updated with all the best new photos etc. and for now I will also be keeping the new Instagram page alexskarsgard_fans too as it has grown surprisingly quickly in  a short space of time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara for letting me play with her site, I love to blog and will miss the opportunity to do so, and I want to thank each and every one of the several 100 regular visitors who have continued to check us out every single day. Like all other fans, I am hoping that 2016 will be a great year for Alexander and that Tarzan will be a massive worldwide success for him.

Take care everyone & happy skarsgazing!

Evie xxx


(pics by Vanity Fair from their post-Oscars Party)



Alexander Skarsgard at the DGA Awards


Alexander attended the  68th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on February 6, 2016 in Los Angeles, California on February 6.

Pictures below are from Getty / Zimbio / askarslibrary

New Clips Released From “War On Everyone”


In the build up to next week’s world premiere of War On Everyone at the Berlin Film Festival, have released the 2 new clips featuring Alexander, Michael Pena and Tessa Thompson.

Clip 1 with Alexander and Michael on a bad cop chase……

Clip 2 with Alexander and Tessa (she’s a majorette)….

Plus for those of you who missed it earlier, here is the previously released clip of Alexander and Michael doing bad cop things……

Thanks to beaufortplace for the gorgeous new gifs!

First clip from “War On Everyone”


The Berlin Film Festival have uploaded a short clip from Alexander’s movie War On Everyone onto their festival website. The movie has it’s world premiere at the festival on February 12th.

Click on the nice, polite picture below to view the clip of bad cop, bad cop!



And here’s a description of the movie from Berlin……

Terry & Bob: tougher than Starsky & Hutch, funnier than Laurel & Hardy and better looking than Siegfried & Roy. These hard-to-impress buddy cops blackmail the entirety of New Mexico, plant cocaine on small-time hoods with bubble perms, consume it there and then, drink non-stop, ram their snazzy car into a wall, return to wife and kids (as Bob does, played by Michael Pena), marvel at ‘chicks with dicks’, or fall in love with the right sort of girl (as Terry does, played by Alexander Skarsgård). But a British Lord, especially a real one, will not allow himself to be pushed around in the manner to which these carefree, chaotic cops have become accustomed. Terry and Bob get more entangled in a web of blackmail, abduction and drugs than they could ever have imagined even in their wildest acid-nightmares …
Irish director John Michael McDonagh will be familiar to Panorama audiences through his sarcastic portrait of small-town cops The Guard and his quick-witted drama about sexual abuse in the church, Calvary. His latest film is a bitter, hyperactive, tragicomic trip against a crazy backdrop of references to cop films and crime series, with great music and two male leads who really take it to the limit.

“Lord of the Abs” Feature in Empire Magazine


There’s a double page feature on The Legend of Tarzan in the new edition of UK movie magazine Empire. Next to a photo of Alexander they write “You could grate a banana on those abs”.

“They’re really making the most of Alex’s body” Margot Robbie.

“There’s still a Tarzan friends with all the animals vibe” Samuel L Jackson “And vine swinging and all that good shit”.

And here are the digital scans – courtesy of skarsjoy





New Image From “War On Everyone”


Bankside Films have released a new image and new promo poster from Alexander Skarsgard’s movie War On Everyone which has its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on February 12th. No word yet on if Alexander will be able to attend, he is currently in LA filming Big Little Lies. Cross your fingers he can make it!


First photos of Alexander Skarsgard & Nicole Kidman on “Big Little Lies” set


Above is the first picture of Alexander and Nicole Kidman taken on the set of their HBO mini-series Big Little Lies. They play married couple (and parents of twin boys) Perry and Celeste Wright. Filming is taking place in LA and Pasadena.

UPDATE – more pics of Alexander on set below:


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More accolades for “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”


The Diary of a Teenage Girl – due for release on DVD and download in US next week – and already available RIGHT NOW here in the UK – has been gathering more praise at the start of 2016.

Director Marielle Heller has been nominated for Outstanding directorial achievement for a first-time feature film director by the Director’s Guild of AmerIca.

And the movie itself has picked up the Golden Tomato Award for the Best Reviewed Comic Book / Graphic Novel film.

Congratulations all round!

First photos from the set of “Big Little Lies”


Filming has already begun on Alexander Skarsgard’s latest HBO project Big Little Lies. Alexander has not arrived on set just yet, but all the leading ladies have been hard at work. Below are images of Nicole Kidman (who plays Alexander’s wife), Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodly, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz. (We will try to keep all posts on the blog spoiler free for those who haven’t read the book).


1   2

3   4

6   7

We also couldn’t resist showing you closes up of this little pair of cuties – Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti – who plays Alexander’s character’s (Perry Wright) twin sons.


(photos from IMDb, tumblr. @nicolekidman and Eonline)