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Welcome to our Skarsgard Gallery. Lots and lots of great pictures of Alexander over the years for your viewing pleasure.

The gallery is divided into sub-sections to help you find what you are looking for, or you can just get lost in Skars and browse for hours if you prefer!

Click on the links below to find photo shoots and magazine scans:

Photo shoots

Magazine Scans

All our other photos are organised into the year they were taken and include events, public appearances, pictures taken on set, premieres, interviews, and fan pictures.

2015 Photos

2014 Photos

2013 Photos

2012 Photos

2011 Photos

2010 Photos

2009 Photos

2008 Photos

2007 Photos

2006 Photos

2003 Photos

2002 Photos

1998 Photos

And finally a few screen caps:

Screen Cap images



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