10/25/02 Lina Olsson

Aftonbladet printed an interview of Alexander Skarsgard where fans were able to chat with Alex online.

The full transcript is here on their site:

The following is the transcript translated into english:

– I have been unhappy in love more times than most
Read the entire chat with Alexander Skarsgård
Alexander Skarsgård chatted about love and the new movie “Trick Dog”.
Read the whole instant summary here:

Alexander with Mr Linus Wahlgren, who also is with the dog trick.

Alexander Skarsgård says: Hey!

Brown Eyed Girl says: Hey! Hudtricket seems to be great, must see it on Tuesday: D it was fun to record it?

Alexander Skarsgård says: It was wonderful, Lulea is magical!

Anna says: What is your favorite movie?

Alexander Skarsgård says: I think the Marx Brothers

jessica says: can you tell me about your role in the film?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Player-Mike Robinson, a right not sure but wild guy

Cajsa 20 says, has been well thought no direct question … read pulse o my heart beating as usual, a little extra when I saw you in the picture. =) Looking forward to see the movie, has been given to me that you play in the loader … worked at the airport before, o met some loaders, typically that is not met you when … =)

Alexander Skarsgård says: It was a shame, you had probably liked Mike Robinson

billabong says: you always have as long a term?

Alexander Skarsgård says: No, I was not more than 1.70 when the mother gave birth to me

Derin says: you should be with any Hollywood film in the future?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Ask Spielberg

ERiik says: Do you have any relatives in Oskarshamn, because I’ve seen you a couple of times here.

Alexander Skarsgård says: No, but many of Kalmar, has been in O.hamn few times on the way there

Kalle Kula says: Do you ever performance anxiety due to your dad’s success in Hollywood?

Alexander Skarsgård says: No, none at all

lover girl says: how is it that every celebrity???

Alexander Skarsgård says: It is nice to eat as much laxsnittar

dog trick says: Take dog trick the funniest movie you made?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Yes, the least I can say

Johohanna says: What’s the most embarrassing you’ve been through?

Alexander Skarsgård says: I have repressed

Finn says: You were with the dragons of Helsinki, right?

Alexander Skarsgård says: just that

Michaela says: Are you allowed to question the boy about what happens tonight ..?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Will kick the dirt in the Bronx Customs

David says: Hi, I have a faint recollection that I saw this movie as a short film version of the type a year ago. It was the same actor with. Could it be?

Alexander Skarsgård says: That is correct David

Milla says: Hello, Alexander! Do you like the South. Lives himself at Medis.

Alexander Skarsgård says: As a fish

OmJagSägerSåHär says: What do you think works best for a pickup?

Alexander Skarsgård says: My cousins Berner Sennen puppy beats probably the most

Anna says: Do you love someone right now?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Has a huge love for life …

pingu says, which is Sweden’s best actor / actress in your opinion? (Cut farms excluded)

Alexander Skarsgård says: Goran Ragnerstam is a favorite

mustard grain says: how e Ben Stiller in real life? hilarious or exaggerated?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Very humble

Rizzo says: favorite city in the world???

Alexander Skarsgård says: I like the atmosphere in Copenhagen … and Paris of course!

Boris says: How tall are you?

Alexander Skarsgård says: 193

Stephanie says: what was the most fun to do with the movie?

Alexander Skarsgård says: That team was so wonderful and we had to travel so much scooter

Liselotte says: If you could work on something else what would it be?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Line Judges’ Cup

Carro says: How many in your family are doing acting? You are well a whole bunch of Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård says: We are three of eight

Bergman says: What do you like best about theater or film?

Alexander Skarsgård says: I love both, best is to combine

Johohanna says: Where are you politically?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Pretty red

pingu says: how do you feel it is treated as a Swedish in the U.S.?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Most people think that Stockholm is a city in Wyoming

Anna says: What do you like the music?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Kalle Baah, The Mo, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones …

Rebekah says: I was on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? I must say that it was really great! We lived in it and it shows that you have put a lot of time on it … You are a natural talent! Just wanted to give some credit!

Alexander Skarsgård says: Thanks so much!

Bergman says: What is your favorite celebrity friends?

Alexander Skarsgård says: The King and Bert Karlsson is pretty fun to drink shots with raspberries

Jennie says: what was the most fun scene to shoot the dog trick?

Alexander Skarsgård says: When Bella comes back, for the billows so between hope and despair which

bringmyr says: Illustrated called it science?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Yes, but not under an excited Mike

Ulrika says: when you go out in Stockholm where are you going anywhere .. in the pub on el disco reached?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Linked mostly to the south, but sometimes goes to clubs in the city

MJacksonGirl says: I know Michael Jackson, do you know any big star who can be consistent with it?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Lill Babs

Oooo says: Which of you is most popular among the girls?

Alexander Skarsgård says: What are we?

Johohanna says: When is your birthday?

Alexander Skarsgård says: 25 / 8

Louise Mossberg says: if you were a woman, what would your name be then?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Betty Sue

Linnea says: Heard you on the radio this morning! And you have a grandmother who lives in Kalmar. Are you here often?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Yes, actually

Johanna says: Would you consider to be part of Robinson or someone else reality show?

Alexander Skarsgård says: No.

To say: Who do you think is the best Hamilton?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Have not seen or Stefan Peter S. so I dare not speak.

krille says: Do you girls so much as you think?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Has been unhappy in love more times than most

Helena says: My sister is in love with you. What should she do to capture your heart???

Alexander Skarsgård says: Threaten me

Marie says: Would you marry someone named Marie Andersson?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Never, but like Mary Smith

Ludo says: Who is your favorite actor?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Gary Oldman is the right reed

The neighbor says: Have you turned down an offer some time ago that you regretted …? If so, which?

Alexander Skarsgård says: No, no, I had to undo later

kille18 says: why did you leave the white lies?

Alexander Skarsgård says, after 100 episodes, I was right in terms of marcus

Carro says: body piercing or tattooing?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Tattooing

gabriella says: what star sign are you? You are an awesome actor!

Alexander Skarsgård says: Virgo

Scale says: do you want to be in Hollywood?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Not right now

Helena says: Will you at the premiere tonight in Lulea?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Everyone at Gala in Luleå on Sunday

bringmyr says: best football team?

Alexander Skarsgård says: They are hardly the best, but I keep on Bajen

Johanna says: When was the last time you really in love? 🙂

Alexander Skarsgård says: A while ago (diplomatic huh?)

pingu says: you have been beaten because you’re a celebrity before?

Alexander Skarsgård says: Just when I paid for it

gullhjerta says: Do you have any new films in the pipeline for “dog trick”?

Alexander Skarsgård says, is to “Virginia Woolf” in spring. Then I do not know what happens.

Thanks for the great folks, it was extremely delicious!

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