01/2009 About.Com Interview Part I

Transcript: Alexander Skarsgard Interview – Part 1, True Blood

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2009 Film Independent’s Spirit Awards.

Part One of an Interview with Alexander Skarsgard at the Spirit Awards

Huge fan of Generation Kill and True Blood. Tell me what I can expect next year.

Alexander Skarsgard: “On True Blood? Well I don’t know what I can say without revealing too much…”

Does it follow the second book?

Alexander Skarsgard: “Yeah, but kind of loosely. It’s absolutely based on the second book so we are going to Dallas. But then… We just started three weeks ago, but there’s some fun stuff going on.”

So you’re actually playing my favorite character from the series, Eric. I read the books and he’s my favorite. Do you like playing him? Is a fun character to get into?

Alexander Skarsgard: “Yeah, I’m having a blast. It’s an amazing character to play. It gives me a lot of freedom. I can do whatever I want because who’s going to tell me what a 1,000 year old vampire Viking is like? So, it’s great. It’s a great character to play. And the whole cast – it’s so much fun. It really is. I know people always say that but I honestly mean it.”

What’s it like on an Alan Ball set?

Alexander Skarsgard: “It’s very laidback. We’re just having a great time. The crew is amazing. I’m just so happy to be back working with the cast again. And we’ve got some really nice sets now – I’m very excited about that.”


Alexander Skarsgard: “Yeah, some crazy cool sets so that’s very exciting to me.”

You’re not changing the Fangtasia set, right?

Alexander Skarsgard: “No. We still have that but you get to explore more of Fangtasia, like the basement and stuff and some other rooms. Yeah, I’m not going to say too much but there’s some amazing sets.”

This has a huge fanbase. Were you aware of that before you took it in?

Alexander Skarsgard: “No, not at all. No. I didn’t expect this at all. I really didn’t. I read the books when I got the part, you know, so I wasn’t aware of them before. I did not realize how big the fanbase was.”

Do you go online and look at what they say about you?

Alexander Skarsgard: “No, never. ”

You ignore that?

Alexander Skarsgard: “Well, yeah, because I’d get very self-conscious if I did that I think. Even if, hopefully -I don’t know but even if you read nine good things and then one bad, I know that’s the one that’s going to get stuck up here and I’m going to think about it when I… I think in a way it was good when we shot season one that I didn’t know about the fanbase and I didn’t feel that responsibility because it gave me…”

No weight on your shoulders.

Alexander Skarsgard: “Exactly, and kind of liberating in a way. It’s flattering, obviously. I’m glad that people like it. And now I definitely feel responsibility and hope that they’ll like what we’re doing.”

Any chance you’re going to grow your hair out like Eric or are you just going to keep doing wigs?

Alexander Skarsgard: “There might be some changes…”


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