Alexander Skarsgard Emmy 2017 Photograph

Photo Credit: Robert Ashcroft

Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, and  Laura Dern were  photographed at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards (September 17, 2017) by Robert Ascroft for Emmy Magazine(October 2017):

“Robert Ascroft photographed the 2017 Emmy winners and presenters backstage at the event, for Emmy Magazine. @robertascroft @televisionacad.”

Photo Credit: Robert Ashcroft

Photo Credit: Robert Ashcroft

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One thought on “Alexander Skarsgard Emmy 2017 Photograph

  1. lisa bell

    HI BARBARA , I had to make a comment on alex showing up at a fashion show BALD ! I think he still is as handsome as ever ! He is so confident in himself I love him more now than ever ! People are saying to me he really is bald and wanted now to show his true self I could careless if he did it for a new movie or he wanted to show his true self he is and always will be the best hair or no hair ! Thanks for posting all the best to you Lisa !

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