Alexander Skarsgard Wins an Emmy

Alexander Skarsgard won an Emmy for his performance in Big Little Lies. This was his first nomination. It was awesome to see Alex win and thank his mom My who attended the awards with him. Loved seeing him holding that Emmy! Here’s to many more awards and great roles for Alex!!

Lots of great photos from the red carpet. It was great to see him and his mom!!

Great collage of the red carpet images of Alex can be found here at alexanderskarsgard library tumblr:  

ASN tumblr: 

Emmys facebook page posted this: 

Nicole won for her role! She thanked Alex in her speech. Great shot of her kissing Alex in front of her husband LOL:

The series also won an Emmy! Great to see Alex back up on the stage!


2 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgard Wins an Emmy

  1. lisa bell

    HI I cannot express enough just how excited and happy I am for alexander ! Wow he looked so handsome and happy with that big smile on his beautiful face ! I was so thrilled to see he had his adorable mother with him he has her eyes blue and beautiful ! This is the year of the SKARSGARD’S his brother bill has the number 1 movie he has broken records just how outstanding IT is doing at the box office so happy for BILL HE WAS OUTSTANDING IN IT ! ALEXANDER NOW WINNING A EMMY AMAZING HIS MOTHER MUST BE SO PROUD OF HER SONS ! I know this is now going to make alexander a huge STAR ! There will be many more awards foe alexander to come now he will get the golden globe award !

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