Alexander Skarsgard Nominated for an Emmy

Great news today! Alexander Skarsgard has been nominated for an Emmy for his role in “Big Little Lies”. He was amazing in his role as Perry for the limited series. Keeping fingers crossed that he gets the nod when the Emmy winners are announced! The Emmys will air on September 17, 2017. Keeping fingers crossed.


One thought on “Alexander Skarsgard Nominated for an Emmy

  1. lisa bell

    HI Barbara WOW I Am very happy for alexander even though I didn’t like his part at all in big little lies I must admit I am very happy for him ! After seeing some of alexander’s interviews about his role I do feel better about it ! I know it was a very strong part to play and it was a huge career move for him to take on that kind of role ! I just hated watching him treat a woman so horrible it was very hard to watch to me at least but I know he was acting and it was very hard for him to do it and make it so real ! But that is why he is up for a emmy because he made it look so real ! I wish alexander the best of LUCK !

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