Conversations with Alexander Skarsgard Video

A Q&A with Alexander Skarsgard of BIG LITTLE LIES was moderated by Jenelle Riley, Variety. The video has been uploaded to Youtube (shown below). It was great to see Alex chatting about his work in Big Little Lies and also speaking about his dad Stellan.

One thought on “Conversations with Alexander Skarsgard Video

  1. lisa bell

    Hi again Barbara
    The interview was very good I really liked the girl she seemed very sweet ! I was very surprised that alex never saw his father in the movie the GLASS HOUSE that was the 1st movie I saw his dad in and I thought he was amazing in it ! His father is a outstanding actor and its wonderful his sons followed in his footsteps and are also actors , and are very good as well ! I can’t wait to see Bill in IT that looks really good and Bill is a great actor watched him in Hemlock Grove and he was great ! Also love Gustaf in Vikings he is so amazing in that ! As far as alex getting a emmy for his role in big little lies well I hate to say this but I don’t feel that part is worthy of a emmy not at all ! Yes its about the acting but still I feel he should not get it ! I must say that is the only part alex took that I can only watch ONE TIME I just felt he should have turned it down ! Yes he has had a few other parts that were dark and creepy but not like he had in big little lies to me it was over the top ! Alex needs to get better more loving parts I would love to see him in a love story or I would love to see him do a play on broadway that would be great ! Thanks so much for all your work u r doing a great job take care !

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