Alexander Skarsgard Live Interview with LA Times

Alexander Skarsgard was interviewed by LA Times during a live Facebook session. Fans were able to ask questions during this live interview discussing his role in “Big Little Lies”. This interview was part of their sessions with “Emmy contenders”. Keeping fingers crossed that yes Alex is recognized with a nomination for his work in Big Little Lies. It was definitely a role that pushed boundaries.

You can watch the full interview on this link here:



2 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgard Live Interview with LA Times

  1. lisa bell

    Dear Barbara
    Thank you so much for posting my comment ! I have to now comment on alex at the met gala in new York city on may 1st . Alexander looked good but a bit tired I guess from all the work he has been doing is very hard I just hope its a much better part than the ones he has been doing lately ! Like I said he should have not have taken that part in big little lies sorry but I just hated that role ! First let me say that alex and alexa are one strange couple in my eyes I mean they go to a hotel together with wall to wall media outside the hotel if they r so private than why leave from a hotel why not just leave from there apartment so they could have there privacy ? Than they get to the gala and alexander does not walk in with alexa like a real gentlemen would do she goes in than he does not one picture of them together as a couple posing together its very strange to me ! I mean they have been together for 2 years now we all know they r a couple even last year at the gala he did the same thing they walked in separately I would think by now they would walk in as a couple ! I am just not sure I guess its how they want it I feel if u love your girlfriend you should treat her like a lady than ! Alexa looked pretty but she is so bone thin its very disturbing ! Between her not eating and smoking its just not good ! I just hope she can stop smoking and start eating I would love to see alexander be a father one day you can’t smoke and carry a child and you have to eat to nourish the baby ! Time will tell I want to thank you for posting my comments . Take care all the best always !

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