One thought on “Big Little Lies Episode 6 Preview

  1. lisa bell

    DEAR Barbara
    Hi again I had to comment on alexander and his acting last week on big little lies ! well I hate the part he has on the show SO MUCH ! His acting is great yes but I really wish he didn’t take this kind of part he should really think about certain parts before he agrees to them ! I know actors most of them take any part for the work but he should be different these kind of parts can leave you with a different way of looking at him in a way ! I am just not sure about the way I feel about him anymore between him taking parts like this and his taste in women I am starting to lose it for him and I really hate to say that but I am ! I have been a fan for years now and always thought so highly of him but I see him in a different light now I still like him but I guess not as much as I use too ! Also I noticed on the show whoever did his fitting;s for the suits he wears they did a terrible job his pants are way to short on him and the jackets are to small as well ! I couldn’t help but notice ! Thanks so very much for posting my comments you are doing a great job as well ! all the best to you always !

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