2 thoughts on “Big Little Lies Episode 4 Preview Video

  1. lisa bell

    HI Barbara
    How r u ? I am watching big little lies and I have to say alexander like always is doing a great acting job! But his character is horrible the way he is treating his wife wow ! But watching him act as a father he is so wonderful I think alexander is going to make a great father someday if that is what he wants to be? I did hear him say he wants to be a father in a few interviews but who knows ? I don’t think if he really does well to me I just don’t see alexa chung as a mother type at all ! She is a very very heavy smoker and you canot smoke while carrying a child ! Also she doesn’t eat much at all and you have to eat to carry a child as well !
    I don’t mean to judge her at all I just see what I see but they r stll going strong so u never know whats ahead for the both of them never say never they say ! I do wish them the best if this is who alexander wants that is up to him ! I can’t wait to see how big little lies ends should be exciting ! Take care

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