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Apologies to our visitors that I have been absent and missed posting some rather gorgeous new photos / interviews of Alexander at Berlin and Istanbul Film Festivals. I have recently had major surgery and am currently in a long recovery process! Partly due to this (there’s nothing like a serious illness to make you re-evaluate how you spend your life) and partly due to a loneliness I have felt for a while now in the Alex fandom, I have decided to move away from my role here updating skarsgardfans.com. I started working here around 18 months ago after a few very happy years working on a very successful blog called “ericandsookielovers”. My fellow bloggers there moved on to new interests when “True Blood” ended and I came here hoping to repeat the huge success we had there, with lots of comments and activity (I even had dreams of starting up a new Alex fan forum) but alas it wasn’t to be. If there is a really active Alex fan community still alive anywhere on-line I have failed to find it. I am not the site owner, only a humble contributor, but as I have been the only contributor for several months now I have no idea if the site will spring back to life in the future (with the release of Tarzan perhaps?). In my future I will be concentrating on the very active Facebook page I run supporting Alex alexskarsgardfans and hope to keep that updated with all the best new photos etc. and for now I will also be keeping the new Instagram page alexskarsgard_fans too as it has grown surprisingly quickly in  a short space of time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara for letting me play with her site, I love to blog and will miss the opportunity to do so, and I want to thank each and every one of the several 100 regular visitors who have continued to check us out every single day. Like all other fans, I am hoping that 2016 will be a great year for Alexander and that Tarzan will be a massive worldwide success for him.

Take care everyone & happy skarsgazing!

Evie xxx


(pics by Vanity Fair from their post-Oscars Party)



2 thoughts on “***Site Update***

  1. lisa bell

    SO sorry to hear this evie I hope and pray u get better fast ! I LOVE this picture of alex at a bar he looks so
    great ! But I must say I love the picture of alex and margot Robbie wow what a couple they would make
    to me this is the kind of woman he should be with I am sorry but alexa to me is not the kind of girl for him !

    1. Evie Red Post author

      Thanks Lisa – I am slowly feeling better 🙂
      And thanks for all your comments on my posts recently. Best wishes for the future. Let’s hope Tarzan is worth waiting for!

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