Alexander Skarsgard joins HBO’s “Big Little Lies”


Hurrah! A new year and a new project! And even better than that, it’s going to see our main man returning to a TV screen near you, as Alexander has joined the cast of a new HBO limited series Big Little Lies alongside Hollywood susperstar Nicole Kidman.

From The Hollywood Reporter

HBO’s Big Little Lies is firming up its cast.

The premium cable network on Tuesday confirmed that Shailene Woodley will play the third leading role and cast True Blood alum Alexander Skarsgard as Nicole Kidman’s on-screen husband. Additionally, Revenge grad James Tupper has been tapped to play Reese Witherspoon’s ex.

The comedic drama centers on three mothers (Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Woodley) of kindergartners whose apparently perfect lives unravel to the point of murder. Based on Liane Moriarty’s book of the same name, Big Little Lies hails from David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal), who is writing the seven-episode limited series. HBO landed the project in May following a bidding war with Netflix.

Woodley, whose casting leaked in December, will play Jane, a single mom of modest means and a mysterious past who is new to not only Monterey but to the complicated social hierarchy of Mesa Elementary School, where her son is a student.

Skarsgard will return to HBO after rising to fame in the cabler’s vampire drama True Blood and portray Perry Wright, a successful businessman, father and devoted husband to Celeste (Kidman).

Tupper is set as Nathan Carlson, Madeline’s (Witherspoon) ex-husband, who remarried a beautiful and younger yoga instructor named Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz), who is tasked with co-parenting his teen daughter with his ex.

Additionally, HBO announced the supporting cast for the limited series:

Jeffrey Nordling as Gordon Klein, a high-powered executive, married to Renata (Laura Dern).

Santiago Cabrera as Joseph Bachman, who runs the local Monterey theater company and has an extramarital affair with Madeline (Witherspoon).

P.J. Byrne as Principal Warren Nippal, who runs the school in Monterey where the children of characters played by Witherspoon, Kidman, Woodley and Dern all attend first grade.

Kelen Coleman as Harper, a Monterey parent and neighbor of the lead characters.

Sarah Burns as Gabrielle, a Monterey parent and neighbor.

Darby Camp as Chloe Mackenzie, the 7-year-old daughter of Madeline.

Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti as Max and Josh Wright, 7-year-old twin sons of Celeste and Perry.

Ivy George as Amabella Klein, the 7-year-old daughter of Renata and Gordon.

Chloe Coleman as Skye Carlson, the 7-year-old daughter of Nathan and Bonnie.

Virginia Kull as Ms. Emily Barnes, the first-grade school teacher for the children.

Sarah Baker as Thea, a Monterey parent and neighbor.

Kathreen Khavari as Samantha, a Monterey parent and neighbor.

Larry Bates as Stu, a Monterey parent and neighbor.

Hong Chau as Jackie, a Monterey parent and neighbor of the leading characters.

Gia Carides as Melissa, a Monterey parent and neighbor of the leading characters.

They join a cast that also includes previously announced Adam Scott as Ed, Madeline’s husband, and Kathryn Newton as Abigail, Madeline’s teen daughter.

Kelley is attached to pen the series via his David E. Kelley Productions banner. Executive producers include Kelley, Pacific Standard’s Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea and Blossom Films’ Kidman and Per Saari. Jean-Marc Vallee will also exec produce and direct all seven episodes of Big Little Lies. Gregg Fienberg will also exec produce, while Australian novelist Moriarty will serve as a producer


More news on this project as we get it ……

3 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgard joins HBO’s “Big Little Lies”

  1. lisa bell

    I am so happy to hear this news do u have any idea when it will be on HBO? I wanted to ask u on the other comment I made on alexander’s girlfriend but I forgot evie what do u think of her do u like her for him
    or like me do u think he can do better? I have read so many comments on her from so many other fans
    and many of them do agree with me and there r some who do like them together so I just thought I would ask u . I cannot wait to see this show thanks so much evie

    1. Evie Red Post author

      No date for Big Little Lies yet, but I’m guessing maybe late summer or in the fall on HBO, I think filming starts very soon. I’m looking forward to having Alex back on my TV screen this year, I missed him so much last year!

      I like Alexa, and I liked her before she dated Alex. She has a quirky sense of humour like Alex does, so I think they are well suited. I think they do remarkably well to keep their relationship so low key, they have been dating for almost a year now and compared with a lot of other showbiz couples we hardly ever see pictures of them together.

  2. lisa bell

    Thank you so much for getting back too me on my question about alexa ! I wish I could feel like you do about her I do like her and yes she seems cute and funny I watched her here in the us when she had a talk show on mtv it didn’t last very long but it was a pretty good show ! But than there r times I just have mixed feelings about her I like her than I don’t she is just very different from all others he was with from what I seen but maybe that is what he likes about her who knows I do wish her all the best with him I am sure the bigger star he becomes the more women r going to go after him big time there is a saying my best friend always says to me after she got hurt the wolf is always at the door ! THANKS AGAIN EVIE

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