One thought on “Alexander Skarsgard on Entertainment Weekly’s Bulleye

  1. lisa bell

    I wanted to wish u a happy new year ! I also had to comment on the recent pictures of alexander in Miami with his girlfriend alexa on new years day ; well he looks great like he always does but I have to honest here I am having so many mixed feelings about alexa there are times I like her and I think she is pretty in her own way and I know she is crazy about him you can just tell by the way she is all over him who can blame her ! But when I see how much she smokes and how thin she is she just makes me really sick I can’t help it I just can’t understand how anyone can smoke I lost so many friends an family from smoking its a killer she doesn,t look healthy to me at all ! In the past alex from what I read went out with so many beautiful women from charlize Theron to Amanda Seyfried to a very serious relationship with kate Bosworth who I thought he would have married ! Alexa to me is so different from who he has dated that I have seen I am just very disappointed it kind of makes me feel different about him in a way I am a fan I admire him as a actor and he inspired me to write vampire books from watching him on true blood I thought he was the best on that show ! I just can,t see him with her at all but its his life and I do wish him all good ! best wishes for you evie for the new year !

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