More photos from The European Film Awards



Because it’s the weekend and Alexander Skarsgard fans deserve to be spoilt, here’s a few more photos from his appearance at the European Film Awards in Berlin on December 12th, where he presented Christoph Waltz with the European Achievement in World Cinema Award.









(pics from alexanderskarsgardonline & santress.tumblr)

2 thoughts on “More photos from The European Film Awards

  1. lisa bell

    Hi evie
    Alexander looks great wow! I also have to say I wish he would leave his body like the way it looks in tarzan he looks so hot and so manly with a little more meat on his bones ! He always seems to lose weight I feel like he looks so much better when he is more full his eyes look better and he looks so much more healthy to me ! I know he likes his women bone thin but that doesn,t mean he has to be but than again he looks good no matter what I just like him better with some weight ! I also read that he doesn’t wear the famous tarzan cloth in the movie r they kidding why not ? He worked so hard on his body I feel they should have shown it off come on now ! I think women want to go and see him in that cloth and be swinging from trees I know they wanted a different but he still should be in the cloth ! I am a fan no matter what all the best always to alexander xo

    1. Evie Red Post author

      His Tarzan body is definitely my favorite but I guess it takes a lot of hard work to stay looking like that. He said he didn’t see his family and friends for 6 months and was on a really strict diet. Hopefully if the film is successful there may be a sequel then he’ll be back in Tarzan shape again for a while 🙂

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