More from Los Cabos Film Festival


Here’s some more, better quality, photographs of Alexander at Los Cabos Film Festival in Mexico this week.

Thanks to these sources: CinePREMIEREStiviDeTiviCaboFilmFest, kikajuradobogaradamendoza

You can also watch a short clip from a video interview with Alexander at the festival on Periscope HERE

2 thoughts on “More from Los Cabos Film Festival

  1. lisa bell

    HI EVIE ;
    Thanks for these great pictures alexander looks so great like always ! I will look for the dvd in January thank u so much for the info ! Iam from new jersey where r u from ?

    1. Evie Red Post author

      I live in the UK, close to Leeds where Alexander went to university. I’m looking forward to the DVD as TDOATG never played at a cinema near me so I haven’t seen it yet.

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