Set Pictures from “War On Everyone”


Make up artist Jolynne has shared some pictures from the set of Alexander’s movie War On Everyone on her twitter account (The last time someone shared pics from this set they were quickly removed but so far these are staying put).




And one of the “bad guy” played by Theo James.


6 thoughts on “Set Pictures from “War On Everyone”

  1. lisa bell

    Alexander looks as handsome as ever ! But his hair looks different but still a beautiful man ! Does anyone know when this movie is coming out ? Also is it for sure that taran will be out on july 2 2016 now that there r some problems with it ?

    1. Evie Red Post author

      We are hoping “War on Everyone” will go to Sundance in January and then up a release after that.

      At the moment “Tarzan” is still set for July 1 in US and July 8 in UK – Warner Bros still have cinema screens booked for those dates – we’ll let you know if we hear any different.

  2. lisa bell

    Hi again I just had to write that I recently saw a picture of alexander’s girlfriend alexa and I have to say I think she looked really pretty ! They were her birthday pictures and she was wearing a very lovely dress and she looked great ! I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID I think they make a nice couple he is happy and so is she and I am a huge fan of alexander’s so I wish them the best ! Can’t wait until all his movies r out good luck with them alex I hope someday soon I get to see u on broadway now that u live in ny that would be SO GREAT !A fan forever !

  3. lisa bell

    Hi Evie
    thank you so much for getting back to me I am so glad to hear that! Do you have any idea what alex is going to be doing in the mean time? I read in moved to ny to go on broadway I hope that happens ! thanks so much again !

    1. Evie Red Post author

      I think he would like to do a play in New York if the right one came up. There’s nothing else confirmed but he could easily fit in another project before March if he wanted to, or he may just enjoy his time off before he has a busy time again next year. Thanks for all your comments Lisa 🙂

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