“War On Everyone” may to go Sundance 2016


We all enjoyed seeing Alexander Skarsgard at The Sundance Film Festival this year promoting “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” ( and it was our biggest weekend for hits here on this blog since True Blood ended) Now there looks to be a good chance that Alexander’s upcoming movie “War On Everyone” may be going to Sundance 2016.

According to co-star Michael Pena……..

 War on Everyone, I think… the script was hilarious to me, but it’s very dark, dark humor. It’s super dark. It’s (director) John Michael McDonagh and I think we’re going to hit Sundance in January. I can’t wait for that one too. I’m super lucky.

Extract taken from his interview with movieweb

So Skars at Sundance again may become a beautiful reality, cross all your fingers and toes!

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