“Diary” is a movie to relieve blockbuster fatigue


Alexander Skarsgard’s movie The diary of a teenage girl has been included in HuffingtonPost list of 22 movies to relieve your summer blockbuster fatigue.

What to expect: One of the most inspired coming-of-age tales in years, the ’70s-set “Diary of a Teenage Girl” introduces us to Bel Powley, who is remarkable as a dumpy teenager engaging in an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. That mother is portrayed by Kristen Wiig, who might just one-up her “Welcome to Me” performance with this self-absorbed, Patty Hearst-obsessed character, and the boyfriend is Alexander Skarsgård, whose delicate turn underscores the movie’s sketch of the post-hippie unrest that broiled through American culture.

If you’re not looking to spend your summer with action heroes and dinosaurs, there are plenty more potentially great movies in the the full list here




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