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Margot Robbie has been talking to about her Hollywood career, including a little bit about Tarzan and Alexander Skarsgard. The interview has been written up in Spanish, but our wonderful site owner Barbara has translated any mention of Tarzan  for us. And whilst we are obviously always searching for the intellectual content of each article we couldn’t help but notice that Margot admits she has  “never seen a body like his”.


They say you are passionate about traveling, especially backpacking

It is the best way to meet people. Staying in hostels is a much richer experience than staying in a hotel, which implies a structured trip. For now, I’m traveling the world as a backpacker. Early last year, while filming ‘Tarzan’, I was in a hostel in Dublin and it all went well. A couple of people told me I looked like the actress for ‘The Wolf … “, and I answered:” How strange, I always get that”. I guess they thought that she could not be there. I also went to Portugal, where I shared a room with a girl who was on the road for 13 months and did not know the movie. So I think for now I will continue to do so until the fame stops me.

And what about giving life to Jane, Tarzan’s partner? How was filming the blockbuster?

I enjoyed it. At first I was not attracted to the character, because she looked weak. But I was wrong. Just as the protagonist of ‘The wolf …’ turns out, in the en,d to be someone gets away with it, so does Jane. You realize that it is a great love story and she is a very independent woman who says what she thinks (She speaks her mind) and chooses to stay with Tarzan because she is in love. Also, I do not stop fighting throughout the film.

The filming included lots of action. Was it hard?

I did not need to train like crazy, but I had to stay fit. The person who had to appear perfect was the actor who plays Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgård. He underwent a strict diet, he spent three months without eating fruit to eliminate all sugars. I remember one day of shooting he had an apple in his hand and looked mesmerized. He said it was the first fruit he had eaten in three months. I must say that I have never seen a body like his, unbelievable.

Warner Bros. are still keeping the King of the Jungle to themselves for now, but we’ll never miss an opportunity to show him off…..


Only 443 days to go until July 1 2016.


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