Final “Diary” notes from Berlin Film Festival


The Berlin Film Festival is now over and its currently unclear when we are going to hear any more about Alexander Skarsgard’s critically acclaimed movie “Diary of a Teenage Girl”. So we thought we just post some final festival buzz ……..

From meetmeinmontenegro

Berlinale final film watching day. Diary of a Teenage Girl is a must-see when it comes to your town! Funny, sad, beautiful, charming, utterly creative. One of our favorite films.

And from flicksforsanity

Description : Lonely and artistic, Minnie chronicles her trials through expressive drawings and painfully honest missives confided to a tape recorder. One fateful evening alone with her mother’s boyfriend, Minnie is confronted with her burgeoning sexuality for the first time, and suddenly this precocious teen is in way over her head.

For: Fans of Mr. Skarsgard, those who want an idea of what SF looked like in the 60s, and fans of lit adaptations

Likable Factor: 5/5

Now all we “fans of Mr Skarsgard” need is a release date and a promo………..pretty please!


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