Margot Robbie Talks Up “Tarzan”


Alexander Skarsgard’s “Tarzan” co-star, Australian actress Margot Robbie, has been speaking (briefly) about the movie to Empire Magazine. It looks like Margot’s 2016 version of Jane will thankfully be holding her own in a movie dominated by top-class male actors – Alexander, Samuel L Jackson, Christoph Waltz, John Hurt & Djimon Hounsou.

Take her role as Jane in David Yates’ upcoming adaption of Tarzan, for example. When EMPIRE recently wondered aloud to producer David Barron if she was the film’s damsel in distress, he blurted, “Oh good Lord, no. One doesn’t hire Margot Robbie to play a damsel in distress…”

“That’s so funny,” she says, “because that was the first thing I said. I have no interest in being that.When I read the Tarzan script it felt like Indiana Jones meets Pirates of the Caribbean, a mix of big adventure, fun and humour.” When the now-fully-civilised John Clayton III, Lord Greystroke (Alexander Skarsgård), is asked to return to the Congo, Jane decides that she will travel with him, despite the inherent danger. “John has no say in the matter,” she insists. “This Jane is feisty, capable, very outspoken and not a damsel.”

That’s 2 great big Viking sized thumbs up from us – Indiana Jones meets Pirates of the Caribbean (the first original POTC please), and a feisty capable female lead.

The interview appears in the latest issue of Empire  (Thanks to skarsjoy for the find)



Margot also talked abut Tarzan during filming last summer, calling it an action adventure and love story, and admitting that every girl on set was swooning over Alexander.


501 days to go until we finally see the King of the Jungle on the cinema screen in 3D – July 1 2016

And here at SkarsgardFans we are not getting impatient at all…….




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