It’s a Wrap for Tarzan!



4 months of principle photography on Alexander Skarsgard’s latest endeavour ended in London yesterday and the cast and crew of “Tarzan The Untamed” celebrated with a Wrap Party (at a secret location).

Here are a couple of related tweets:

(Thanks to @tarzan2016july and @Infecta for the Wrap Party Image)

Unfortunately there are still no sightings of the man we all want to see, the King of the Jungle. Warner Bros seem determined to keep him to themselves for the time being.

We are currently working on a Tarzan page to go in our Filmography section, with as much information as we can lay our hands on about the making of this movie, and will let you know when it’s up and ready for viewing.

And here’s a slightly Tarzan like looking picture just to keep you going until we get a glimpse of the real thing!

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