True Blood Season 7 Series Finale Wild Ride

Many True Blood fans are battling a bad ‘fangover’ today. The fan reactions run the full gambit from hating it to absolutely loving it. I will be always grateful to the show for the many adventures I’ve had and all the amazing friends I have made because of the show. It is over now but the friendships won’t go away.

Today is also Alexander Skarsgard’s birthday! Wishing him a fang-tastic and very happy birthday!  Huge thanks to him for giving fans an amazing Eric Northman. He will be truly missed. Looking forward to his new roles!

Still trying to write up the recap of the finale. Just had to share this tweet from HBO: this was one of my favorite scenes. Eric Northman had just saved Sookie’s life (the Yakuza were going to kill her but Eric stopped them in time). She will never learn of his actions of course he will stay the quiet hero. For me that said a lot. Eric did not ask for much of her but always protected her and did love her. The car dancing scene was just a perfect visual. Eric bopping along to Japanese techno music with the dead Yakuza in the back seat.

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