True Blood Images From Final Comic Con Panel


Here are the first set of images taken during the True Blood panel held at Comic Con on Saturday July 26, 2014. There were lots of tears from the cast and fans. It was sad for me knowing this would be the last time I would be taking photos of the cast.


One of my favorite parts was hearing which character each cast member would have liked to be on the show. A lot of them said Pam! Of course since she had the most amazing wardrobe! Kristin teared up a lot of course especially talking about her last day on set with Alex-


Alex and she had just agreed to say “see you tomorrow” but it was hard. Even Alex choked up a bit she said. 


One of Chris Bauer’s favorite scenes was a recent one where he proposed to Holly. He mentioned that when he proposed to his wife it was a pretty meek and not so great proposal. He referred to it as he made Woody Allen look like Sylvester Stallone. So when the episode aired he sat with his wife during that scene and said here you go- this is how I should have proposed to you (over 20 years ago).


One question asked of Anna was regarding the ending for Sookie. She explained that she really hates asking that question since no matter what someone will always disagree with her. She said that she could understand why Charlaine Harris chose that ending for Sookie since she could live out her life as a human and have babies. Of course a fan behind me very rudely yelled out  “I hated that ending” to which Anna replied -“See I told you so someone is always going to disagree”. Ok I hated the way the book series ended but no way would I be so rude. I will not miss the rude fans at all!!

This was the first panel for Carrie Preston, Chris Bauer and also Nathan Parsons. It was great seeing the cast for one final time at Comic Con.


The moderator mentioned that it was a good idea to have Deborah Ann Woll sitting between Nelsan and Nathan especially after the last week’s episode! Quite the love triangle. Deborah also mentioned how she loves Comic Con and loves to walk around in costume. (she’s a big gamer and plays D&D)



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      He looked amazing!I thought Ryan was working on a project (or maybe just taking a break) It was a riot when they had Sam do his impersonation of Alex! Sam would read Alex’s parts for the table reads and he was spot on in his “Eric Northman”. The whole panel was laughing. thanks for the comment!!

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